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  1. DesertDog

    Unexplained Leftside Pain

    Could be port related. Scar tissue build up. Has an ultrasound been performed on or around the port area?
  2. DesertDog

    Psych Evaluation...

    It's nothing to worry about. Standard MMPI written test (400 questions that are the same just written differently) and an interview. My interview was just chatting with the doc.
  3. Been there, done that many times. I get distracted by someone talking to me or watching TV.
  4. DesertDog

    Slipped Band?

    My doctor says restriction is a dirty word. he says, "use satisfied instead."
  5. I am post op 3 months now and just recently received a surprise bill for the surgical assistant for $2000.00. My insurance will only allow $250.00 payment. I called the billing dept for this assistant and received a rude customer service rep stating that they will not accept any payment lower than the total amount due since the SA is not covered by my insurance. I did not have the opportunity to pick out the SA only my doctor did. Has anyone else experienced this predicament? That's $44.00 per min charge for a 45 min surgery.
  6. I have heard that drinking something warm or hot in the morning will usually open you up like coffee or tea.
  7. DesertDog

    Diabetes Control

    The procedure will help you control your diabetes, but diabetes will not go away. My nurse told me once a diabetic always a diabetic. I no longer take my insulin or Metforfin, but I always have to monitor my sugars. Better food choices and exercise is the key with the Lap Band.
  8. It could be too early for protein shakes with your stomach still irritated from surgery. I was on a Clear liquids for the first 24 hours. I am using Boost at the moment to fill between meals. Oh and drink sloowww!!
  9. You have accomplished some great goals. Don't let the scale run your life. It's all about how you feel and what you are accomplishing. Remember it took a long time to gain the weight and it will take a while to loose it. Lock up the scale. I did!!! I'm 2 weeks post op and already on the last notch on my belt to keep my pants on. I feel great after 18 years of struggling to control my eating habits.
  10. Congrats!! Back pain would be caused by the gas and by the manipulation of your stomach during the surgery. Walk as much as you can to metabolize the gas. How was your experience with SSAH? ~John
  11. Congrats Cory!! I had the band with plication done 2 weeks ago. The nausea should subside in about 24 hrs. It is usually caused by the gas and the swelling of the stomach. Make sure you get up and walk about every hour. That helped me alot. ~John
  12. DesertDog

    Banded Tomorrow!

    brandi, I see you have Dr Simpson. I too was banded with plication on 3/6. Dr Simpson is great and so is the staff at Specialty Hospital. You'll do fine. They will wheel you to the OR and give you a nice cocktail. I didn't have any pain. Only discomfort from the gas they inflate you with. May be a little nausea but soon goes away. They will get you up and walking in about 45 mins post op which really helps with the gas. Other than that, I had a great experience with it. I had my 2 week visit and already lost 12 pounds. Good Luck, John
  13. DesertDog

    Gastric Band With Plication

    My doctor has switched to performing the Lap Band with Gastric Plcation. He states that band slippage is reduced as well as giving you a smaller stomach. I had my surgery on 3/6 and have been happy with the whole experience. I'd say go for it if they are giving you the option.

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