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  1. I had my 3 month labs done a couple of weeks ago. Everything came back looking good with the exception of my ferritin level. It was 20 ng/mL. My doc said to just take a low dose Iron supplement. He didn't seem very concerned. My research on the internet causes me to think it's a lot lower than it should be. Just curious what others have seen in their labs? I'm wondering if this is really low and partly to blame for the fatigue I have been feeling? If you take an iron supplement, which one works well for you? Any advice or personal experience regarding ferritin/iron you can share will be appreciated!
  2. I really like Syntax Nectar protein, especially the chocolate truffle.
  3. So happy for you, Patrick! Welcome to the other side my friend! I look forward to hearing more about your journey.
  4. NoExcuses

    Any Crossfitters In Here?

    Crossfit is intense. I waited 8 weeks to do it again after surgery. It still kicks my ass every time - and I love it!!
  5. NoExcuses

    Walking Shoes For Gavel Roads

    There is only one brand of trail runners I wear - Salomon. They are the best, but as suggested it is a good idea to get a proper fitting. I'm a neutral with medium arch and they work very well for me!
  6. NoExcuses

    I Am Kind Of Ashamed

    Don't feel ashamed. What's done is done. If you are like me, you wasted too many years feeling ashamed of your body. Those days are over. We are moving in the right direction. That being said, PLEASE be careful and follow your post-op diet. It is so important in these first few weeks to ensure proper healing. Remind yourself why you had your surgery, and keep focusing on the new goals you have set for yourself. You can do this!
  7. NoExcuses


    Gosh, I love popcorn! I started eating it about 8 weeks out and it is definitely a slider food for me. It's in my best interest to step away from it
  8. I lost 21 pounds the first month, and now at 3 months out I have lost a total of 40 lbs.
  9. NoExcuses

    Why Can't You Just Be Happy For Me?

    These ladies need to get a grip. Don't let them rain on your parade!
  10. NoExcuses

    Need Some Help...

    Isopure clear drinks. You can find them at Vitamin Shoppe and GNC. They have 40 grams of protein per bottle. I would also suggest protein bullets. You can find these at the same places as Isopure. In the beginning it is so important to get protein in, and the bullets and Isopure can be a good place to start. The little bullets are about 2 or 3 ounces and have between 30-40 grams of protein.
  11. NoExcuses

    Sharp Upper Stomach Pain

    Hmmm. Let's see what others think. I had something sort of similar. It was just left of my diaphragm, kind of just a nagging ache that came and went. Lasted only a week or so, and I chalked it up to "normal" healing and possible scar tissue formation. Are you having any issues breathing?
  12. NoExcuses

    Protein Shakes - Help!

    I like Nectar also. It mixes nicely. Also, Premier protein shakes taste like chocolate milk to me. Another suggestion would be to try Isopure drinks. They have 40 grams of protein in a bottle and are similar to kool-aid type drinks. Also, there are protein bullets you can buy that are only about 2 oz. and are easy to get down quickly because they are so small. Good luck!
  13. NoExcuses

    Sharp Upper Stomach Pain

    How far out are you? How often is it occurring? It could be nerve regeneration. Is there an incision nearby?
  14. NoExcuses

    Any Regrets?

    Michele, your worries are genuine and most of us had those same worries. For me, even after the surgery, when I was home recovering I would wake up from a nap in sheer panic wondering what the hell I did I do to myself. The feeling fades, however, when you see the scale moving down and your clothes fitter looser and you realize you have given yourself the best gift ever - a new lease on life! You will learn how to live your life with your sleeve. It will be different from before, but you will navigate your way through your journey. Believe in the process - it works! Be true to your regimen and follow your post-op stages to a T would be my best advice. Best of luck to you in the weeks ahead!
  15. NoExcuses

    1 Month Surgiversary!

    Congrats! Nice post for the newbies who are only days out and need some reassurance. Glad things are going well for you!

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