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  1. Ok good let me know when u do and i will do the same.
  2. @falgune i also finally received an email from them. They asked me to reply back with my email so they can verify my name and send my address. She said someone will be in touch with me soon, so waiting for that. I really hope this works out. I am so tired of getitng a bit of hope than nothing. im also scared about getting my band removed. im starting to have in my incision area but tests showed i had hernia and its not the band.
  3. can you talk to the surgeon directly or do we need a referral from family doctor? my family doctor wont do it unless its considered life threatening to me
  4. if you guys do end up finding someone to sue slimband, please let me know. I also got a band in 2011 and i havent lost any weight. it has also made my life miserable and ihavent had a refill as once they filled it soo much that i had to go to emergency. i just recently found out they closed shop. i talked to my doctor about having the band removed but was told unless it caused me some life threatening situation they cannot remove it. so i am stuck to wait until i am close to dying from the band before having it removed these 2 years rules and ohip rules does not take into consideration human rights/humanity
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    After reading this forum I realized that surgeons were calling in people at a post operation check up. Nobody from slimband called to check up to see if i was alive either. It's like the band is in, they have their money now get lost. I mean logically after any type of surgery there is a post op check up, but none with slimband
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    My starting weight was 214 and I am now at 206. During my surgery they filled my band with 5 cc's. The nurse told me it was 6 cc but it was 5 cc. when i went in for my first fill they told me it was 5 and not 6 but then gave me one more cc so now i am at 6. Right now I am pretty much eating the same foods i ate before in the same amounts. my water intake has decreased because of the whole not eating 15 minutes before a meal and 1 hour after. I am good with that rule. I also try to eat slowly which is hard for me as i am a fast eater and am trying to eat proteins first. I am an emotional eater and right now have a lot of emotional baggage but what i was told before i got the band was that when adjusted properly the band should be able to stop me from over eating or eating when i am not hungry. Which it isn't doing. The only good thing so far is that i am not gaining even though i am eating almost like before. I feel a bit of a restriction which is why i said almost but not much. I haven't started working out yet. I hate exercising,, but was thinking about taking up squash and water aerobics as they look fun. i just really want to start losing and its so hard.
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    I am getting disheartened. I had my surgery on 12/09/2011 and to date I had only lost 8 pounds from my pre-op diet. I also had my first fill and am now at 6 cc on a 10 cc band but I am still able to eat alot before I feel any restrictions and am not losing any weight. I am getting worried because the $16000 is a huge financial strain on me and I recently lost my job too. I am worried that this band won't work for me. I got it from Slimband and they aren't really helpful. They are nice when I call but I have yet to speak to a dieticitan. Is this normal? Is there any tips you can give me that will kick start my weight loss. I am just tired of all the looks i get from people for being over weight and I am just losing all hope I had.
  8. am i doing something wrong? I had my surgery on december 9 2011 and to date i have lost 10 pounds. however i have gone to pureed foods and since then have not lost a single pound. i also have 6 cc in my 10 cc band but seems like i can pretty much eat anything if i am slow enough. I hope this band really works for me i have tried everything else and if this fails i will lose all hope.
  9. hi guys, i wanted to start a december bandsters thread. i am not sure if it already exists or not but here goes: i am not sure but my scale is off by 4 pounds compared to the doctors so i am using my scale. ( my scale is heavier) surgery december 9- at 214 day 3 of surgery- weighed today at 208 That's 6 pounds lost so far. I feel sore but better, then day 1.
  10. i was also banded on december 9th and the doctor filled my band to 6cc. i feel gas and at times i feel pressure in my chest. i want to burp but i can't. i am worried about dehydration to but am forcing myself to take one small sip like every 5-10 minutes. broth and tea is easier to take in.
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    Lap Band Surgery Day 3, Talk Me Down!

    i am in the same boat, just had my surgery on friday and am so hungry but not hungry at all. i cant wait until the full liquid phase on wednesday