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  1. newgrandmother11

    Starting Class Tomorrow

    nina. i havent lost either. grrrrrrrrrrr. i lose 4 gain 3 lose 1 gain 2 etc the same 4lbs lol
  2. newgrandmother11

    Starting Class Tomorrow

    karen i have dr zeleda also. i looked him up. i was a little worried because he only been there since 2011 and some of the others since 2006. did you feel good with him
  3. newgrandmother11

    Post-Op Cravings And Discouraged!

    how are you hungry after this surgery. the pouch is so small and you get full fast. try drinking your 2 oz of water so youcan feel full
  4. newgrandmother11

    California Sleevers.....

    chclte06 sorry i havent replied i wasnt posting on here till yesterday. i finished options and my surgeon appt is on the 21st. do you have kim as your instructor she is awesome if so tell her judy slaughter said hello
  5. newgrandmother11

    Bmi Is 60

    thank you so much everyone this really helps i feel a little better. how in the hell did my bmi get to 60 omg.
  6. newgrandmother11

    Got My Date!:)

  7. newgrandmother11

    Disability Insurance And Mx Surgery

    i need the answer also
  8. newgrandmother11


    i like it. you should order the samples first before you buy it. i need to tasted it mixed with water. but i like kaisers taste really good with water.
  9. ive been at kaiser options for 8 wks now and 4 to go and gained 6lbs lost 5lbs and gained 4lbs. what the heck. will they do the surgery if you dont lose it. my bmi is also close to 60.
  10. newgrandmother11

    Gallstones Found

    thanks ladies :blush5:
  11. newgrandmother11

    Gallstones Found

    will they still do the surgery?
  12. well i have gallstones. and the doc wants to do a cat scan on my liver because the ultrasound was not clear. i read somewhere they can remove the gall bladder while doing the surger is that true
  13. newgrandmother11

    In Need Of Support

    you guys are the best. thank you
  14. newgrandmother11

    In Need Of Support

    thank you debbie. my classes are not starting quick enough. when do you meet the surgeon during classes or after classes