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    PEvette reacted to CdnExpat in Education   
    But "Square One" now has an outraged, not-putting-up-with-this-**** woman in it. Good for you. What a dweeb.
    If there's nobody else available, I got some great workout routines off of http://www.workoutbox.com/workouts/ and http://www.freetrainers.com/
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    PEvette reacted to Katie713 in 4 Weeks Out From Sleeve- Need Advice!   
    Some people just make comments because they don't know what to think, or some can be rude, others are overly concerned.
    Everyone loses at a different rate and there are so many factors! I have been slowly but steadily losing since my pre-op days and of course after surgery but when I really look at myself, I know that I am thinner than I have been in decades, and I am gettting there and I am committed.
    You will be just fine girlfriend...watch those pounds go!!
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    PEvette got a reaction from desertmom in Exercise   
    I say do what you like, its the only way you will be able to stick with it....you can get great exercise dancing, swimming, or playing sports, you probably worked more muscles than if you walked a treadmill.....
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    PEvette got a reaction from tmorgan813 in Don't Take It So Seriously And I Promise To Do The Same   
    love it!! keep them coming!!
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    PEvette reacted to slimthickens in Don't Take It So Seriously And I Promise To Do The Same   
    LOVE THIS!!!! I had the same experience at Bed Bath and Beyond when I was looking for a small set of ramekins to eat from post-op. The sales lady came over and I told her that I needed them for after my weight loss surgery to serve out small portions and she looked at me with this overly concerned look and said "Oh no" "Be careful!" I felt like saying "b***h!" I'll give you $50 right now if you can tell me at least 3 facts pertaining to weight loss surgery since you seem to know so much." LOL Sometimes you just gotta walk away...lol
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    PEvette reacted to Pookeyism in Secret...forget It!   
    I have decided to post it to Facebook, but not just yet - and I am going to write a very long note about the journey, and what it has done, and how much of that was never possible before.
    But just not quite yet, lol...
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    PEvette reacted to 2BonederfulAgain in Secret...forget It!   
    My office staff knows Im having surgery...
    1. because we are extremely tight knit, I babysit people's children for whole weekends, they were at my wedding, etc.
    2. because we are all overweight, and we complain and do WW and fail. There are some here who need to feel it is ok to go have SURGERY--it is necessary for some, I AM ONE and just opening up and saying Im going to the seminar, has had everyone doing their research. They can all make their own decision. We are all women here and we struggle together. Im SURE that if insurance covered tummy tucks a few people here would have it done in a blink of an eye!
    To EACH her OWN
    and 2 people are going to seminars to learn about it!and Im all about being informed!
    I was motivated to do it by someone who i used to work with who had it done.
    My work family is not a concern...actually its my husbands family who is! haha! They are all about body images and weight loss (yet most should be asking to workout with me instead of commenting) I already told my husband...U ZIP IT MISTER...no one is to know on your side! and my family doesnt know outside of my parents and sisters.
    I just dont want the crap answers of oh you can lose that if you eat right and exercise...but are the same people who say "Why dont you want to eat" when they are trying to serve me a man size plate of plantains and fried chicken. Same people who go to Dominican Republic for a routine Lipo and breast lift but look down their nose at the mention of getting WLS.
    My thing is why cant i wear this decision proudly as a badge of courage for taking my problem by the nuts!?
    Why do we need to be so secretive?
    I see this as my fertility treatment, I need to do this to move forward. I need to do this for me emotionally as well.
    Do we look down at the person who gets a pace maker for their heart? This is my pacemaker...I need to do this to LIVE my life.
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    PEvette got a reaction from Kandi24z in Ugh.... 3 Days Away   
    I'm in a similar situation....I'm a couple of years older, 33, still no kids and my only problem is that I'm obese....my suggestion is think about life afterwards...not the first couple of weeks (we know those will be rough) but think about being healthier, active....enjoying life....
    My family is still asking me if I'm sure this is what I want to do, and I tell them, the alternative is living a short life, I rather live, thank you....
    When I was your age I decided to have the lapband, because I was scared of the whole rerouting thing with RNY...now 7 years later, if taking 80% of my stomach is what must be done to help me, so be it....
    Just remember the reasons why you made the decision for WLS, if you haven't write it down....so you can remind yourself of the positive...
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    PEvette reacted to lovelylirpa in My Story   
    Hello! Welcome! I am new here! My surgery is March 27th. Thank you for sharing your story.

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