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    allmyjoy got a reaction from runaroundsue in Fatigue & Weakness ....   
    I was sleeved May 10th, almost seven weeks! Just think about what we have been through, first of all the two week pre op, we are addicts our body goes through withdrawels. Then we have major surgery, talk about stress.....worrying about walking, sipping. Then we worry about food we can and cant eat, will i stretch my sleeve, am i eating to fast? I gotta walk, i have no energy.
    I told my mom i thought before surgery my world revolved around food, i was fooled, now it really does! BUT I LOVE IT!!!
    Take your time breath, pray and go with it! We are recovering addicts, we have all seen movies what drug addicts go through getting clean. Our drug of choice was/is food!
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    allmyjoy reacted to BigDaddyJoe in Breaking the stall   
    Wow, guess I've been doing it all wrong! I still do 2 shakes a day, eat cheese sticks pretty much every day, and beef Jerky occasionally. Pretty much all I eat is Protein. And there's still no way I'd get enough protein without the shakes. Hope it works out for you.
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    allmyjoy got a reaction from mike010906 in Omg It Was A Large!   
    Way to go! YOu are doing so awesome! continue to Celebrate those NSV!!!!
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    allmyjoy reacted to Jean McMillan in Breaking A Weight Loss Plateau   
    A weight loss plateau or stall is a temporary cessation of weight loss that can happen at any point in your weight loss surgery journey and can last days, weeks, or months. Plateaus happen to almost everybody sooner or later (no matter what means they're using to lose weight), no matter how hard they work at weight loss.

    Why do plateaus happen even when we’re doing all the right things? The human body wants to preserve itself. It fights weight loss by adapting the metabolism to accommodate decreased calorie intake and/or increased calorie output. The body's new plan of attack is multi-pronged: increase calorie intake by making you hungrier (so you eat more), use less energy to accomplish physical activity (so you burn fewer calories) and hold on to stored fat (so it can use it for energy).
    I think plateaus often happen because we're in a rut. So even if you believe you're doing all the right things in terms of diet, exercise, and mental or emotional effort - try changing them. If nothing else, it will prevent boredom and help you feel that you're taking positive action instead of being a victim of fate.
    Here are some things you can try to shake up your routine.

    Change the intensity, duration, frequency and type of exercise you're doing, so your body doesn't become too efficient at burning calories when you work out.
    Don't neglect strength training - muscle burns far more calories than fat does.
    Don't over-train - take one day off exercise a week.
    Plan all your meals (the "how much" as well as the "what").
    Weigh and measure your food before you put it on your plate.
    Log your food intake - you might be surprised to see what and how much you're really eating.
    Try calorie shifting: vary your calories - eat 1200 one day, 900 the next, and so on, to keep your body guessing.
    Eat 3 small meals and 3 healthy Snacks a day instead of 3 meals a day.
    Increase your Water intake.
    Decrease your sodium intake.
    Don't weigh yourself every day - switch to once a week.
    Don't skip Breakfast.
    By the way, if you weigh yourself every day and think that no weight loss for three days running is a plateau, you're going to have a long journey ahead of you. Get off that scale, now!
    I have one more suggestion that you probably won't want to hear: CULTIVATE PATIENCE. No, it's not one of my virtues, either. Give it a try anyway.
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    allmyjoy reacted to enigmachik in Weight Stalled   
    It's completely normal. People always think they aren't losing fast enough. Don't make the mistake of trying to pre-determine how fast you should be losing. And don't compare yourself to others. Stalls are a normal part of the process. I know it's frustrating, but the sooner you embrace that, the happier your journey will be.
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    allmyjoy reacted to FishingNurse in What Is Your Average Caloric Intake?   
    I have zero restrictions since 3 months out. I eat anything I want- including carbonation. I have 3-5 beers per week. I drink sparkling Water everyday, multiple bottles. My sleeve isn't larger necessarily-- its just right in my book, I am 15 months out so Its a whole different ball game for me. I could hardly eat 2 tablespoons of anything a month out. I still feel a lot of restriction, I can only eat for example 1 slice of pizza. pre-sleeve it was 6, easy. I am very happy I can eat reasonable amounts of food!! You will see it keeps getting better!!!
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    allmyjoy reacted to FishingNurse in What Is Your Average Caloric Intake?   
    I am not but I'll give a typical day....
    Breakfast: Caribou medium iced latte 190 cals
    1 turkey bacon mini egg ciabatta 190 cals
    Snack: apple 80 cals, 1 string cheese 90 cals
    Lunch: 1 slice of toast with Peanut Butter and jelly 250 cals, 1 can of Soup 200 cals.
    Snack: 12 baby carrots with dill dip 130 cals, 1 yogurt 150 cals. Dinner: 3oz of meatloaf with ketchup, 1/2 cup of veggies and a couple bites of potatoe, 400 cals. Dessert: real fruit bar Popsicle: 100 cals and popcorn 200 cals.
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    allmyjoy reacted to FishingNurse in What Is Your Average Caloric Intake?   
    For my weight loss I was higher than your average sleever.... 1200-1500 a day. 15 months out now, maintaining goal for 7 months at 2000 cals. I don't count carbs, I don't eat low fat, or sugar free.
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    allmyjoy got a reaction from mrsdaugherty in Does Anyone Know The Limit On Carbs?   
    I almost 6 months, huge stall been playing with the same 3 pounds for almost 2 months. I have to have my shakes, i have increased calories decreased calories etc.... if you find anything that works let me know. The only thing i am losing is hair!!!!!
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    allmyjoy reacted to KKisner4 in Slowed Weight Loss   
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    allmyjoy reacted to Queen of Crop in Slowed Weight Loss   
    Hi ladies!!! What you are going through is perfectly normal....I was sleeved exactly a year ago and the first 4-5 months the weight came off at a steady rate...I was INVINCIBLE!!! Then just when I thought I had a good system down of eating more or less the right things (I've never been really good at getting my Protein or Water in and I have a cookie every day, cream in my coffee and a glass of wine a few times a week), but I was consistently exercising and then it all stopped. I think I lost 2-4 lbs in 2 months....but I was so happy to have lost 50+ lbs I was in a good space, didn't indulge any more than the stuff above, kept exercising and enjoying it more, and then I started losing again. I reached my goal weight a couple of weeks ago and am now 139 lbs, 2 lbs below goal weight. So don't freak out, enjoy the ride and remember how far you have come. If you start to gain a lb or 2, you need to really think about how to counter act that one; do the usual things, up the Protein, cut the carbs and exercise more...time goes by so fast and if you just hang in there, before you know it you will be the weight you were meant to be!
    BTW, just in THIS THREAD ALONE, between the 6 of us WE HAVE LOST OVER 400 LBS!!!!!!!!
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    allmyjoy reacted to dpeeler28 in Slowed Weight Loss   
    you're not alone. i actually haven't been on here a lot lately and was getting ready to post the same concern. i am 3 1/2 months out and am having slow progress, even gaining a couple pounds(i think maybe due to Water retention) but i know i haven't been blame free as far as what i have been drinking! but you know, here's how i look at it....i would reather lose slowly and allow my body(skin mainly) time to adjust then to lose quickly and look all sickly!
    but for the last 2 weeks ive had a problem with little to no weight loss, and even some gain....hopefully this is just something that will pass. i went through this at 2 weeks post op too.....BUT I too need to get back to the basics and begin tracking my food again, and start drinking more water.
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    allmyjoy reacted to delta_girl in Does Anyone Know The Limit On Carbs?   
    I'm 5'3 too and after my doctor's appointment yesterday I was scolded for eating 80g of Protein One day. He said more is not better and that at my height it should be 45-50g. It has to do with stress on your liver. That isn't to say you should do the same. You should do whatever your doctor and, or Nut told you to do. Carbs were never mentioned, just specific foods.
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    allmyjoy reacted to Butterthebean in Does Anyone Know The Limit On Carbs?   
    I'm just over 5 months out as well. I agree with your plan to raise your calories slightly. Being that active, you can and should eat more. As for carbs, consider the types of carbs you're eating. If you're eating green vegetables, I don't think you can eat too many, so long as you're getting in your Protein. But be very careful with the starches (pasta, bread, potatoes, rice). These foods do you no favors, and they inhibit your ability to burn fat.
    Speaking of Protein, how much do you take in? My goal is 1 gram per 10 calories. So 800 calories per day would be 80 grams of protein.....easy.
    Carbs can be a double edged sword. But the right kind of carbs, the low glycemic carbs (green veggies), will fill you up with very few calories, keep your blood sugar levels low which helps fat burning, and give you sustained consistent energy throughout the day which will allow you to expend more energy and thus burn more fat. It's hard to burn fat on an empty tank.
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    allmyjoy reacted to ShouldBlittler in Does Anyone Know The Limit On Carbs?   
    That sounds like how I've been. Lately, I felt hungrier. So I've been eating more calories. Now the weight has been coming off much faster. It's weird.
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    allmyjoy reacted to Ready4success in Does Anyone Know The Limit On Carbs?   
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    allmyjoy reacted to Musharooni in Aaaack! My Motivation Has Stalled! Someone Tell Me I Can Do This!   
    Hey there Doot! I am struggling with the same demons--Tootsie Rolls are the devil, that's all I have to say on that subject. I am using this struggle as a learning experience just like every other part of this process has been. I think those people who have maintained a healthy weight throughout their lives as well as are truly healthy have done so through balance. They don't binge eat on sweets or junk, but when they do indulge, they balance that with exercise and eating healthy the rest of the time. I am in no way trying to justify binge eating or stuffing my face with those danged tootsie rolls, but I have figured out that if the urge hits and I have a "midge" and I LOG IT INTO MY DIARY AND ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT, its not the end of the world. But I get you, I can easily see how the old ugly ways can begin to rear their ugly head--emotional eating, boredom eating, making excuses to skip exercising, etc--if we open that door just a little too widely.
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    allmyjoy reacted to O.T.R. sleever in Aaaack! My Motivation Has Stalled! Someone Tell Me I Can Do This!   
    Don't make me have to book a load there and light a fire under your butt. You are not giving up.
    Do you have your goals written down? How long ago did you sit down and rewrite your goals? Let's do it again.
    Focused intensity is the thing that's gonna get you where you want to be.
    The enemy of great is good. You have been doing so well. If you had slipped badly it would be easy to get focused again, but because you've been doing so well, it's easy to lose intensity.
    Another thing you might consider is a couple day break with a plan on renewed focus starting on the 3rd day. Just like when you work hard at work, you might need a small vacation.
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    allmyjoy reacted to bsmith in I Have Stopped Losing!   
    I'm in the same boat guys! Sleeved March 11 and down 72 lbs. Stalled for 2.5 months from July until October 5th. Actually gained 10 lbs during my stall (guess it's not really a stall). Anyway, last week I dropped 6 lbs and got down to 159. Now I'm back up to 161. It's so frustrating. My goal is 155 and I wouldn't mind getting down to 145. I just want to make my first goal weight then focus on the next goal. I'm so close and I work out 5-6x a week, get all my Protein and Water but the scale just isn't giving me the results. Luckly I also take measurements so I know I'm losing inches but still! I'm glad I'm not alone. By the way, I'm 5'6" and big boned and would love to be wearing a size 10 but I'm still in a 13/14 but I did just buy size 6 underware and size medium jogging pants so it was a nice little NSV!!!
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    allmyjoy reacted to DDFinn in I Have Stopped Losing!   
    I am 5'6. I started at 226. I'm 166 today and wearing a size 10. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled. I just want to get to my goal of being under 150. People START diets at 166. I just want to get there already!!!
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    allmyjoy reacted to Livinglifeout in Old Ways Omg   
    I feel your pain. Been fighting head hunger a lot lately...just trying hard to stay focused.
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    allmyjoy reacted to Lucabelle1313 in Weight Goal Challenge For New Year's Day   
    I am 183 now would love to b....145 by Jan 1st. Also want my cardio to consist of running with out feeling like I may fall over and die at any moment. Lol:). Good luck to all. I love these challenges!!!!
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    allmyjoy reacted to LilMissDiva Irene in Weight Goal Challenge For New Year's Day   
    Keeping up with it!! I've recently been getting back to my 100% workouts. Only thing is I need to get back on my strength training. I have not been doing that nearly enough. I like cardio so much more, but I know I need both.
    I'll do it! Someone got some nice steel toe boots to kick me in arse with?
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    allmyjoy reacted to mamitalosingit in Weight Goal Challenge For New Year's Day   
    This is such a great thread! I am scheduled for surgery on Wednesday (Sept 12th) so I've started making some mini goals to help along the process. For NYE, I would like to be 225 lbs. I'm at about 300 lbs right now so I hope that is achievable. I turn 30 on January 12th (exactly 4 months out of surgery) and I would LOVE to go skydiving. Looking it up, some of the websites say you the max you can be is 220 lbs so I'm hoping to get there by my birthday.
    This challenge will help!!! Thanks again for starting :-)
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    allmyjoy reacted to LilMissDiva Irene in Weight Goal Challenge For New Year's Day   
    Awesome!! All of you have fantastic goals. The main goal though should be to continue to work hard during the Holidays. We have so many reasons to give excuses on why we should have a little bit of this or that. However, it's best to avoid making those excuses. Especially if you are pre-op or less than 6 months post-op. Trying to lose as much as you can in that amount of time will prove to be beneficial and in time all of you will find out why.
    Good luck to all!!! I'm working on mine! My husband and I just completed a 5K yesterday. The Run to Remember honoring Firefighters and Law Enforcement and in Remembrance of 9/11. It was a great time! I was far ahead of my Husband throughout the whole race, but I got sidetracked and he ended up racing at the end and beat me by about 10 second... LMAO!! Funny thing is that was his first 5K event ever!
    I did some jogging and walking. We both finished under 47 Minutes, and really for me that's not bad considering I haven't ran in awhile. I pushed myself big time. My Husband told me I have a lot of power though and he did struggle a lot to overcome me. I'm extremely proud of him though.
    We are going to start over with the Couch to 5K because as I told him, the next event we do, we are going to Run it.