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  1. I know Im late. I feel your struggle. I got sleeved in 2012 also. June 14th was my surgerversary. I put on 50 pounds in last couple years so I know your frustration. I manned up and went to see my doctor this past monday 6/20/16. I was sure he was going to go in on me for the late visit and for the gain but it was totally different. He said that I carried the weight gain well but said my blood pressure was high. Im 36 and too young to have high blood pressure. High blood pressure does not go with my outfit. LOL I even had to go back to sleeping with my CPAP machine. I was very discouraged but he told me to come back to see the Nut'ist and he wanted to see me in six months instead waiting a year. So Im paying attention to my diet and I walk an hour everyday. It feels like an up hill battle but Im determined to get back to were I was. You can do this. just take it one day at a time and know that you are not the only one who has fallen. If you need someone to hold accountable from now on the let me know. Sometimes I need that myself. I was a sexy fother mucker at my goal weight. LOL! Now I just feel like blah! Thats real talk. My wife likes the smaller me and I did too. She doesn't complain but I want to be healthier to be around for my family so thats my motivation.
  2. pdubbaya23

    Lost More Than The Weight

    Im three years out in june and I still shop at goodwill. Since Im smaller, I can afford to shop at the malls but dont be scared to shop the local goodwill or consignments.
  3. pdubbaya23

    Durham, North Carolina?

    @wink. I can do them in stages and how ever anyone would want them.
  4. pdubbaya23

    Durham, North Carolina?

    Hey ppl. Anyone interested in doing pics? I recently got back into photography. I am 13 mon out and as part of my biz approach, I want to work with bariatric patients and photograph their before and/or after photos. I know what it's like not wanting to be in pics. Lol. But now I jump in every opportunity I get. If interested then let me know. Plward14@yahoo.com
  5. pdubbaya23

    photo session

    I have recently started back taking photos. I want to work with sleevers or any one post op that wants to Celebrate their new lives. Do you or any of you know anyone that would be interested? Let me know. Thanks for reading. www.facebook.com/plwardphotography
  6. pdubbaya23

    Just saying hello :-)

    The shakes are good but if you can ready your protein that will help keep you full longer and shower digesting. Your body can only absorb so much protein at a time. Which may be why you aren't losing right now. It is frustrating but listen to your NUT, you'll get there.
  7. pdubbaya23

    I Wish I'd Known...

    i glad i didnt know how much better the sex would be because i would have done it years ago. i did this to be healthy....but dang, i had no idea i was a stud. lol. dont judge me.
  8. pdubbaya23

    Hungry. Hungry. All The Time Hungry.

    One day at a time sweet heart
  9. pdubbaya23

    "no Longer Her Safe/fat Friend" Lol! 5 Months Pics

    Go get'em tiger!! They ain't ready
  10. pdubbaya23

    Men: Telling "the Guys" About Your Surgery

    Honestly Dude Im going to put it like this. I haven't told my friends yet either. not becasue of what they would say but I just haven't. but when time comes for me to tell them, Im going to put it all on the table and you know what I have to back it up with? I am 4 months post op. I feel better than I have in at least 20 Years. I have dropped 4 maybe 5 pant sizes. the sex is better than has been in my 11 years of marriage. Im like a porn start dude and my wife can't get enough of it, son. and the morning wood is something serious. your woman will wake up to a sweet surprise. So let your friends throw insults, in a few months, you'll be throwing something else.....Im done. TMI? I don't care cause its real.
  11. pdubbaya23

    Sex... Oh My God... Sex!

    Superfreak...dude I feel you. I feel like I could go on and on myself. I even find myself getting aroused some much easier and faster til it can get annoying. lol. But you know what Im glad you put this up because I wanted to but my wife wouldn't let me. LMAO!!!. So I want to back up everything that you said. If I had known I would be like this..I would have done it sooner. I did this to be healthy but this new found manhood is one hell of a perk. In this case "Believe the Hype".
  12. pdubbaya23

    Morning Wood

    The ladies are taking over the man room. Lol. I'm loving the new me. I must admit, going into the surgery, I had no idea how my body would change in the area of my ”third leg”, and now on top of being healthy I get an ego boost from my lil guy....he's the man. Lmao!!!! Thanks lil dude.
  13. pdubbaya23

    one month post op

  14. pdubbaya23


    the band is more work. The sleeve is like that area between the band and the RNY. I am a month out and I love it. I feel better. I sleep better. (and I know you didn't ask for this but..) The lovin is alot better. I changed my mind from the band to the sleeve because I can lose the weight I need to lose and its slower than the RNY and faster than the band. the band can be trial and error with the fills. but either way you choose, its all to be a healthie person and you will eventually be a loser.lol good luck
  15. pdubbaya23

    Morning Wood

    Oh this is so real. Why didn't I do this sooner? Lol.

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