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  1. I am two years out. Never really met goal , but was/is very happy I lost 120lbs. Recently stress has been heavy. I'm staying on my schedule, still seem to be gaining weight. Any suggestions?
  2. To me looking at pictures helps see the new me!
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    I'm 8 months out and down 75 lbs been in the gym since the day the doc said i could!!! It was almost impossible to sit on the potty for three days! Good luck!!!
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    new me

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    From the album: new me

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    From the album: new me

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    Hey :)

    Good Luck to both of you! I am 6 months out, and yes i would do it again in a new york minute! LOL
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    Omg It Was A Large!

    Way to go! YOu are doing so awesome! continue to celebrate those NSV!!!!
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    1 Year Post Op.

    WOW. is all i can say! Congratulations!!!
  10. allmyjoy

    Weight Stalled

    I was 239 preop, today i am 173, but keep in mind its been 6 months i was sleeved May 10, 12. You do have stalls, and more stalls, dont get frustrated. Take your measurements. I have went from a tight size 18 jeans to a comfortable size 10! Keep your eye on the rewards and celebrate those non scale victories!!!
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    Eating Too Much?

    I am 7 months out almost. I feel i eat more as well, i am not losing weight but i am losing inches! Miss Divas bootcamp is awesome! Go back to the basics, its amazing what we forget to do and not do as time goes bye!
  12. I almost 6 months, huge stall been playing with the same 3 pounds for almost 2 months. I have to have my shakes, i have increased calories decreased calories etc.... if you find anything that works let me know. The only thing i am losing is hair!!!!!
  13. Weight before surgery 239 Date of surgery may 10, 2012 Current weight 182 Goal weight for competition 165 Weigh in every Sat!!!! Not sure if i am in a stall or just slowed way down, i have been 180-182 most of August!
  14. allmyjoy

    Week 22

    i loved going into Cato and buying off the regular size clothes!!!! Congratulations!!!
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    Is It Normal

    you may want to reconsider your food choices. I'm not saying "diet" my nutritionist says not to diet just pay close attention to my food choices. We have a chance to start all over, treat like you would a baby. Would you give your two month old a corn dog? LOL
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    Hair Loss/hair Coloring

    I have read several places to take Zinc as well as Biotin!
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    Is It Normal

    I'm not an expert by any means, but i would have to vote NO!
  18. I am only 4 months out, but what helps me is Protein Blitz drinks from the vitamin shoppe! 30 Protein 1 carb 120 calories. I know if i am constantly drinking i cant have food! Remember guys NO FLUIDS 30 minutes before or after!!! Let's not let our old lives back in to our new world!!! Its no welcome!!!!
  19. May 10th here! Down 54 lbs. yahoo!!!!!! not a day goes by i dont get a compliment! May sleevers rock!!!!! lol
  20. Did you set your on goal? Did your body just slow down on losing the weight? This just baffles me how we know where our bodies should be. I am far away from goal, i know the goal the dr. set for me.
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    Labor Day Challenge 2012

    On the first day of the challenge i was 195 today i weigh 184.5. I will be 14 weeks post op tomorrow. I went three straight weeks did not lose a single ounce. So i am assuming it was the "three month stall" at least i hope! My goal is to be under 180 by labor day! My bday will be the 5th. Then i cruise on the 15th! I would love to be 175 by sept. 15! nsv!!! I ACTUALLY jogged one half mile last night with out stopping, with a total of 2 miles on the treadmill and 20 minutes on the gazelle! Made me smile!!! I do allot of that lately!!! Loving my new life!
  22. to gonnebeslim1day i honestly dont think i realized i was so big! when i post an after photo i will post the before that changed my life!
  23. Mine wasn't a # it was a picture! I didn't realize it was me!
  24. allmyjoy

    Labor Day Challenge 2012

    start of challenge 195 current weight 187.5 goal is under 180!!! NSV: "Gina your getting skinny" I could of cried!!!!
  25. allmyjoy

    Any Charlotte Nc Sleevers?

    I am in Belmont! Sleeved May 10. 2012!