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  1. newgrandmother11

    Gallstones Found

    will they still do the surgery?
  2. newgrandmother11

    Starting Class Tomorrow

    nina. i havent lost either. grrrrrrrrrrr. i lose 4 gain 3 lose 1 gain 2 etc the same 4lbs lol
  3. newgrandmother11

    Starting Class Tomorrow

    karen i have dr zeleda also. i looked him up. i was a little worried because he only been there since 2011 and some of the others since 2006. did you feel good with him
  4. newgrandmother11

    Post-Op Cravings And Discouraged!

    how are you hungry after this surgery. the pouch is so small and you get full fast. try drinking your 2 oz of water so youcan feel full
  5. newgrandmother11

    California Sleevers.....

    chclte06 sorry i havent replied i wasnt posting on here till yesterday. i finished options and my surgeon appt is on the 21st. do you have kim as your instructor she is awesome if so tell her judy slaughter said hello
  6. newgrandmother11

    Bmi Is 60

    thank you so much everyone this really helps i feel a little better. how in the hell did my bmi get to 60 omg.
  7. newgrandmother11

    Got My Date!:)

  8. newgrandmother11

    Disability Insurance And Mx Surgery

    i need the answer also
  9. newgrandmother11


    i like it. you should order the samples first before you buy it. i need to tasted it mixed with water. but i like kaisers taste really good with water.
  10. ive been at kaiser options for 8 wks now and 4 to go and gained 6lbs lost 5lbs and gained 4lbs. what the heck. will they do the surgery if you dont lose it. my bmi is also close to 60.
  11. newgrandmother11

    Gallstones Found

    thanks ladies :blush5:
  12. well i have gallstones. and the doc wants to do a cat scan on my liver because the ultrasound was not clear. i read somewhere they can remove the gall bladder while doing the surger is that true
  13. newgrandmother11

    In Need Of Support

    you guys are the best. thank you
  14. since my orientation with kaiser and waiting for my first class i have gained. i tried to do the liquid diet failed. i tried low cal diet failed. how will i be able to do this after the surgery. im so worried is there anyone else who has not had the surgery yet.
  15. newgrandmother11

    In Need Of Support

    thank you debbie. my classes are not starting quick enough. when do you meet the surgeon during classes or after classes
  16. newgrandmother11

    Need Some Advice.

    well i hate to say it but you have to be happy sweetie and if someone can share that happiness than oh well. i know you love her but you did this for yourself more so for your family. it will pass hang in there. im happy for your weight loss and i worry about that myself what if i cant stop losing, but really i hope i lose and get really skinny skinny skinny. right now i have a big butt and hips had them all my life. hate them i pray all of it leaves. i hope i was able to put a little light on your situation. but im single what do i know lol
  17. newgrandmother11

    In Need Of Support

    guru i am ready for that. i think i tried to do it on my on instead of waiting on the classes. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  18. newgrandmother11

    In Need Of Support

    newbie i cant wait for class my class starts feb 7. im on so cal. maybe i did to much reading up or just trying to get ahead but it messed me all up. they make you wait so long to start classes. my orentation was in late december and my first class is not until feb. sucks. so have you finished all your classes
  19. with my bmi that hi maybe i should do rny what do you guys think
  20. lets talk. debating on sleeve or rny
  21. the best story i have read regarding weight loss. im so happy for you boo. i myself dont want a man coming up to me when i get small. i still have the same loving heart as when i was fat.
  22. newgrandmother11

    Bmi Over 60 I Am 4'11 Questions

    i have read that the weight loss is not that great with the sleeve. but i do see ppl losing over 100lbs. i am pretty healthy even with this high bmi. decisions dicisions
  23. newgrandmother11

    Liquid Diet

    so if you are only taking in liquids how often can you drink or sip soups jello
  24. is the surgery that small where you can work so soon oh my. well im taking off at least a month to make sure im use to my new life syle

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