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    kgb got a reaction from Lakeshia Blitzer in I Cheated On My Pre Gastric Sleeve Surgery Gastric Sleeve Surgery Diet... Should I Be Nervous Now?   
    After you have surgery, you won't have the same starving feelings and it'll be so much easier to watch what you put in you mouth! Hang in there!!!!!
    I was on a stringent pre-op diet for two weeks and I cheated (4 times). I was very ashamed of myself because I knew I had done a disservice to my surgeon by making his job harder. In the end, my surgery went fine.
    Forgive yourself about the Cookies and strive to do better in the future. Don't forget they need to shrink your liver so they have room in to work with your tummy. DO THE BEST YOU CAN! In my humble opinion, pre-op dieting this is the hardest part.
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    kgb reacted to aliandrews in Seeking Buddies 5'2" & Under   
    I am down 40 pounds since surgery on December 7th, 2011. I am almost 12 weeks post op and am so glad I had the surgery. I am 5'1" and my highest weight was 273. I feel so good.
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    kgb reacted to Stacy160 in How much non-surgical shrinkage is possible?   
    A lot of it depends on your age and how long you've been overweight. It also depends a TON on the type of skin you have...pale, thin Anglo skin (like my own, unfortunately) won't have the same resiliency and bounce back as darker, thicker (usually oilier, but by that I don't mean greasy) skin. Once the skin is stretched, it's stretched... it won't ever look like it did originally, but so may variables play into how much it'll tighten up during and after weight loss, it's kind of hard to call ahead of time.
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    kgb reacted to MissJo88 in Any Info For Post Op Skin Removal Surgery?   
    Happy New Year, sleevers!
    Just wondering if anyone has any experience in going for skin removal surgery as a post-op? I am only 6 months out, but have lost ninety lbs so far. I originally intended to lose 130 overall, and want to start exploring my options for the skin removal surgery now. I have a Scripps *** through Anthem BCBS, and I was very fortunate to have my VSG procedure covered in full, and approved within three months.
    Anyone have any success stories, or know what the optimal percentage of excess weight loss may be? Any resources would be super helpful!
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    kgb reacted to MegInNOLA in Not Sure If I Should Have Skin Removal   
    My niece had a panni and then got pregnant with her daughter--her stomach is actually really flat a year and a bit post-baby, so the tightening seems to have held up fine. I say go for the surgery, if it's something you feel strongly about. No need to borrow worries about the future just yet. Good luck with everything.
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    kgb reacted to Forensikchic in Not Sure If I Should Have Skin Removal   
    I would go for the panni. I would do it as soon as possible before your insurance runs out or you wind up divorced, etc. I hope you can make your marriage work out of course, I dont mean to sound like that. I just think you should seize the moment. If later on in life you have more kids, then great! You can deal with any issues that come from that then. I would not base my decision on what ifs. I would do what I need to do for me and do it now. lol. I have been following you on you tube and on here and I wonder how you are doing. Are you getting better now? Have you lost anymore weight? What did your surgeon say after the tests? I hope they find your problem so you can stabilize and be happy.
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    kgb got a reaction from Pookeyism in I Am Overweight, And 6 Lbs From Wonderland!   
    I'm so happy for you! What a momentous victory! You bring up an interesting goal. One I had not thought about. I will add it to my list: to change my weight classification from "severely obese" to "overweight". Thank you for the inspiration!
    I take it your mother has passed? If so, I'm sorry she can't be with you to experience your transformation, but I believe she is in your heart and knows...somehow...someway.
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    kgb got a reaction from Iliana82 in Bowel Movement, There I Said It   
    I'm glad you asked the forum. That's what it's for! I was lucky enough not to have a constipation problem. I wish I had some good advice for you. Perhaps the others will have more good feedback for you! I wish you luck!
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    kgb reacted to Pookeyism in I Am Overweight, And 6 Lbs From Wonderland!   
    Today was my weekly weigh in and I dropprd four lbs this week!
    I am no longer obese, I have dropped to 29.6 BMI - I am overweight!
    I keep saying it, but I really wish I could tell my Mom...
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    kgb reacted to favoredone in Nsv... Hehehehe   
    So, I've always had a very active social.. mainly because I'm a vocalist and run in the music/arts circles.. Anyway, friday night I went to a new karaoke spot to hang out for a bit...So, I sang a song and proceeded to go hang out around the bar area w/ the DJ and his wife... This guy walks up and introduces himself and kind just lingers... I had this look on my face like.. ahhhh... can I help you??... He keeps talking, finally sits down and an hour later.... were talking about what I like to do besides read and shop.. I had to sing another song, so he follows me back to the stage area and just stands there.. .When I'm done singing, he kind of grabs me and showers me w/ all these compliments from my smile to my clothes to my voice.. I'm like.. okay...stalker!! LOL... My friends were like laughing.... I'm in shock that this stranger just grabbed me.. LOL... Previously, I would have found a reason to excuse myself because I would be totally over analyzing things... but, now I feel that life is short, so I may as well have fun!!! Oh, my favorite karaoke DJ (who I have a little crush on), can't seem to keep his hands off of me... I was singing and he walked up behind me, put his head on my shoulder and wouldn't let me go!! LOL... I was like.. Lord have mercy!! GEEZ!!
    Then on saturday, we had an event at church.. my ex was there.. He was turned around in his seat, staring at me... I didn't notice at first (well, I thought I was imagining things)... but my friend was like.... Stalker, 10 o'clock!! LOL.... afterwards, he walked up to me w/ his mouth open trying to think of something to say... LOL... I just spoke and walked away, as he stood gaping and wrapping his mind around the fact that he I'm over him!!
    So, how do I keep myself out of too much trouble??!!! I've gotten numbers, 'interesting' offers and some fine brothers asking to take me out.... LOL...
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    kgb reacted to favoredone in Nsv... Hehehehe   
    Thanks Ladies.. and no dangerous games here!!! Just FUN!!!
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    kgb reacted to favoredone in Nsv... Hehehehe   
    I'm actually going to a celebration of life dance next week hosted by my Bariatric Center... I'm excited!!!! I haven't gone dancing in YEARS!!!!
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    kgb reacted to mina in I Wish Someone Had Told Me....   
    how much food i would be throwing away and no matter how hungry i am, food doesn't mentally satisfy me.. I see a food that look appetizing, eat a few bites, gets full and it was just okay. I love my sleeve so i have no regrets.
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    kgb reacted to Joiebean in Does Anyone Watch Man Vs. Food?   
    Pookey...I noticed his weight gain too and especially the sweaty, pasty part. It was amazing. I was reading an interview with Anthony Bourdain and he was even amazed at what Adam was doing. He also mentioned that the travel network made Adam sign all these health wavers because he was obviously going to be unhealthy from it. Have you noticed he isn't doing it anymore and now just 'coaching' others on how to beat an eating challenge?
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    kgb reacted to Joiebean in Does Anyone Watch Man Vs. Food?   
    I used to love this show. I thought Adam Richman was just a really entertaining guy and thought his challenges were fun to watch. I gotta say...I watched it...well tried to watch it...last night and it really made me feel like I was going to throw up just watching him stuff this HUGE plate of nachos in his mouth. I know I keep saying it, but little changes in my perspective of food really amaze me.
    Any other moments like this for anyone else??
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    kgb reacted to Finding MeMe in Tricks To Taking Pills?   
    I went to Walmart and bought a spill splitter. I then cut my big multi vit into four small pieces that goes down super easy. Good Luck..
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    kgb reacted to IowaAndy in Tricks To Taking Pills?   
    If it is a pill that can not be cut or a capsule that must remain intact I would take it with a spoon full of Jello. This helps to open your stomach a little so that the pill can enter easier. You could always ask the doctor for a smaller dose pill and take more than one for the time being also. If they are time release you could try one that is not so that it can be cut into smaller pieces. Check with your doctor or pharmacist on each specific medication as they are all different.
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    kgb reacted to sabrina140 in Tricks To Taking Pills?   
    I finally got to come home! Yay! Thank you all for your kind words and prayers over the last week. It made sittng in the hospital bed at 2 in the morning a little easier :')
    I am wondering now, if any of you have tricks to taking tablets? I am scared to swallow them! I didn't realize until last night that I totally forgot to take my 'happy pill' since Sunday (night before surgery, and I have terrible social anxiety so I need to get it going), and I am also staring at this bottle of Pepcid wondering how I will down it...? All of my Vitamins are chewable, but for solid pills do you just go for it, mash them, chew em?? Thanks!
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    kgb reacted to massindex in Job Interview Next Week. What To Do?!?!   
    I've been there and done that. It's pretty straight forward. When you go out (or they bring in), let them know that you are having some blood work drawn in a few days for your annual checkup and your on a liquid diet until until then. They won't get to much into the privacy matters during the process. Most people are respectful of HIPAA laws.
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    kgb reacted to Aussiegirl in Sex?!?!?!?! Omg Someone Help Me?!   
    I hear ya!!
    It sucks being single and having all this "stuff" going on.
    Atleast there is my battery operated friend TMI lol
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    kgb reacted to Rootman in Sex?!?!?!?! Omg Someone Help Me?!   
    It ain't no picnic for the guys either. As Diva pointed out, less mass with the hormones being released in the fat means MORE hormones per volume.
    As the OP stated it's bad enough for us guys walking around "like a guy" without this being added on top too. I've had to take testosterone replacement for a few years and I'm now taking 1/4 the amount I started out with - with HIGHER results. High T also makes you aggressive. I was the Incredible Hulk for a while - HULK SMASH!
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    kgb reacted to Liliana Arleen in Sex?!?!?!?! Omg Someone Help Me?!   
    favor done you made laugh so hard ha ha ha.
    I think this is not for everybody because my sex drive was very low right after surgery,right now is coming back slowly lol
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    kgb reacted to favoredone in Sex?!?!?!?! Omg Someone Help Me?!   
    UGH!!! I feel you sister.. I need to get MARRIED!!!! LOL!!! :blush2:
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    kgb reacted to tattoozombie in Sex?!?!?!?! Omg Someone Help Me?!   
    Ive been happy ever since i found the six inches I lost along the road. But since we re-united we have enjoyed sex on a daily basis were as before id rather sleep...my drive has went skyrocket but this life change has got my wife all over me like when we were in our early 20s all over again.
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    kgb reacted to sunnyd in Sex?!?!?!?! Omg Someone Help Me?!   
    I hear ya! I have been the same way lately! I've been meeting guys I'm interested in and have to seriously control myself so I don't act on impulse. Being single and having these fluctuating hormones is more chllenging than I ever imagined!