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  1. I've seen a few other forms discuss this, but didn't find much help from them. So, I'm 4 wks out this Monday and for the last week I wake up at 2am for no reason and then can't get back to sleep. I don't have anxiety or restless legs, or depression or anything. I really think it's related to the surgery. some people mentioned ketosis as the cause??? anybody else going through this? any advice? does it go away? when? I'm so tired and I start work full time at a demanding job.... the dark circles are growing by day. help
  2. fitforlife

    Sugar Addiction

    Okay, I have been totally obsessing and reading /watching everything I can find about sugar and carbs. I have realized that I am a sugar addict and the sleeve has not changed it. No matter how much I read about how bad it is for me, I still go for that cookie, or seek out that pastry. And let me tell you: they go down fantastically well. Any tips from my fellow sugar addicts on how to kick this habit? I know it's why my weight loss has been so slow..... I know better, so much better, but seems like sweets have power over me! Crazy that an object controls my behavior. The sleeve has only limited the quantity I can have at one sitting, nothing else. preop wt 240 surgery date wt 220 surg date 1/23/12 current wt 173 goal wt 120
  3. fitforlife

    5 Confessions (Join In)

    okay, let me start my confession 1. I confess I wish I would have lost more weight to show myself off at my brother-in-law's wedding, I want to look better then the bride and I don't care 2. I confess I have carbs alot more than I should, including chocolate 3. I confess I still love sugar and feel guilty for eating it 4. I am afraid that I should have lost more weight and I feel guilty 5. I don't get my vitamins or fluids in 6. haven't been to the gym in 3 months, and I don't exercise very often
  4. fitforlife

    Size 18-20 To A Size 4

    one more question: do you eat fruit at all?
  5. fitforlife

    Size 18-20 To A Size 4

    that's a low cal count, do you not get hungry? I'm so amazed with your loss. that's great!
  6. fitforlife

    Size 18-20 To A Size 4

    amazing! can you share with us your secrets? exercise? typical foods you eat?
  7. fitforlife

    Sugar Addiction

    You are not alone, actually I think we are in the majority and I think the obesity epidemic is related to our sugar/carb consumption which has skyrocketed over the last 3 decades (along with the size of our waist lines). There is alot of research and talk about sugar in science recently. I recommend watching Dr. Lustig's video on youtube: "Sugar: the bitter truth" I really think that he is on to something big.... I'm a sugar addict and always will struggle with this, even after my sleeve. But have support, advice from others is so helpful...
  8. fitforlife

    Sugar Addiction

    thank you so much for your advice. I just ordered some protein chips from amazon today. where do you get the protein pudding and roasted seaweed? I have had a hard time stopping the fruit, I have 3 servings a day, I have loved fruit my whole life and it's hard to have just a little, fruit happens to go down very easily and I can have large quantities with no restriction, unfortunately, so it's about self control with fruit.
  9. fitforlife

    Sugar Addiction

    thank you everyone for you suggestions. I definately eat alot less sweets than before, but I haven't eliminated like many successful people on this site. For those strict low carbers can you give me some pointers on how you do it? How do you stay low on carbs, what do you do to stop your self from eating that piece of chocolate or whatever your sin is?
  10. fitforlife

    Sugar Addiction

    thanks for your comments everyone. I wonder too about the sugar substitutes. I think they make me crave sugar. I have read some studies that show that these do cause sugar cravings: i.e. your brain thinks it got sugar that it didn't get and it will look for the calories that were suppose to come with that sugar taste---but they are not there and then it will try to make you consume those calories later..... I do feel fake sugars do not help me and only feed this strong addiction I have. But thank you for sharing and making me feel that I have company in my struggle. There are so many success stories and I love to hear about them, but it also helps to know that there are others who struggle and there are some for whom the sleeve did not kill their brain's cravings for certain things. I lost my cravings for the first 2 weeks---I felt ill mostly, but they have been back since week three and are in full swing. I wish I was one of those sleevers that didn't think about food so much...
  11. fitforlife

    Sugar Addiction

    I am so with you, I think to my self: I had my stomach cut out and I'm stilling failing! The studies show that the effect sugar has on our brain reward system is the same as herion/cocaine etc... so you are not alone and you are probably in the majority actually
  12. I am 5'3 and weighed 220lbs on surgery date (1/23/12), I currently weight 174lbs, so down 46lbs in 5.5months, not alot, but I don't exercise. sounds like others have had more success?
  13. wow! amazing, 50lbs in 10 weeks? 5 lbs a week! that's so good. Can you give us some tips. what are you eating, anything that could help us slow losers? I'm 5.5 months out and down 45lbs
  14. no, I don't go to a support group. I moved to Tracy two weeks ago and I don't know if there is a support group nearby here.
  15. fitforlife

    My Sleeve Story 1-9-12

    I share your feelings and definetly grieve food and my old eating habits. I've notice with time that I can eat more and the carbs are now sliding, which also means my loss has slowed. We have similar stats. you will hopefully start to feel better soon, I think therapy is a great way to help you through this, but I also think that alot of what you are feeling is common, I share much of it.
  16. I know alot of people write about slow weight loss and stalls and people reassure them to keep up the hard work, but I really think I'm doing something wrong and I need some veteran advice to help me. here are my stats preop weight 230lbs height 5'3" Surgery day weight 220lbs Surgery date: 1/23/12 Current weight 180lbs I've been 180lbs for the last 7 weeks. My problem is I never lost my hunger, I am hungry all the time and want to eat all the time. I don't think it's acid because treatment didn't help. I graze through out the day and have no restriction when it comes to carbs. I crave sweets just like before my surgery and the cravings are overwhelming. I feel like I went through this surgery and I am sabotaging myself because of cravings and hunger. I get my Protein in with supplements, I calculate my calories at 1400+, that's alot for 4 months out? I appreciate some advice from the successful losers out there. any of you struggle with hunger/cravings?
  17. fitforlife

    4.5 Months Out And Not Doing Well

    I have been talking to my husband and realized I maybe eating too much cheese, I was told it's a reliable easy source of protien, which is why I have been eating it, but the calories are super high. I eat alot of fruit also for snacks---I'm wondering if this is causing my cravings. I do eat bread with meals, that's been something very difficult to stop, but I must. I'll eat some chocolate once a week at work, chocolate is a major weakness for me and always has been. I don't know what to do about this addiction, even sabotage my sleeve (I'll have a piece, then wait an hour and have another etc....)----I know, I know, I should know better. I started slacking the last 8 weeks and I hate myself for it.... then that causes more emotional eating. food is such a roller coaster of emotions for me.
  18. fitforlife

    4.5 Months Out And Not Doing Well

    thank you everyone! so many great and concrete ideas. I will cut it down to 3 meals and 2 Snacks (I get really irritable if I don't have something between lunch and dinner). I do notice more cravings when I eat carbs, so gotta trim those down. I haven't consistently exercise---never any convenient time, but I need to make it happen. People on antacids---how long before you noticed they helped with hunger?
  19. I have some questions being earlier in my journey and a somewhat "lightweight": 1. when was your surgery? 2. How long did it take you to get to goal? 3. When did you start exercising on your journey and what exercise do you do? 4. how did your weight loss occur? like did you lose more initially or was it gradual? 5. Any tips for us or things you wish you knew before? thanks in advance
  20. I don't exercise, I walk sometimes, but not really consistently. I work 70+hrs / week, so I don't have time, but I'm still trying. I would have lost more if I exercised, but I still lost and I feel great. I started the surgery process and then under pressure from family, I stopped for 6 months to "try one last time on my own" then I realized I just wasted 6 months that I could have been losing weight. it's ultimately something you have to come to grips with. just go through the Kaiser process ---they make you lose weight to qualify anyway and then you can always change your mind, but if you don't then you'll have a date waiting for you when you are ready
  21. I'm 32 years old. the drink part is annoying, but it's still worth it. I have a pathological relationship with food and have been fat since childhood, I will never regret this surgery, It's given me a second lease on living as close to a normal life as possible. so even though I can never "eat normally" and I have to wait 30minutes after meals to drink, I'm much closer to feeling normal then ever before. do you know what I mean?
  22. alot of people discouraged me too, but I'm glad I persisted. I've been struggling too long, diets, losing wt then gaining it back. I know the value of the sleeve because when I have something that triggers my binges, I just can't binge, I PHYSICALLY CANNOT OVEREAT!! it's amazing that I have a tool to prevent me from harming my body like I used to. So that's when I'm so glad I did this and ignoring everyone's remarks and discouragement. when people tell me : you have done it on your own, I say yes I could, I have, but I choose this for me and for the rest of my life I'll have this. It just makes it less of a struggle for me. I don't know about the leak rate with Dutta, I know that the Kaiser Fremont docs are not the most experienced with sleeves, but they are doing them more often now and getting more experienced.
  23. I sometimes think it may have been better for me to have had the bipass. The reason is because I can am still hungry and I can tolerate sweets---actually they are my sliders. with the bipass I wouldn't have been able to eat sweets, they make you sick. so I still have to work on self control with the sleeve....
  24. I had my surgery at KP Fremont by Dr. Dutta on 1/23/12. His bedside manner is not the best, but as a surgeon he's great. I'm made a great recovery, have lost 40lbs since the day of surgery. a little slow compared to others, but my starting BMI was 40 exactly they expect you to lose 10% of your body weight before they will schedule you, even then it takes forever.... the process was 9 months total (from PCP to day of surgery) It was worth it for me, I would do it again in a heart beat.
  25. fitforlife


    I'm bad at this too, I was good initially, but now I can't stand the idea of taking them. they still make me nauseated and I dread them....

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