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  1. SexySlim

    The Holiday Season

    Hey hang in there, this is a journey. I've been stuck in the 220's forever. This week I finally got tight with my eating and workouts and the weight is coming off again. We will have our good days and bad days. So are you crafty or a baker? You could always bake some nice cookies or muffins and give those as gifts. Party City has some nice festive bags and those little Chinese take out boxes decorated. I'm thinking about doing that for my friends at work. It's the thought that counts. Anyway, if you want to DM me, I can email you this excel spreadsheet I made. I originally kept up with it weekly, but just ended up doing ti the old school way and writing/coloring on a desk calender I have hung by my bed. The spreadsheet has two sheets and two graphs. One is a x/y plot of weight vs. date and the other is a column plot that shows the weight lost for each week. Happy Holidays
  2. I finally got a XBox Kinect last week and I'm in love (upgrade from a Wii). I've been doing the Your Shape game every morning before work this week and boy is it intense. So I see that you can connect to XBox Live and compete with friends. Anyone else have this game and want to compete? I also have Zumba Core and Hip Hop Experience. Love them both!
  3. SexySlim

    Dr.kelly Questions

    Hi there! I was sleeved by Dr. Kelly on 3/28 of this year. I will try to address all of your questions: He was my first choice as well. Even when I started researching other surgeons, I still came back to him. The fact that he called me after I submitted my application to talk to me and answer any questions I had made me feel very comfortable and confident in my choice. Omar wasn't working with him when I went. He was working with Ana. She was a sweetheart. Ana was a nutritionist and gave me a printout of a post-op diet. I didn't have a drain. I only took a week off from work, so I was sleeved on a Wednesday and went back to work that following Wednesday. I'm all the way in MD, so it was a cross-country trip. Honestly, the day after surgery I felt very sluggish. But everyday I felt stronger and stronger. I flew home with no problems. I actually left a day early because my friend had to get back to work and I didn't want either of us traveling back alone. Dr. Kelly just made sure I cleared all the post-op tests (swallow test). I was actually going to go alone, but one of my friends volunteered to come along with me. I took my cell phone over there and hooked it up to the free wifi and was able to Skype and GoogleVoice call my family. I talked to them right after my surgery. I didn't really tell that many people. And to this day my mom thinks I got sleeved here. She would never understand. I told some people I went to Mexico. You will find that a lot of people will just throw negative comments and say you're taking the easy way out. So sharing with people is up to you. But we are losing the weight by dieting and exercise though so whatever.
  4. SexySlim


    Definitely a waste of time. Just like I would be wasting my time posting on a cancer support board that five out of five people I know that took chemo died. I guess I could have ordered Dr. Burzynski's documentary on Amazon for $15 plus shipping and then waited for the DVD to get to my house. Or I could go to youtube and watch the same documentary for free. But I'm not a real scientist though and I have money to throw away. I really don't care what you do for a living. If you would like to PM me a manuscript that your group worked on, I would be interested in reading it on my down time because I have a personal interest in caner. Professionally, oncology is not my area of expertise. But if it makes you sleep better at night to let people know that people die going to get surgery out of the country, then so be it. People should just do everything in the US. We are #1 in everything. Yeah!
  5. SexySlim


    LOL I'm the ignorant one yet I have a PhD and work for the Agency that regulates all the prescription drugs in this country. Let me try to speak to you on your level: 1) Obviously you do not know the difference between a “treatment” and a “cure.” A treatment is given over a time period to lessen the symptoms of a disease. A “cure” is something that is taken that will rid the body of a disease forever. So do you really think a drug company will make a trillion dollars over night by finding a cure “here take this one pill and be cured of your disease forever.” They are already making a billion dollars annually (that means every year) by selling pills that are taken continuously for a long period of time to “treat” a disease. “Here take these pills once a day for the rest of your life if you want to have less symptoms.” Cha-ching! 2) The last time I checked, CEOs do not have scientific degrees, i.e. PhDs or MDs. They are only interested in what is going to make their company money (see response #1 above). 3) Do you know what the success rate for chemotherapy is? I’m sure you don’t. It’s 3%, yeah 3 out of 100. Did you also know that chemo kills healthy cells along with cancer cells. You probably didn't. So how can someone’s immune system fight cancer if they are being injected with a poison that is killing their immune system at the same time. I’m sure those hundreds of millions of people whose lives were saved were the lucky 3%. 4) BIG PHARMA is the biggest and most powerful influence on our healthcare system. Insurance companies are only out to make money for themselves. As long as BIG PHARMA can keep making drugs that people depend on, they will still be pushing their drugs and remain a billion dollar industry. Seems to me like you don’t read much, so how about go on over to youtube and check out the documentary “Cancer is Big Business.” Until then, coming at people on message boards with fake facts and telling them why the "probably" did something will make you look stupid. You guys are seriously funny and entertaining. Coming to a forum entitled “Mexico” and haven’t had your surgery in Mexico. Before you had kids I bet you were all over the parenting forums giving some great parenting advice.
  6. SexySlim


    Yeah I'm sure there are better docs in the states but do you think doctors here are actually curing cancer here? No. And you know why? Because drug companies cannot make any money on a cure. How about read some books about cancer cures then talk to me about the US doctors treating cancer with poison.
  7. SexySlim

    280 Cal To Much For A Protein Drink ?

    Well if you drink half it looks ok.
  8. That's good that you had a loss over the holiday! I am finding that the further we are out with the surgery, the more snacking I've been doing. I maintained last week. I did manage to work out 3 times last week. I was eating way too many sweets and junk food. It's weird I got 2 weight loss compliments at work yesterday. So I think even though the scale isn't moving, we are shrinking. I know you are especially with doing those Crossfit workouts. I finally bought the XBox 360 Kinect yesterday and did the new Zumba Core this morning. I love it! I just need to stay motivated with these workouts. Thanks for keeping up with your blog. I'm finding that I'm not up here much anymore. Take care!
  9. I've been fat all my life and I'm so happy that I don't have to make a New Years resolution this year to lose X number of pounds! I would like to lose 35 more pounds, but since I'm sleeved I know it's achievable by my new lifestyle and I don't have to make it a resolution by starting another diet. This feels so good!!!
  10. SexySlim

    All Inclusive Vacation

    Definitely go! I went to an all inclusive in the Dominican Republic last month. I was able to eat small portions of everything I wanted and I drank alcohol. I couldn't finish a whole drink but it was all inclusive and I was going to eat and drink what I wanted! I actually came back home 2 lbs lighter! Enjoy your vacation!
  11. SexySlim

    3 Month Surgeversary! Pics!

    Nice job! How much have you lost and how much more to go?
  12. SexySlim

    Work Out Pants

    Definitely. You want something breathable and comfortable. My mom would never go to the gym because she thought people would be staring at her. Honestly people are too busy doing their workouts to notice you. I've seen people walk on treadmills with jeans on. Whatever makes you comfortable (unless your gym has rules for attire).
  13. SexySlim

    Work Out Pants

    Since you will be shrinking I wouldn't invest too much money. Walmart carries danskin brand for a reasonable price. Or just get some sweats from the men's side.
  14. I vacationed in Peurta Vallarta last year and got sleeved in Tijuana this March. You will be totally safe. In PVR we left our gated resort and went shopping downtown (me and another female). We actually were going to take the bus but it was so hot waiting we took a cab. So two single (attractive) females and a male can driver we felt totally safe. The driver even offered us a tour of the city and tequila factories and gave us his card. I had the same pleasant experience in TJ. We actually walked around after we checked into the Lucerna. I had a Gatorade and we hung out at Starbucks. Sorry your family is not supportive. You will find plenty of support here
  15. SexySlim

    Tall Sleevers

    I asked my surgeon to take a pic of my stomach (I'm weird like that) and I must say it seems pretty long to me. No wonder I could pack that food in!