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  1. My surgery was in November 2011. I lost 58kg in approximately one year. With another 7kgs, to my main goal, though I would've liked to lose 5kg more on top of that. Then in March of 2013 I had an adjustment which caused a lot of problems. I was in hospital, on a drip, severely dehydrated and in a lot of pain. My band was completely loosened, at which point I started to gain weight. For about 6 months I was too scared to get another fill, because I was worried I would have a repeated of what happened in March. But I got a fill, if only a small fill, and was able to maintain my weight, which had gone up during the 6 months of being empty. I then jumped off a bridge (into a river and landed on a sandbank - I'm not suicidal) and busted my leg. I was on crutches for a month and unable to properly exercise until last week. I have gained 20kgs during the past 12 months, my fitness has decreased drastically due to my accident and I now have severe acid reflux which I am hoping goes away when I get a complete unfill next week. All in all, I am in a big rut. I remembered that although I don't have anyone near me for advice and support, I can come on here and hear a world of wisdom. I am determined to lose the 20kgs I've gained, then another 12kgs on top of that. I need to get my diet and exercise back on track and I need to get out of my rut.
  2. simoneshirbet

    November Bands

    It's been over two years since we've been banded. I would love to hear how other people are going with their bands, weight loss, diet and exercise. Me? I lost 58kgs in just over a year. Then I had issues with my band which I decided to have completely emptied for 6 months. I have gained 20kgs, don't eat well, enjoy hiking but have not been able to do any exercise due to a leg injury before Christmas. I now have pretty severe acid reflux and will be getting my band completely loosened again next week. I am scared about gaining more weight but am super determined to lose the 20kgs I've gained plus another 12kgs. Let me know how you're going. I'm interested.
  3. simoneshirbet

    South East Queensland

    I need a support group. I'm from the Sunshine Coast and would love to meet up with people who have a lapband. I have lost weight but am struggling at the moment with non-band related injuries and reflux. It would be great to be able to chat to people and hear about other experiences.
  4. simoneshirbet

    Just curious about stomach growling with the band

    My stomach has always growled but it has definitely become a lot louder and more aggressive since I had my surgery. I often think if my stomach as a separate being who has an unquestionable desire to be the centre of the universe. It will growl at the most inconvenient of times, and none too quietly. At university during an exam. Meeting a guy my friends have set me up with. During a heartfelt, and quiet, scene at the cinemas. It wants to be heard by one and all. I hope for your sake that your stomach rumblings aren't nearly as bad as mine and that they disappear completely with surgery but everyone is different.
  5. simoneshirbet

    SLIMBAND?! Don't do it.

    Wow. It's terrible that you've had such a bad experience with your surgeon, who is supposed to be your biggest support. Well done for spreading the word.
  6. simoneshirbet

    Bmi 30 - Am I Crazy To Be Thinking About This?

    Hi Dublinbandgirl, I really think that the decision to go through with the lapband surgery is one of the biggest, and most personal, you will ever make in your life. But as you have opened up this conversation I thought I'd put in my two cents. When I started this journey just over a year ago, my BMI was 47. That is massive. My weight piled on during different traumatic chapters in my life but I didn't actually realise how big I was until the weight started to come off after the surgery. I have now lost 50kg (110lb) and my BMI is now 30.2. I still want to lose another 17-25kg but if I was starting my weightloss journey with my current BMI I would be doing anything and everything to avoid the surgery. I only know this now, having been through it. Don't misunderstand - I am so happy that I had the surgery, it has really made my present/future much more positive. However, the financial cost involved, the physical pain of having the surgery, and the scarring is something that you should really consider before going through with this. For the sake of 50-60 lbs, it may be more beneficial for you to look at other options - any other options. If I could turn back time and start my journey with a BMI of 30.5 (only just obese), I would set out a plan with a nutritionist and trainer and work my arse off that way. It would be better than having major surgery. And like everyone has said before me, getting a band really isn't an easy fix. It is hell and you still have to eat right and exercise. Goodluck with whatever you decide. Simone
  7. Hey Banders, This is really gross but about 2 hours ago I coughed up something that looks like firm white-yellow puss (about the size of a very small pea), and it smelled terrible. Like the smell that comes out of a cyst that has been under the skin for a loooong time. I know that is a strange way to describe it but I am at a loss. I don't know if it has anything to do with my band, tonsils, a throat infection or something else that is going to pop up. So far my band has been great. I have lost over 20 kgs, I am becoming more fit everyday and I generally look healthier. I thought it was too good to be true so I am kind of freaked out about this gross little surprise. If you can shed any light that would be great. Thanks, Simone PS- It is REALLY gross. So bad that I cant even explain how bad it smells. How embarrassing!!!
  8. simoneshirbet

    Has Anyone Coughed Up Something Weird???

    Thanks everyone for your comments. Going to see my doc today about my tonsils. Simoone
  9. Hey Banders, I am so happy to be able to share in your success stories and share my own. This morning I climbed a small mountain near my home in Australia. It took my 25 minutes and I had to stop 6 times for a minute to catch my breath. This is a massive improvement from the last time I climbed Mt Coolum in August 2011; it took 45 minutes and I had to stop 20-25 times. I am so excited to be getting my fitness back and being able to partake in difficult yet fun exercises. Looking forward to getting to the 15 minute climb. Goodluck with your journeys. Cheers, Simone
  10. simoneshirbet

    MyFitnessPal.com Members

    I just added you. So excited to be able to network with people who are going through similar challenges. Talk soon. Simone Created by MyFitnessPal.com - Free Weight Loss Tools
  11. I am so excited with my progress so far. I have just passed my first weightloss goal of 20kg (45lbs). I was banded in November, lost 16kgs by new years and then nothing in January and February. I was tightened at the end of February and since then I have had slow yet steady weightloss. Im still 45.7kg from my final goal though it is such a great feeling knowing that I am on my way. Also, I have bought a few items of clothing over the past month and I have dropped 2 dress sizes, though I still fit into most of my old clothes because I always bought stretchy clothes, though I have a feeling they will onl.y last for another month or two. Another NSV is that finally FINALLY I can wrap myself in a bath towel without showing 15 cm of skin down my side. I have always had to use bath sheets, but not anymore. And I can cross my legs again. YAY!! SOmething that didn't bother me before but now that i can do it again, I feel feminine and free. I guess life is about the simple pleasures. I am exercing a bit more. I walked 7 kms the other day and tomorrow I am going to attempt to cflimb this small mountain near my home. I used to do it all the time but have not been able to make it up there without stopping 20-30 times, which is embarrassing, especially when there are 4-5 year-olds running past you. I am so excited about what my future looks like. Im am so excited about been fit and healthy and being comfotable in my own skin. Another part of making my life better is going back to University. Ill still be working full-time so its going to be hard but I have discovered this inner strength to help me do everything I want to. I am looking forward to getting under 100kg for when I go to Hawaii in September. I think this is a modest goal, secretly I am hoping to get down to 90kg. Anyway, I hope you are achieving your goals in life and weightloss. Stay happy and healthy, Simone.
  12. simoneshirbet


    Wow. You are so lucky to be handling post-op so well. My post-op experience was very different to that. I am so excited for you. Take care of yourself and goodluck. <3
  13. simoneshirbet

    Unfilled And Scared

    Goodluck. Hopefully you'll be able to find your greenzone.
  14. Hi, I live in Australia and was banded in November 2011. I did a lot of research before I made the decision to get banded. But one thing I really really failed on is picking a decent surgeon. I found him on the Australia Lap Band website and thought 'Hey, he'll do. His closer than any of the others.' I didnt get a referral from my GP because I didnt actually have a regular GP until after my surgery. Anyway, my surgery went well, very painful but nothing too bad happened. But since then I have realised that my surgeon is a complete A-hole. I have asked him about a list of good nutritious foods for post-op and he said that Ill figure it out. I called him a few days after my surgery because my main wound was weeping and very painful and he got angry at me for not calling him sooner, even though he didnt actually give me post-op instructions other than liquids for 2 days. And then he said that I had to wait until Monday for him to examine my wound because it was Friday afternoon and he was about to go home for the weekend. I really want someone who will be a little bit more understanding, someone who will give me the information I need and be able to guide me in the right direction when I ask for advice. Please let me know if you have the same problem. Also, is it possible to change surgeons post-surgery??? How do I proceed?? Thanks, Simone
  15. Hi, I was banded in November and tightened just before Christmas. I still dont have a lot of restriction but one problem I do find is that I can't drink while Im eating otherwise the food will have to come back up. At the moment I will have water before I eat but some foods make me thirsty and I have to wait up to 20 minutes after eating before I can drink comfortably again. Is this weird?? Thanks, Simone
  16. simoneshirbet

    Unfilled And Scared

    Hi betheboo, I just looked at your profile and you should be so happy with how much you have lost so far, you are doing such a great job. I think the fact that you were too tight before will make any freedom feel like you are going to gain all of your weight back. You need to just relax. Think of everything you have achieved so far and just know that there are some hiccups along the way. With some people it may only take .1ml or .2ml to mean the difference between the green zone and the yellow zone. From now until to you see your doctor next, make sure you document everything that you are eating and any gain or loss that you have. With advice from your surgeon, Im sure that you will be able to get your band back into the greenzone and back on the path towards your goal weight. Goodluck, you are so close. Simone.
  17. Hi KristiRN, I just wrote this big long reply only for my computer to shut down and make me start all over again.... I have only been banded for a couple of months so Im still learning about my band, but Ill answer the questions that I can. I'm from Australia so I dont know about Dr's in the US or the cost over their, sorry. 3. I was in hospital for one night for observation. I took 10 days off work even though i only arranged to take 3 days off. It took a week for me to be able to get out of bed by myself, and about 3 weeks to be able to sleep on my stomach again. I would take at least 10 days though everyones recovery time is different. I watched a few videos on youtube where people hadf surgery only hours before and were doing a video about their experience. Not me!! 4. The refills are not painful. It is just a needle. A pin prick. I little pinch and then its over. The first fill, though, involves the doctor taking out the air in your band before putting in the saline. When he took the air out of my band I thought I was going to be sick. But that only lasted a few seconds and it only happens with the first fill. 5. It is so important to eat a healthy diet with your band because your main goal is to lose weight ahealthy way, and if you arent going to make an effort to eat good food then dont bother. Some people do have restriction though and cannot eat bread, Pasta or meat. Everyone is different though. Its about finding your greenzone. The only thing that I cannot have anymore is soft drink (soda, fizzy drink). I used to drink at least 2 every day now I dont have any and I dont crave it like I used to. 6. 110 punds is a very realistic goal if you use the lapband as a tool to go with healthy eating and exercise, though I think that it the same with all weightloss. The band helps your brain think you are full, but that is no good if you aren't walking and you're eating McDonalds. I was just talking to a lady who lost 10 pounds in 5 months, though her weight was alot higher than yours. You just need to take charge of your band and use it to work for you. 7. The bad.... The cost, the pain, people asking how I lost weight when its none of their business, my surgeon became very rude, unsupportive, unprofessional and uninformative after my surgery and Im in the process of finding a new one to take over my lapband care, my sister being upset that I am slowly becoming smaller than she is. The good... Knowing that I am going to achieve my goal and live a healthier life, feeling more fit and energetic, having people compliment my loss, even though its only 30lbs so far, having the support of my friends, family, my wonderful GP and this site and other people in the same position, making plans for the future that I have always been too scared to make. I would definitely do this again, though while I was still in pain I said I wouldn't, I am so pleased with my results so far. My advice to you would be to get all of the information you possibly can before the surgery. Make sure you pick the right surgeon and get references. Make sure you have a meeting with the anaesthetist to make sure your pain will be properly managed. Ensure you have everything you will need for post-op care and diet. Be smart and realistic about your goals, break them down. Follow the lapband rules or there is no point doing it. Walk every day, even if it is for 5-10 minutes, make sure you move your body and increase your fitness each week. Ask questions all the time. But most importntly, get advice from your GP. I am not a medical expert, so dont take my advice to the bank. Goodluck with everything. I hope you get the information you need to make the right decision for yourself. Simone.
  18. simoneshirbet

    Low Carbers I Need Advice!!!

    Hi playboyreject, Your weight loss to date is AMAZING. Well done. I wish I could boast the same number but im only 30 lbs down, 2 months in. There are lighter, sugar free dressings, mayo and sauce available. It is important to have these if you cant eat salad without them but just try to lower your dressing size. Start by having a couple of tablespoons and decrease it to 1 tablespoon. But i dont think dressing or mayo will make the biggest difference. As for bad breath, I would suggest rinsing your month with mouthwash after each meal, or when you are aware that your breath is bad. I carry around a travel pack mouthwash just incase, because Im quite self conscious of it too. My partner is a fitness nut and he always has high protein/low carb meals, his breath is lovely. I think it is different for everyone. I don't drink tea or coffee or anything with caffine but that is because I dont like it. Im really not sure about how it will affect your weightloss. Sorry. Anyway, goodluck, you are doing such a great job, and like everyone has said, your weightloss will slow down as you get closer to your goal weight, so dont stress too much 1lb per week is still great. Simone.
  19. simoneshirbet

    Help!! I'm Eating Way Too Much!!

    Thanks for posting this skintyprincess. Im going through the same thing, and it is good to know that others are like me, being in the yellow zone. Like everyone is saying, I think it is good that we aren't properly restricted at the moment, as we will be able to retrain our habits to prevent us from harming ourselves when we are restricted. I had my first fill before Christmas which is definitely not enough. I am looking forward to getting my next fill and trying to find the green zone, but I have to wait because I am in the process of finding a new surgeon to take over my care. Goodluck to you and remember that it is safer to take things slow and find your own green zone.
  20. simoneshirbet

    I Can't Drink While Eating. Is That Normal??

    The link is below.
  21. simoneshirbet

    I Can't Drink While Eating. Is That Normal??

    Thanks ladies, I'll get them online tonight. I really appreciate it.
  22. simoneshirbet

    I Can't Drink While Eating. Is That Normal??

    Thank you so much for posting this. I just watched the video and it really helped.
  23. simoneshirbet

    I Can't Drink While Eating. Is That Normal??

    I honestly don't have a lot of salty food. I have never put salt and pepper on my food. I don't know why I get thirsty. It might be the mindset that I have also had a drink with food so my body still feels that it needs it. I'll just have to change my habits big time. Thank you for your advice. Simone
  24. simoneshirbet

    I Can't Drink While Eating. Is That Normal??

    No he didn't, this is just one more thing that I now realise my surgeon neglected to tell me. I am so unhappy. My surgeon has not given me any information and I feel as though this is all going down the drain!! He has never referred me to a nuutritionist or even told me to find one myself, he didn't tell me about post-op care or warn me about any problems that can occur, which caused a very big scare a few days after surgery, he has always been rude and not supportive or helpful. Thank you all so much for replying. You really have helped me. I will be changing surgeons as soon as I get a referrel from my GP.
  25. simoneshirbet

    My Surgeon Is Not Supportive.

    Hi Mis73, I received absolutely zero information from my surgeon. I did not get a referrel for a nutritionist, I didn't get any post-op care advice, he didn't tell me the exact process of things that would happen on the morning of my surgery so I was a bit of a fish out of Water, he didn't even tell me how often I should be eating. It's all a big mess. And when I went to get my first fill in December, I asked him exactly how much saline was put into my band and he said "About a couple". I am going to find a new surgeon, Ill ask for a referral from my GP because he is a great doctor and will point me in the right direction. I just didn't know if it was possible to change. Thankyou so much for your advice. Simone.

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