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  1. I had surgery March 21, just over a week ago. I was only on Clear liquids till I left the hospital Friday, once I was home I was allowed to switch to puréed food already. Was any one else allowed to start purees so soon? Also had no special per op diet got to eat regular food up untill 8pm the night before surgery.
  2. Squisha

    To Weigh or Not To Weigh?

    I am 13 months out and down 125lbs. Stalls and small gains happen often. I still weigh myself each week, I have noticed that when I stall my body is readjusting and I will drop a clothes size. And then have a sigificant loss after 2 or 3 weeks. Don't get discouraged the weight will come off.
  3. I hit my 1year Mark March 21, you will hit lots of stall. keep getting in your protein and your water and it is almost impossible to fail. I have lost 126lbs and still losing.
  4. Squisha

    Please help

    I hit 1 year March 21, this surgery is the best thing i have ever done for myself. I have lost about 126lbs, I have 60-80lbs left, and am still losing. I freaked out the whole week before surgery but I have never had a moment of regret.
  5. I had fat free/sugar free yogurt about 4 weeks out, just very tiny portions.
  6. I started out a 407 also, wearing a 36/38. I am now going into a size 24 and it feels so great. I am excited that I can shop at Lane Bryant again, I HATED shopping at Catherines at 30 years old. Good Luck to you.
  7. I am with you, i just can't seem to stay warm, all of my vitamin levels are normal. I have never been a fan of the cold but this winter is kicking my but. The intense cold is also not normal here in South East Virginia, and I am looking forward to next week when we are supposed to be up near 70 again.
  8. Squisha

    New mom

    I was cleared to do minor lifting/ house hold chores at my 2 week check up. By the end of the 2nd week I was able to pick him up and carry him around.
  9. No regrets, 10 months out and 115lbs down. Best thing I have ever done.
  10. My daughter was 12 when I had my surgery. I talked to her about my surgery from the very beginning (but I told, everyone). I told her if she had any question on concerns to ask me. I did make sure to tell her I loved her, and it was her choice on weather she wanted to see me in the hospital. She understood everything and asked lots of questions. She came to visit the day of surgery to make sure I was ok and she came to pick me up. She also acted like a little nurse and wanted to make sure I didn't get cold or need water or anything the first few days home. I also explained that I would be cooking a lot differently and not buy as much junk food. She now likes to exercise with me and is glad that we are eating healthy.
  11. Squisha

    Anyone craving ice cream?

    I love them, I wish my store had the other flavors, they only have the vanilla and strawberry. It is a nice treat when the family is eat ice cream or something else that I should avoid.
  12. anything counts. in the hospital I started off just going to the end of the hall. My doctor had me push a wheelchair for balance and in case I need to rest or be pushed back to my room. By the second day I was able to make it from 1 end of the hall and back again. When I got home I walked to the end of my court and back (my grandmother was out walking me). Now 115lbs lighter I walk 2-2.5 miles, and have started adding small bits of jogging. It gets easier and even if you are just getting up to go to the bathroom it is getting the blood moving.
  13. Squisha

    Fast Food Options...

    If i'm in a pinch I stop by chick-fil-a 4pc grilled nugget kids meal with fruit cup and diet lemonade.
  14. Squisha

    Amount of Food and Your Mind

    Sometimes it is hard to remember. I will put food on my plate and think that is not enough, and add more and then I will stand there for a minute and think about it and realize there is NO Way I could eat that much food. I usually put most of the extra i added back and even then I don't always finish. I am still amazed sometime of how little it takes to fill me up now.
  15. Squisha

    Lose weight in feet?

    I have gone from a 12 wide to a regular 10.5 loving it.
  16. Squisha

    Has anyone else "cheated" on the full liquid diet?

    I doubt you have done any damage. Each doctor has their own timeline for the different stages of the diet. I left the hospital on soft/pureed foods.
  17. Squisha

    Drinking with meals

    I am 9 months post op. I still need an occasional sip while eating. usually less than 1/4 of a cup. This was and still is once of the hardest parts for me, but if I try to drink with my meal it upsets my stomach horribly and i can't eat enough food.
  18. Squisha

    any one have a being cold issue?

    I stay cold, I wear a sweater in my house, if i get the house warm enough to take my sweater off then my husband and daughter are sweating. My doctor said after my weight stablizes it shouldn't be as bad, but I am losing a lot of the fat that used to keep me insulated.
  19. I had to switch to soy milk shortly after surgery. Milk still upsets my stomach if i have more than 3 or 4 ounces.
  20. Ok, so I don't know about from a man's perspective but I feel LESS vulnerable since losing so much weight. I feel stronger now than i did 100+ pounds ago.
  21. Squisha

    Picky eaters

    I am a picky eater about alot of thing. Still am 9months post op. I found a protein drink that I like. Not a fan of boiled eggs but I like a scrambled egg with a little bit of low fat cheese. I used to like cottage cheese but now it taste salty. But I like to snack on low fat string cheese. There are alot of options to choose from that are still low fat and high protein
  22. Squisha

    What Birth Control to use

    I was told I couldn't do the pill for at least 1 year out, that it wouldn't be absorbed properly. My surgeon told me the barrier method was best, condom, diaphram things like that. My OBGYN also said the Depo shot or an IUD would work. I just chose to stick with condoms since at 18 months when I am cleared by my surgeon and OBGYN i plan on starting to try to get pregnant.
  23. March 21 also. Starting weight 407 Day of Surgery 386 Now 295 I can do about 2 1/2 oz of Protein with a few bites of a side. I got off track over the holidays with sweets and not exercising regularly. I am back on track now. I still lost just not as much as i had hoped. I just discovered Chai tea, and love it and it has helped me to hit my Water goals.
  24. Squisha


    9 months out and I am always wrapped in a blanket or wearing a sweater, if my house is warm enough to take my sweater off then my family is sweating.
  25. Squisha

    Really freaking out.

    It is completely normal. I was so happy and excited leading up to surgery and then the 3 or 4 days before surgery I kinda freaked out a bit. But it is the best thing I have ever done for myself.

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