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  1. BB12

    1st Stuck Episode

    The fill I got in January was my fourth fill. My one prior to that was in May last year. I have a total of 4 cc in my band now. I am very cautious about what I eat but like I said yesterday was just out of the blue. I don't really feel I am too tight other than the fact that before this last fill I could eat meat better than what I can now and I had salad before the fill where I have not tried salad yet this time. Some days I feel fine with real moist chicken but then other days the first bite just doesn't go down right so I don't eat any more of it. I just feel this fill has been different than the others for some reason.
  2. So, yesterday I had my first stuck episode ever. Have had the band now for over a year. Don't even know really what happened yesterday other than at lunch I had cauliflower and cheese then at 230 I took my vitamins. I started feeling like I was hungry and I was at work so I tried just like 3 cashew halves pieces. Next thing I know I am having like a spasm where my band is and slime. I was PB'ing and in alot of pain. I had to leave work and go home. I gagged and gagged with slime until about 630 yesterday evening. I am in ND and it warmed up here tremendously yesterday. We have been having bitter cold tems and yesterday it was in the 50's. Wondering if maybe the weather change had anything to do with it? Also my last adjustment was Jan 28 and I have had some trouble eating certain foods that I could eat before the fill. I sometimes think I may be too tight but I am only down 11 pounds since January 28. So it's not like I am not eating at all. I am on liquids only today and tomorrow to give my stomach a break from my episode and no problems. Anyone have any advice or tips?
  3. I was banded on 12/9/11. I have lost 77 pounds so far and feel amazing!. I am rating this band 10+. It has saved my life! I still want to lose 90 more to reach goal but feel I will get there before my bandiversary. It's a wonderful feeling too!
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  5. I have been banded now for 6 months. I have lost 69 pounds total and have felt great until 2 days ago. I have never had a stuck episode or nausea or any complications. I now have a feeling in my upper stomach that almost feels like an air bubble? I am able to swallow fine and I don't feel nauseated or anything. It's just a nagging discomfort. Wondered if anyone else has had this before?
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  7. BB12

    6 Month Bandiversary!

    Today it has been 6 months since my surgery.I have lost 68 pounds so far and feeling great! I just finished 3 miles on the treadmill all at one time. 6 months ago I couldn't even think about 5 minutes on the treadmill. What a change! I am happy to say I have had zero complications with the band. No stuck episodes, no nausea, no vomiting. Granted I am only at 3.5 cc but I am feeling awesome and just wanted to share. I am so thankful for my band and what it has helped me accomplish so far. Don't regret one minute of it!
  8. BB12

    Swallowing Pills

    I have had no problems taking pills. I can even take my vitamin whole. It goes down fine.
  9. BB12

    Priceless Nsv

    very exciting! Congrats!
  10. I had hernia repair during surgery as well. It has completely eliminated the reflux too. I would definitely recommend the hernia repair and keep the band.
  11. BB12

    Omg! What Is That???

    Laying in bed this morning and my arm hits something on my leg...I think to myself...what the hell? Turns out I have a hip and leg bone that has been hiding in my thigh for at least 3 decades. Needless to say it's pretty cool to find all these bones that have always been there but have been hiding...collar bones, shoulder bones, now hip bones...oh and I am even seeing ankles too, real ankles and not cankles. Just thought I would post this in my blog today. Feels good.
  12. BB12

    Slow Weight Loss

    I am almost 4 months out now and when I went to solids I too was afraid of gaining weight. But it didnt happen. Just make good choices and do your best. Myfitnesspal really helps to keep track of everything. Congrats on the weight loss so far, you're doiing great! Good luck!
  13. BB12

    Carb Question

    I try to stay under 40g of carbs, it is a challenge but can be done with good choices. My dietician said less than 40g of carbs and more than 70g of protein. But as you can see on here everyone is different, I just find this is what has worked best for me. Good luck!
  14. I was banded in December 2011 and I have never experienced anything that some on here have either. I have never had nausea, PB, or had anything stuck. I have 3.5 cc in my band now but I also have never had bread, potatoes, rice or pasta. Not one time since being banded. I asked my dietician about those problems that some have on here and she says its usually from eating too fast, drinking from a straw or eating foods that shouldn't be eaten. I feel quite lucky in that department.
  15. BB12

    Making It Work For Me

    Love this...thanks for sharing!

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