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  1. sherlee

    Headed To Tj 7/4/12

    I hit there about 1 and did not have my surgery until the next day at 3. Too much sitting around. A couple of the the other people that were there the next day got in about 1 quickly prepped for sx and by 4 were in surgery. Dr. Kelly does not typically start his sx until the afternoon bc of the schedules of some of the docs that do sx with him.
  2. sherlee

    Headed To Tj 7/4/12

    I just had surgery by Dr Kelly on 5/23. I did not travel alone but there were a few there while I was there that did travel alone. You will be well taken care of. I found that those that traveled alone got way more attention and got to spend a lot of extra time with Dr Kelly and his staff. You will actually be left alone very little. The hospital staff was great and will take good care of you while you are there. My best Advice is to have your surgery the same day that you arrive. Good luck!
  3. I just had surgery 12 days ago with Dr Kelly and he and I had this conversation right before I went into surgery. He was very confident and matter fact with his reasoning for the size he uses. You will love Dr. Kelly.
  4. I just paid $5500.00 with Dr. Kelly and had a fabulous experience. He fits not make you pay anything until the day of surgery. He has his own coordinator and does not use a broker. Very easy and flexible to schedule with and only does 3 surgeries a day.
  5. If it makes you feel better, I was sleeved the same day and will"ditto" your feelings. Today just has not been a great day. Tomorrow is going to be better for both of us.
  6. I would recommend checking out Dr Kelly also. He does not work with any of the coordinators, he has a man by the name of Omar that does his coordinating. He uses a hospital and hotel for the last two days. He only will do 3 surgeries a day so he does not herd people through. His cost is $5500.00, with no deposit but pay in full on arrival. I am 7 days post op and I never had much pain at all, as you will see most of his other patients say the same thing. To contact Omar go to www.wlsclinic.com or call him at (619) 395-5347. He will have Dr Kelly call you directly to talk to you.
  7. sherlee

    July 4Th Challenge

    Count me in. Today wt is 224 so I am aiming for onderland. I know that might seem a little aggressive but I am only 5 days out and can't start musshies until day 22. Already down 20 lbs from pre op and I have not started to exercise yet.
  8. sherlee

    Dr. Kelly On July 20Th

    I just got back yesterday. I wore the hospital gowns in the hospital and the slippers only one time. The slippers were flimsy so I felt unstable when I was walking the hallways. I found with my flip flops I could go faster and further. There was another patient there that wore her own nightgown and slippers from day after post op. it is your personal preference. I started a blog and hope to have it updated by tonight. Take a look at sherlee140.blogspot.com. Sharon's blog helped me so much before going so I wanted to be able to help the next group going.
  9. I chose Dr. Kelly also, I had surgery on Tuesday and leave TJ this morning. When I got here there was a girl that was leaving that had a revision and she looked amazing. Her revision was supposedly a tough one but she seemed to be at the same place as the rest of us 3 days out. I had no pain and very little nausea, I stopped taking the pain mess and anti nausea meds at day two. There were 5 of us done over the period of time that I was here and all have had the same experience. I chose Dr Kelly bc I felt comfortable with all of the phone conversations we had prior, he has American credentials that my own physicians checked out, he does not work with the brokers, I did not have to send any money before hand. Those were my main reasons, everyone's is going to be different. If you speak to Dr. Kelly remember that he does not work with brokers so if you are contacted besides anyone but Omar then you are not actually talking to Dr Kelly. The brokers are playing not so fair.
  10. sherlee

    Dr. Kelly On July 20Th

    Bring a camera if you don't have one on your phone bc you will do a quick tour of San Diego. Sit back and take it in but don't get nervous about your surroundings coming into the hospital. Once you get here you will be at ease. Everyone here works to make you comfortable and relaxed. You will get a sleeping pill for the night before sx. They have the best green tea with honey that I was drinking pre op.
  11. sherlee

    Dr. Kelly On July 20Th

    If you are bringing anyone with you, have them bring Snacks and their own drinks. The restaurant in the hospital is healthy food and not that it is bad but just very different if that is not what you are used to eating. Really nowhere for your guest to get drinks or snacks. Make sure you have something to do bc I got here at about 3 yesterday and my sx is not until 1 so a lot of just sitting around. They do have TV that has a few English speaking stations. Other than that not much more that has already been covered. We stopped at Wal Mart on our way in yesterday bc Cecy needed to get a few things so if needed anything that you didn't want to travel with I sure she would stop. I will update if I come across anything else.
  12. sherlee

    Dr. Kelly On July 20Th

    I am here getting surgery today with Dr Kelly. So far everything had gone just fine. I have my mom with me but there is another girl by herself and she had Omar, Dr Kelly and Cecy all in and out of her room just visiting all day yesterday. Got my IV about 30 mins ago and the nurse spoke English and got it first try. Dr. Kelly had a meeting last night with a marketing company and they came into my room for quiet a while discussing how it is currently hard to find him and what kind of things to do to make it better. He is a man of integrity and totally puts you at ease. I have to admit it was a little concerning crossing the border and checking into the hospital right up to when Dr Kelly came into the room. The hospital is very simple and a lot less intimidating than US hospitals. Sharon, your name came up a lot yesterday. Omar said he has never seen anyone have such an easy time as you. I head to sx in a couple hours and will let you know how it goes.
  13. sherlee

    I Haed For Tijuana Tomorow

    I leave tomorrow for Mexico in the morning also. Who is doing your surgery? I am with Dr. Kelly. Good luck! We will be just fine.

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