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  1. Happy 36th Birthday kellymoos!

  2. Happy 35th Birthday kellymoos!

  3. 8 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 8th Anniversary kellymoos!

  4. kellymoos

    Game: 5 Letters

    Some One Really Ran Yesterday!! HEART
  5. kellymoos

    5 Month Progress Picture Collage

    Congrats on the big difference!!! I always try to remember that nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels!!!!!! You look great!
  6. kellymoos

    Game: 5 Letters

    WIPED While I prayed, evils diminished... DUCKS
  7. kellymoos

    Game: 5 Letters

    Five Little Oranges Gave Smells
  8. My band slipped..... I am sure you are aware of PBing.....I am also sure that you are aware of being too tight.
  9. kellymoos

    Game: 5 Letters

    Wait, That's Not My Signature; The Letters Are Kelly
  10. kellymoos

    Game: 5 Letters

    STELD Stay true, expect long delays:-) KELLY
  11. kellymoos

    Game: 5 Letters

    MIPBM May I please bring milk? TTTSF
  12. Well praise him for changing his technique but what about the 3 of us that wasted money getting banded by him? And then having to pay to have it removed?????
  13. Dr Spiegel does have slippage....i personally know 6 people banded by him and out of those 6, 3 including mine, has slipped and been taken out.
  14. kellymoos

    OH my GAWD I got a tattoo!

    Very cute!! You need to take a pic of your whole foot so I can see exactly where it is!!
  15. kellymoos

    DeLarla vs. PhotoNut

    I'm sorry to all, but I am going to lock this thread. Both members that this thread is regarding have been banned and I don't see the need to keep it open! Have a great day!