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  1. cookie2012

    Attention ! Australian Sleevers

    Hi Everyone Happy New Year!! It's been awhile since I posted on here but I read about everyone's journey when the posts come through my email. Welcome to all the new people who are in the early stages and doing research, you will learn heaps here. I have lost over 40kg now and struggling with maintenance but for me it is keeping weight on not off - never in a million years did I think this would be the case. Anyway, I have had my ups and downs with Iron levels, lactose intolerance etc so if you are newly sleeved I would say that supplementation is really, really important. I am now 56kg and feel like a bag of bones so I have embarked on a small home weights program to build myself up a bit. I am also looking at having some plastic surgery this year - never thought I would ever hear myself say this either!! I have an appointment in March with Dr Gerard Bayley at Greenslopes Private Hospital, he is the guy my surgeon Justin Greenslade sends his patients to. I am looking at breast augmentation and tummy tuck(mini). Has anyone had any experience with Gerard Bayley or any other plastic surgeons in Brisbane/Gold Coast/Sunshine Coast or with BA/TT or otherwise known as a mummy makeover. I don't regret my decision to have a sleeve but it does bring with it a set of new issues/challenges to deal with.
  2. cookie2012

    Depression/Anxiety and Maintenance

    Liz it sounds like you are depressed. Please make some time to go and talk to your doctor. Don't put yourself through the suffering I have to get to this point. I have only taken my first half dose of Lovan and already my mood has improved. Liz I'm not suggesting that you run off to your doctor to get medication talking to a professional is helpful and you never know it may well be a physical cause for your current state of mind.
  3. cookie2012

    Depression/Anxiety and Maintenance

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I have a long history of depression and anxiety and actually this is why I ended up obese. I was hospitalised in 2004 for 6 weeks, put on a few different medications, just wanted to sleep all the time and put on so much weight in the following year. Over the years my weight increased and no matter what I did I couldn't keep it off. I weighed 65kg when I went into hospital and had never been obese. My original diagnosis was PTSD. My sleeve has nothing to do with my depression at all and when I am not depressed I really enjoy cooking and eating. Depression makes it difficult to be enthusiastic about much but I am looking forward to the medication kicking in. My issue is related to my self worth and trust since I have met a beautiful man and we have been together for 5mths. I keep expecting the worst! I will get there with medication and seeing a psychologist.
  4. Hi Everyone Congratulations to all the people who have decided to take the plunge to have a sleeve. I was sleeved a year ago and I have reached my goal quicker than intended because of depression/anxiety. I am finding it very difficult to eat and prepare food - have just today started taking Lovan to get me back on track again after trying to fight it on my own without medication. My starting weight was 105kg and I now weigh 60kg - down to a sz8 which is ridiculous! I know I should go back and see the dietician but it is all too much at the moment for me.
  5. cookie2012

    Attention ! Australian Sleevers

    Oh BTW, I am getting rid of some of my clothes too. I have Events sz 16 jacket, sz 16 Table Eight black cap sleeved top, a couple of David Lawrence tops, jeans, 3/4 pants. I've got photos as well, wondering how I can put them on here, will keep you posted. I had planned on putting them on gumtree. I live in Brisbane. Message me if you would like pics.
  6. cookie2012

    Attention ! Australian Sleevers

    Oh wow, lets take the easy way out and have 3/4 of our stomachs removed!!!!! It's a last resort. Certainly not easy. We have all had to make some major adjustments since sleeve surgery. The naysayers may well eat their words when they see the results. Go for it!! And all the very best for your surgery.
  7. My friend is overweight and I have taken steps in the last couple of years to improve myself, ie. braces to straighten my teeth, sleeve.
  8. I'd be interested to know how my fellow sleevers deal with this. Since I've had my sleeve I have one particular friend who has not once, not a single time, mentioned my weight loss, asked me about it or anything - I thought she was a close friend too. Are my expectations too high? I'm not falling apart about it or anything but really intrigued/hurt by the indifference. She knows how much I've struggled with my weight....ok I'll be quiet now. Let me know what you think. Have you experienced this?
  9. cookie2012

    Where do you men shop for regular sizes?

    Myers, David Jones, Roger David, depends on your style. Head to a Westfield and take your pick but I would go somewhere that has a bit of customer service.
  10. cookie2012

    Attention ! Australian Sleevers

    Ooh romance, how exciting Aussiegirl! I hope you have a wonderful first date.
  11. cookie2012

    won ton wrappers

    I love that idea! You could google dumpling recipes as well, there are heaps of Asian inspired recipes online and they are healthy too.
  12. cookie2012

    Attention ! Australian Sleevers

    Hi Everyone Before my sleeve I used to be a toast and cup of tea for breakfast girl would still like to be but Protein is a priority now. I am having difficulties with food also having nausea etc so my stall at 80kg and having fairly constant diarrhoea for the last few months(sorry to gross you all out)has propelled my weight loss to 72kg now so I am almost at my goal of 65kg. I'm having a colonoscopy tomorrow(won't that be fun!)but to be honest I don't care what they do to me as long as I feel well again. The B12 injections have cleared some of the fog but I'm still very lethargic. I will be going back to the dietitian and seeing a naturopath after tomorrow to get back to health again. It's so important to eat nutrient dense food after our type of surgery. It's time for some more professional advice I think. Scotty have you thought about going back to basics again with a Soup. I made some chicken, leek, carrot, and potato soup and it went down really well and has not made me feel like I want to vomit. Are you still taking the Nexium or equivalent? I hope you are feeling better soon. This is a great place for support and words of wisdom.
  13. Another update - my problems with vitamin supplementation stem from the tablets making me feel sick even taken after food. Any how, I finally got to see my surgeon on Monday for a routine review, yet another blood test and I think the final answer is that I am B12 deficient and he has recommended a course of B12 injections!!! I can't tell you how relieved I am after funding the medical fraternity over the last month or so. I am booked in with my GP on Friday morning to get that sorted. I hope there is not going to be any hassle, but I will be telling her that my surgeon Justin Greenslade has asked for me to have them. This has been such an ordeal for me. I have used all my sick leave, holiday leave, lunch breaks etc, I kept asking my GP the question, do you think it's my B12....? If am going to try and get in sooner if I can because honestly I have been feeling like I have dementia and that's only one of the symptoms I have been having. Ok, so I have had my whinge, watch your B12 levels kids cause when they do the surgery they remove the curved part of our stomach that makes intrinsic factor and this is apparently responsible for B12.
  14. cookie2012

    Attention ! Australian Sleevers

    Dean, I haven't had to take any fibre post op - probably because I don't eat enough protein and why I am now anaemic!! I would suggest asking your dietician or surgeon first. I have also been contemplating one of those expensive juicers since I have spent all of my Christmas break in bed watching TVSN and shopping online. Without sounding like an advertisement for TVSN, they have the Vitamix for $995 with part payments. I would love this but then I am a kitchen gadget person. My kids are complaining that we don't have a juicer anymore. Let me know if you get one.
  15. I know what you mean about appointments to the doctor!! I have had so many tests, blood tests, urine, faeces, renal ultrasound, pelvic ultrasound, abdominal ultrasound. Please be wary that most GPs may not know the specific needs of someone who has had a sleeve. If my surgeon hadn't been away I would have gone straight to him to sort this out. Anyway, off to have a fist full of vitamins and a steak(or a piece of one)!

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