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  1. ChristyLove

    July Sleevers

    I am suppose to have surgery Juy 3rd also. My Dr. put me on my liquid diet starting next week
  2. ChristyLove

    Pre_Op Clearance.. Yay!

    Congrats I just got approved also.
  3. ChristyLove

    Band 2 Sleeve Weight Loss

    Does any band to sleeve revision feel they have lost weight differently than those only sleeved?
  4. ChristyLove

    Pre_Op Clearance.. Yay!

    Congrat! When is you date?
  5. ChristyLove

    July Sleevers

    Four days left for school and counting!
  6. ChristyLove

    Hey July Sleevers!

    Can you say approved! Finally, I am an official July sleever
  7. ChristyLove

    July Sleevers

    Okay guys my paper work will be reviewed tomorrow and I am waitng for my approval. I will know something tomorrow they said.
  8. ChristyLove

    July Sleevers

    Okay guys my paper work will be review tomorrow and I am waitng for my approval. I will know something tomorrow they said.
  9. I am putting together a list that can help us pre-op sleevers choose which Protein shakes we should purchase. Although everyone has different taste buds I still think it could help :wub: If possible please include store, website, or cost of item if you know. Which Protein Shakes are the sweetest? I have a sweet tooth The best protein shakes? your opinion The good protein shakes? The okay protein shakes? The don't do it if you can protein shakes? Thinest shakes easiest to get down right after surgery? Highest protein content? Shakes with the worse after taste? Alternative Shakes? Protein bullets?
  10. I wanted to start a topic for those sleevers who have about 125lbs pounds or less to lose. What are your result? How is the extra skin? How was you weightloss journey because you have less to lose? Did you stall a lot? How long did it take to show results?
  11. ChristyLove

    July Sleevers

    good idea
  12. ChristyLove

    Waiting For Approval

    I waiting for approval. I am suppose to have surgery July 3rd. Dr. appt June 14th and I didn't do my testing yet because of a clericial error. I have BCBS and they are updating their system. I have bari benefits but it is showing I don't in the system. Superivor can see benefits. They called my doctor but I don't think it will be solve by Thursday.
  13. ChristyLove

    Hey July Sleevers!

    July 3rd here too!
  14. I noticed that many sleevers are so excited or nervous about their surgery date that they can't seem to focus on anything. I though it would be a good idea to have sleevers post some strategies they used or are using to help pass time. Read the bible it is always a good idea to get closer to our heavenly father before surgery Pack one thing in your suitcase you will take to the hosiptal daily. This way you feel you are one step closer Focus on two events or things you will do weekly and try to be there 100%. This ways you can begin to get excited about other things Pick that project you been avoiding and begin it, even if you don't finish Take one picture a day Feel free to add to the list
  15. I read someone purchase a children size plate, spoon, and fork to eat.
  16. I would love to see your list of Protein shakes if you have one
  17. ChristyLove

    Any New Jersey Gastric Sleevers?

    Okay that seems like a good idea
  18. ChristyLove

    My Story / Approval

    I would love to see it also
  19. I too have BCBS and I am still waiting approval
  20. You're welcome, I am trying to take my mind off things also
  21. I am pre op myself but I am wondering what I will need for my stay at the hosiptal? There should be two different list. One list iif you are going out of the county and a list if you will be going from state to state. Out of the county Out of the state
  22. ChristyLove

    Should I Get Surgery?

    What is a balloon?
  23. ChristyLove

    Any New Jersey Gastric Sleevers?

    Is this group private?
  24. ChristyLove

    No More Neglecting The Blog! Still On Pre-Op Diet

    Same here the only thing I know to do is focus on something else and deal with the nervousness with prayer

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