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  1. Vicki0618

    3 Month Appt

    It has been 3 months since surgery and I feel better than I have in YEARS. And according to my husband I look pretty damn good too!! :wub: Love him!! I went 3 weeks without weighing this month which was a good thing. I did it as a show of solidarity to some gals who were having a hard time stepping away from the scale. And I'm really glad I did. I have been working out 5-6 days a week and it slowed my weigh loss down quite a bit and to be honest it was rather annoying. But by stepping away from the scale I was able to focus on doing what I know I needed to do. I am still alternating swimming laps and cardio/machines. BUT I have added laps and am up to 40-50 laps and i have also upped my cardio to 1/2 hour and added more machines. I am working out a solid hour! And on weekends I'm still going back to the gym to swim with the kids so I am getting extra activity. My 3 month appointment with my surgeon was yesterday and she was very happy with my progress. I am down 36# since surgery, for a total of 60# since I started my preop diet!! She said I'm doing great. She was pleasantly surprised at my workout schedule and wasn't concerned at all that I am eating 1200 calories a day since I'm obviously working out enough to balance that out. I totally forgot to take measurements and take my 3 month pictures so at this point I think I'm just going to skip it and do it at the beginning of July. I know I've lost inches since my size 16's are starting to get a little baggy. I only have a couple of 14's so I may actually be getting to the point where I have to shop at a store instead of my closet! Heaviest Weight: 281 3/6/13 Surgery: 257 (-24) 3/13/13: 251 (-6) 3/20/13: 245 (-6) 3/28/13: 238 (-7) 4/3/13: 238 (-0) FIRST MONTH -19# 4/10/13: 237 (-1) 4/17/13: 235 (-2) 4/24/13: 233 (-2) 5/2/13: 229 (-4) SECOND MONTH -9# 5/8/13: 229 (-0) 5/15/13: 227 (-2) 5/22/13: Didn't Weigh 5/29/13: Didn't Weigh 6/5/13: 223 (-4) THIRD MONTH -6# 6/12/13: 221 (-2)
  2. Vicki0618

    Gym Rat? Who Me?

    10 week update... Ok, so I guess I am becoming a Gym Rat...That's a good thing...right??? Since I joined the gym I have gone 5-6 times a week. I am swimming laps, doing cardio and weights, hanging out with my kids while they swim (which isn't laps but is activity). Yesterday I did 1/2 hour on the eliptical on the Weight loss setting which changes the resistance every 5 minutes. THEN I did 3 sets each of tricep press, row, shoulder press, and 2 different leg presses. I was sweating for over an hour!! And I love it!! And my muscles are responding. I used to work out all the time and had pretty good muscle tone, now all those muscles are coming back. They are currently layered under some fat still but I can see them trying to poke back up! I took Mother's Day off and I was so out of sorts. My husband just wanted me to relax and chill and I had the hardest time sitting still. I just have too much energy!! My daughter took me to Old Navy for Mother's Day to get me a couple shirts that fit...I guess she was tired of seeing me in my too big frumpy clothes. So I picked out a few things in my normal XXL size that I wear at Old Navy and head for the dressing room! And EVERYTHING was too Big!!! I had my daughter running back and forth getting me smaller sizes. It was soooo fun!!! Usually I'm the one running to get sizes for her and shes having the fun of trying everything on...Can't wait to get even smaller!! Today I have lost 30# since surgery. I think it's going slower than some, but I feel really good about it. I am eating about 1000-1200 calories per day and I feel good, with good energy and I'm able to work out. I'm trying to look long term, I could bring my calories back down and maybe lose a little faster but in the long run I think I'll be better off keeping the calories up a bit. I have my 3 month appointment with my surgeon on June 6th, and I'm curious to see what he has to say. He wanted me on 650 calories for my entire losing period...that did NOT work for me. And he wanted me to lose 12# a month. So we will see what he thinks. Regardless, I am doing what works for me!! :D Heaviest Weight: 281 3/6/13 Surgery: 257 (-24) 3/13/13: 251 (-6) 3/20/13: 245 (-6) 3/28/13: 238 (-7) 4/3/13: 238 (-0) FIRST MONTH -19# 4/10/13: 237 (-1) 4/17/13: 235 (-2) 4/24/13: 233 (-2) 5/2/13: 229 (-4) SECOND MONTH -9# 5/8/13: 229 (-0) 5/15/13: 227 (-2)
  3. Well I am 10 weeks out and I feel great!! I have had no complications at all. I can tolerate pretty much anything I eat, and I have lots of energy! I flew from CA to CO 2 weeks after surgery and was fine. I know others have had complications and of course that is always a possibility. But based on my experience you will be fine!! But you may have to get your wedding dress altered
  4. Vicki0618

    How do you feel 3 months out

    I'm 10 weeks out and I'm totally fine! I can tolerate anything and eat anything (just smaller quantities). My energy levels are great!! Go for it!!
  5. Vicki0618

    Hitting the Gym

    9 weeks post op and I didn't lose any weight this week. But it's all good! I have been hitting the gym pretty hard so I'm good with no loss. My pants are loser and I definitely feel better! I'm trying to get to the gym at least 5 days a week. I'm doing 3 days of swimming laps and 2 days of cardio (as in eliptical or treadmill) and weights. Then in addition to the planned days I'm also taking the kids over to the gym on the weekends to swim so I'm getting additional activity that way. AND my stepdaughter is doing the P90X ab workout, so she's got me doing what I can on that. (It's pretty ugly, but I'm trying) My husband decided he needed to keep up with me. So he started going to the gym with me a couple days a week and cut out his sugary treats...and in one week HE lost 7#!!! Isn't that the way it always works?? I'm working my butt off and he just cuts back and loses! LOL... Heaviest Weight: 281 3/6/13 Surgery: 257 (-24) 3/13/13: 251 (-6) 3/20/13: 245 (-6) 3/28/13: 238 (-7) 4/3/13: 238 (-0) FIRST MONTH -19# 4/10/13: 237 (-1) 4/17/13: 235 (-2) 4/24/13: 233 (-2) 5/2/13: 229 (-4) SECOND MONTH -9# 5/8/13: 229 (-0)
  6. Vicki0618

    Swimming Suit? Size 20ish?

    Thanks Vicki...great name!! LOL I will send you a private message.
  7. Hi All, I have started swimming laps and I love it. Problem is I only have 1 swimming suit and it's not a very high quality one so I know it's going to wear out quick. I'm wondering if anyone has one that they would like to get rid of. Like I said, I'm swimming laps so one with either a cross back or some sort of back that keeps the straps from falling would be preferrable. Probably a size 20 but I have a long torso so a 22 might work too.
  8. Vicki0618

    I've been approved...@!$# is gettin real

    Yeah!!!! Congrats!! May 22 will be here before you know it!!!
  9. Vicki0618

    Is vomiting going to be the new normal?

    I am 8 weeks out and haven't thrown up at all. Had some dry heaves in the hospital right after surgery, but after that I've been all good!!
  10. Diet Cranberry and Vodka...about 1/2 of one will make my head spin!! But if you do the Diet Cranberry it makes the calories less...still empty calories but hey, once in awhile it's ok!
  11. I answer this as I sit shivering in my office. I used to be the one saying "it's too hot in here" and sweating my way through the day. Now 8 weeks post op, I am the one that is too cold!! I look forward to going outside where it is 90 just to warm up!!
  12. I flew from CA to CO for my sisters wedding exactly 2 weeks after surgery. I felt fine, no problems physically. I was staying with my sister and she was nice enough to have my protein shakes, cottage cheese, and yogurt on hand for me....which really helped. The only problem I had was I got a little dehydrated a couple of days because we were busy and I "forgot" I had to drink. You should be fine!!
  13. Vicki0618

    Just keep swimming...just keep swimming

    Roller Coaster is a good analogy!! I totally forgot to blog about my wild emotions. I am up and down and extremely happy and upbeat followed by a day of tears. My poor husband doesn't know how to react!!
  14. I'm channeling my inner Dori and singing to myself...Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...in more ways than one. Today is 8 weeks and I lost a whole pound this week. So my 9# loss in Month 2 is a lot less than my 19# loss in my first month. BUT things are definitely changing...so I've just gotta keep going! I joined a gym last week. After a little fiasco with the first gym I tried (a very uncomfortable experience) I ended up joining a gym that the whole family can go to. They have 3 pools and a great kids program and I think it's going to be a great place for my whole family. I have gone everyday since I joined and am doing a lot of swimming. I'm not a very fast swimming but I can definitely tell I'm working parts of my body that haven't been worked in awhile. My step daughter is a water polo player and she has taken it upon herself to be my personal trainer and is having me do her water workouts....well my version of them anyway She is either going to whip me into shape or kill me...LOL My kids are swimming with me, and it's been interesting to hear their comments about Mom getting in and swimming and not just sitting on the side soaking my feet. Apparently, I have been missing out on a lot since I got heavier . So I am walking, and biking, and swimming...trying to get in 5-6 days a week of some sort of activity. So even if the scale isn't moving very much, I KNOW I am in a very different place than I was last year at this time. I'm not the heaviest person at the pool, and I'm not the skinniest...but I am starting to feel comfortable in my own skin!!! Heaviest Weight: 281 3/6/13 Surgery: 257 (-24) 3/13/13: 251 (-6) 3/20/13: 245 (-6) 3/28/13: 238 (-7) 4/3/13: 238 (-0) FIRST MONTH -19# 4/10/13: 237 (-1) 4/17/13: 235 (-2) 4/24/13: 233 (-2) 5/2/13: 229 (-4) SECOND MONTH -9#

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