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  1. Caribear

    Sick and Bored

    Oh my goodness! That is absolutely hilarious.
  2. Caribear

    Being cold is getting old!

    I know a lady who takes those HotHands toe warmers (the kind with the sticky side on it) and sticks one to the outside of her undershirt so that it sits against her lower back. She swears by them, but they might get expensive after a while. Cheaper than moving to Texas, though.
  3. Caribear

    I've one thing to say...

    That is fantastic! I am so happy for you!!!
  4. Caribear

    Apple Watch or Fitbit

    @@kblanc you should get a hold of fitbit customer service, they are fantastic. My friend accidentally washed her fitbit one, and they sent her a new one even though it was her fault. I would go with them for the customer service alone.
  5. Three more months of supervised diet before they submit my case to insurance for approval! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

    1. krr343


      It's going to move very fast from here.

  6. Caribear

    Food Logs

    I know you can print your logs off of myfitnesspal. I don't have any experience with baritastic so I can't say about that one.
  7. Caribear

    Food Logs

    I also use myfitnesspal, it has a pretty comprehensive food database and makes logging pretty easy.
  8. Under 300 pounds for the first time in a long time! (I'm still pre-op) I love the fact that this surgery will make onederland a possibility for me.

  9. I would mention it to your team if it is really bothering you. I am pre-op and haven't had to deal with this yet, but I would imagine that your diaphragm and abdominal muscles are probably still healing from the surgery. Did you have a hernia repair by any chance? That might lengthen your recovery time.
  10. I am still pre-op, and have never been a runner, but I am pretty active. I teach fitness classes five days a week. I brought this up to my surgical team, and they said that I would be cleared by 6 weeks for any and all activity, barring complications. They also said that they would likely be more aggressive with my diet progression and Protein goals. I know that some of our vets are marathon runners, and they have had some issues getting the appropriate carbs if I remember correctly. Hopefully some of them will come give you some advice. Does your team have an exercise physiologist with whom you can discuss your concerns?
  11. Caribear

    So THIS is why my back hurts!

    Have you been to a doctor about it? They can usually prescribe some physical therapy that may really help. I would also recommend some good, therapeutic massage therapy, like trigger point or myofascial therapy.
  12. Caribear

    Swim suits

    I recommend H2OWear suits for aqua aerobics. Most styles are high-necked so you don't have to worry about any accidental flashing. They come in multiple styles and lots of nice colors and patterns. They are expensive, but I have had my suit for over a year with no fading, sagging, or thinning of the fabric, and I am in the Water usually 5 days a week. They also have a one-year guarantee against chlorine damage. I know you already ordered a suit, but I suggest you check them out. The site is H2Owear(dot)com
  13. Caribear


    @@rolosmom7 If she starts asking questions, tell her you are low-carbing. I would also make sure to go overboard complimenting whatever dish she brings, just to keep her mind off of what you are eating. (I have a few crazies in my family too, can you tell? )
  14. Caribear

    Weird question...

    When I went in for my pre op weigh in for approval, I had to remove my shoes and empty my pockets. I haven't heard of anyone having to wear a gown for their weigh in.
  15. Caribear

    New here, constant nausea

    I am still pre-op, so take from this what you will, but I would double check with your surgeon about having to wait after drinking to eat. I just saw my dietician and she said that I could drink up until right before I eat, I only have to wait after eating. Another thing to add is that fat tends to store hormones, and since you are losing so fast, you may be having a hormone dump. That will contribute to your feelings of depression and regret. Hang in there, take your anti-nausea meds, and sleep if you need to. You are healing from major surgery and you are allowed to take time to recover. I hope you feel better soon!