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  1. pdubbaya23

    Durham, North Carolina?

    @wink. I can do them in stages and how ever anyone would want them.
  2. pdubbaya23

    Hungry. Hungry. All The Time Hungry.

    One day at a time sweet heart
  3. pdubbaya23

    Men: Telling "the Guys" About Your Surgery

    Honestly Dude Im going to put it like this. I haven't told my friends yet either. not becasue of what they would say but I just haven't. but when time comes for me to tell them, Im going to put it all on the table and you know what I have to back it up with? I am 4 months post op. I feel better than I have in at least 20 Years. I have dropped 4 maybe 5 pant sizes. the sex is better than has been in my 11 years of marriage. Im like a porn start dude and my wife can't get enough of it, son. and the morning wood is something serious. your woman will wake up to a sweet surprise. So let your friends throw insults, in a few months, you'll be throwing something else.....Im done. TMI? I don't care cause its real.
  4. pdubbaya23

    Catheter question for men

    The thing was the worst part of my surgery. I never want that again. Damn that.
  5. pdubbaya23

    Morning Wood

    Before getting in the shower this morning, my wife was like, ” turn around. Why does it look like you penis had gotten lower?” I'm like, ” what?”. She said ”look at it, doesnt it look lower?” I said, ” no baby, there I'd just a gap between my penis and my stomach now. Lol, they don't sit together anymore.” Just thought I'd share.
  6. pdubbaya23

    Was Sleeved 6/18!

    Congrats, I was sleeved on the 14th. It seems so long ago now. Its gets a lil tough but try to hang in there and do what the dr tells you. The People up here will guide you and encourage you through your process.
  7. pdubbaya23

    Catheter question for men

    Im so glad you posted this, I had the same concern. This right here made this site so much more worth it. you guys are the best. so funny too.
  8. pdubbaya23

    Any June Sleevers?

    She had RNY last year.
  9. pdubbaya23

    Give Me Your Input....

    There is a large base here. That's how I came up with the idea. Thank you for your input. I really appreciated it.
  10. Im thinking about getting back into photography. I think Im aiming at a different clientel this time. I thinking about shooting "Surgeversary Photography" I did one a few months back. It was cool and made my friend feel good about her progress. What do you think? good or bad, I would like to know your thoughts. Thanks in advance.
  11. ChaCha, you just took communion to a whole 'nother level. Lol, too funny.
  12. I have several Bariactric family members and soon to be one myself. I was in church yesterday when I thought of this. While taking communion at church, I realized that bariactric patients are the only people that can take communion and get full. LOL. I could be the only person who thinks its funny, but I had a big smile on my face during that part of the service and everybody else was looking all serious.
  13. Im thinking about cleaning my closet this weekend. I have a question for those who have had the surgery and are some months out. Its May, Im gonna shot for June 8th as my date. How long should I hold on to my winter clothes? I know that Im going to have to go shop for some when it comes time but Id hate to do it prematurely. I am going to hold on to a few peices just to compare with now and then. Let me know your thoughts or experiences.
  14. pdubbaya23

    Morning Wood

    You know what? I was worried that I would get smaller with the weightloss. But you guys have really made my day....oh, I'm good now. Hey Doc! Let's do it! Lol
  15. pdubbaya23

    Calling All Men To The Man Room!

    Hey guys, I just joined today. Im so glad to see some guys up here. No offense at all to the ladies by any means, but I can relate better to someone like me. I will check here often as I can to see the updates. I haven't officially set a date yet. Im hoping to do that next week. Im shooting for June 8th if possible. My start weight is 316 Im looking to get to around 220-200lbs.

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