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    Article About Woman Having Surgery

    The comments left by people on this article upset me so badly! Is this what people really think of surgery? Grrrr. Surgery doesn't make us work out at the gym. Surgery doesn't help us choose a Protein bar over a Krispy Kreme donut. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2199738/Mother-fat-son-unable-wrap-arms-round-hug-drops-20st-13st.html Sent from my iPhone using VST
  2. strawberryblue

    Tired Of Plain Water

    The fruit punch MIO and pink lemonade are good. I was a southern sweet tea junky before surgery so I wasn't impressed by the MIO Sweet Tea flavor.
  3. strawberryblue

    Running And Breathing? How?

    When you are jogging you need to breathe in/out through both your mouth and nose to get maximum air. Find a pace. Breathe in for 2 steps, out for 2 steps. Or try in 3, out 3. Breathe from your belly, not shallow chest breaths. Also, if you're huffing and puffing, you are probably pushing too hard! Slow it down. Good luck.
  4. strawberryblue

    How Much Was Your Surgery?

    About 12K, self-pay in upstate South Carolina. Don't forget about CareCredit or a loan from your 401K if you have to go pay of pocket. Sent from my iPhone
  5. Hello! I'm a pre-op female in her late 20s. I'm 5'9" and almost 300 lb. Married, no kids. I'm doing the self-pay route (in USA) because my insurance won't cover, regardless of medical necessity. I'm looking at the late March/early April 2012 timeframe for surgery but haven't set a date yet. I'd really like to find a female pre-op WLS Buddy to be able to text or email with for support. Even better if your surgery is in the US since we'll have similar pre-surgery appointments & follow-ups. Thanks!
  6. strawberryblue

    10 Week Post Op Updates

    I have lost 60 pounds and I'm at 11 weeks. Sent from my iPhone
  7. strawberryblue

    Esophagus Pain

    I had the same problem. It was because I was eating too much too fast. Slow it down. Sent from my iPhone
  8. Today I'm one week post-op. For the first time, my temperature was under 99 F. I drove myself to the post office and back, and didn't take any pain meds (yet, lol). I am steadily getting down fluids to stay hydrated but, TMI, the loose stools have shown up. I can deal with that slight annoyance since it should taper off with the mushies stage. The pain is decreasing day by day, but in lieu of pain comes weakness/tiredness. Anyways, I really thought I'd be worse off at this point. How are you doing 1 week post op!? Sent from my iPhone
  9. I'm on Day 4 of two weeks of liquids. Technically mine will be It's getting easier thank goodness. The 2nd day, I was in a foul mood and angry at anyone & everything! It felt like every cell in my body was screaming for food. It took every ounce of willpower I had to not run screaming from work and go get a cheeseburger from Burger King. I drank lots and lots of Water on Day 2 and when I woke up on Day 3, I felt much better. It must really be like a detox, isn't it? I am allowed to have Carnation Instant Breakfast packets, Protein shakes, broth, sugar free Jello and limited amounts of sugar free pudding & cottage cheese. I hope I can keep this up. I will, because it means a safer surgery. Sent from my iPhone
  10. strawberryblue

    Carecredit Question

    Does anyone know if you can pay off your Care Credit balance early and not have a penalty? For example, if I finance 5000 over 36 months & then 3 months later I have enough cash elsewhere to pay it all off, would I just be able to pay the remaining balance of the 5000? Or would I owe 6238 (the total amount I would have paid CareCredit over the life of the loan)? Sent from my iPhone
  11. strawberryblue

    I Had My Panic Moment

    I was sleeved 3/20. I've had trouble transitioning to puréed foods. Two nights ago, I had my first real breakdown over the sleeve. I was panicking and I was in tears, asking my husband what in the world I'd done to myself and whether I'd ever "feel normal" again. Then, I got a good nights sleep and felt a whole lot better the next day. I will just have to take things slowly. I can do this!!!! Sent from my iPhone
  12. strawberryblue

    3Rd Week Out

    I tire easily too and I'm 3 weeks out. It scares me because I had more energy last week at Week 2. I've had trouble with puréed foods though so I'm mostly still doing liquids. Maybe I could try including a little more carbs. Maybe Ketosis is making us tired? Sent from my iPhone
  13. strawberryblue

    Time Off Of Work

    If you are eligible for it, talk to your HR about doing FMLA. Also, do you have short-term disability benefits? I recommend at least 2 weeks minimum.... Sent from my iPhone
  14. strawberryblue

    Post Op Almost On My 3Rd Week

    These additional items are on my list and I'm less than one week post-op, so they may be ok for you: Greek Yogurt (has more Protein than regular yogurt. Get a flavored one). Grits (thinned with milk or water) oatmeal or Cream of Wheat (sugar free, thinned with milk or water) Sent from my iPhone
  15. Yesterday 3/20 I was sleeved. It's the morning after surgery as I'm writing this. Surgeon says my surgery went just like in a textbook. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the good luck will continue. Didn't get much sleep at all - nurses have been in and out of my room all night. At least some bring pain medicine with them. Speaking of pain, the gas inside me us what hurts the most. That and trying to breathe. I'd thought for sure it'd be my stomach hurting, not my chest! So glad to be "on the other side". I have a long way to go, but I'm ready! Sent from my iPhone
  16. Ok odd question...I watched YouTube videos of the surgery (mistake!). I saw how surgeons use harmonic vibrations to cut away the connective tissue holding the stomach and organs together. Does this tissue regenerate and reconnect to your stomach eventually? Oh and my surgery is tomorrow...Tuesday March 20!! Sent from my iPhone
  17. strawberryblue

    Carecredit Question

  18. Cottage cheese has saved me. Can you have cottage cheese on your liquid diet? That's the closest "solid" thing allowed on mine. If you're allowed milk, some low fat cottage cheese might help you. Also, Greek Yogurt has a lot of Protein vs regular low fat yogurts, and that has helped. If you ever get hungry, have a Greek Yogurt or a Protein Drink. If you let yourself feel like you're starving you'll get desperate and want to binge.... Remember to stay hydrated. Good luck. Sent from my iPhone
  19. strawberryblue

    Carecredit Question

    Thought I'd share: I called CareCredit and asked about this. I'll have a large balance so I can't do a promotional 18 or 24 months no interest offer. I'll be doing payback at the 14.99% over several years. According to customer service, my monthly payment due will change. It won't be, say, $200 a month for 3 years. Instead, what's due is a percentage of your balance. Like a credit card. The first month, I may have to pay $200. The next month I might have to pay $190, etc. If I were to pay off the balance "early", there would be no penalty. Hope this information will help someone else. Sent from my iPhone
  20. strawberryblue

    Pre-Op Two Week Liquid Diet

    My surgery is Tuesday 3/20. My pre-op diet will end up being a little longer than two-weeks lol. The EAS isn't "great" but it's decent compared to some of the other drinks I've tried. Good luck to you. Sent from my iPhone
  21. strawberryblue

    Pre-Op Two Week Liquid Diet

    @Lisalalani... I have tried tons of Protein drinks. I'm still in the process of trying more. The EAS streawberry drink is the one I tolerate the best at the moment. Who knows that may change after surgery. Have you tried the different flavored Atkins drinks? Some are on the lower end with grams of protein, but they have more creative flavors like mocha Cappuccino. I'm on Day 13 now and it is definitely easier than the first few days! Sent from my iPhone
  22. Doing the pre-op liquid diet, and my "TOM" came. Craving chocolate!!!

  23. Yeah! Go you! I look forward to seeing your video blog (vlog). Sent from my iPhone
  24. I'm a March 20 sleever & my pre-op is Friday (only 1 business day before yours), so I think you're alright. Good luck! Sent from my iPhone
  25. Trying the liquid diet a day early instead of starting on a Monday!!

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