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  1. Bubie1916


    84 pounds Ina year I great!! Keep at it, this is a journey to a way of life and continued living. You will do fine and the band will help you.
  2. Bubie1916

    Here is my TV Commercial--update

    Too cool!!! This is great!! Good foryou!!!
  3. Bubie1916

    NSV? Really?

    Lol!!! Got to love the compliment? Congrats!!
  4. Bubie1916

    Lookie, Lookie!

    Congrats!! This is too big, you are doing great. Forget this suit and jut get something true to you size later on and celebrate it!!! All the best always :-)
  5. Bubie1916

    Oh Boy Am I Thankful This Year!

    Great post !! Happy Holidays!!
  6. 11/9/13 - stood the same 11/16/13 - minus -1.2
  7. Finally, found the thread. 11/9/2013 did not loose anything. I stood the same. Is a good thing as long as it is not up.
  8. Bubie1916

    I did it.....

    Fabulous!!! Congrats on all you hard work.
  9. Bubie1916

    Need Some Support

    Take it easy, you will refocus yourself soon enough!! You have been great support for so many of us. I wish you all the best. You will continue on this journey with great success. Feel better.
  10. Name, real or screen~ Bubie1916 Goal weight for November 30th~ 200 Weight on November 1st~ 205.06 Dietary goal for November~ more Protein and veggies Exercise goal for November~ keep moving and going to gym Personal goal for November~ 200
  11. Bubie1916

    Spooky October-Challenge

    Checking at a -1.0
  12. Bubie1916

    Spooky October-Challenge

    Checking in at -1.8
  13. Bubie1916

    Spooky October-Challenge

    Pointers, please!!! And good for you!!
  14. Bubie1916

    Spooky October-Challenge

    Checking in at +.8
  15. Bubie1916

    Spooky October-Challenge

    Checking in a -1.6 pounds
  16. Bubie1916

    Spooky October-Challenge

    Name, real or screen~ Bubie1916 Goal weight for October 31st~ 200 Weight on October 1st~ 210 Dietary goal for October~ more protein Exercise goal for October~ gym 5x a week Personal goal for October~ To really get to 200 lbs :-) And enjoy Halloween...... Lol
  17. Bubie1916


    Wow! You do look amazing! Thanks for your update. Love the blog!!!
  18. Bubie1916

    Summer Challenge-July!

    Checking: last week 7/22/13 at +.6 Checking: Monday 7/29/13 at -2.8
  19. Bubie1916

    Updated "After" Pic's

    Wow!! Fabulous !!!
  20. Bubie1916

    Cardio or weights?

  21. Bubie1916

    Summer Challenge-July!

    Checking in for 7/15/13- Checking in at -2.2........ Yay!!!
  22. Bubie1916

    Summer Challenge-July!

    Checking in at -2.2........ Yay!!!
  23. Bubie1916

    bad news/good news

    I'm sorry that you have to go through this now, but is awesome that you can now safely have the surgery because you've lost so much weight. I hope you feel fantastick after your surgery!! All the best, always!!!

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