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    I feel like a failure

    Overeaters anonymous has free support group meetings and so do some hospitals / bariatric surgeons. A group of ladies in my town get together one Sat each month (kids are welcome). Maybe if there isn't something in your area, you could start something to have support of like minded people. Call your aurgeon's office and offer to mentor someone. Helping others will help yourself by being a good example.
  2. SunnyCox

    Feel like my surgery "expired" at 1 year

    Year 1 - 95lbs lost. Many, many short stalls and a few long stalls. Year 2 - 45lbs lost. Stalls were much longer. Went 5 months without budging. Losing 140lbs in two years was a sweet success as it was half my body weight. Year 3 - lost 5lbs in the first six months then stalled. But...I was happy. I was wearing dresses, moving more, eating without much control. Not good, not bad, but maintaining with plenty of carbs. When winter approached, I gave up the stretchy sun dresses and needed to buy winter clothes. Went to the fitting room with a handful of size 8 / medium clothes since that was the size of the last pair of jeans I bought the winter before. Nothing fit. Not one thing. Had to switch everything out for size 4 / small. The only thing I did different from the previous year is add exercise for the first time since my surgery. I walk more and started yoga. My routine isn't regimented. I fly out of town 2-5 days a week, and I fit exercise in on my days at home. Maybe twice a week. I'm 5'1". I had set several goal weights 200 / 170 / 140, and I've reached them all. I've never set a final goal after 140. I figure I will know when my body is ready.
  3. SunnyCox

    I feel like a failure

    I agree with self talk. It was the first thing I noticed about your post. I know you posted looking for support to get back on track, and talking about mental health isn't exactly what you wanted. You don't eat right if your head isn't right. Failure at all kinds of things is very normal. Falling back on bad habits happens to most everyone. I've had my period of eating poorly about 2.5yrs after surgery. I had to go cold turkey on the carbs and leave them behind. It worked well enough to help push me towards losing some additional weight. It helps me to eat better if I am adventurous with my food and try new ways to cook and spice my Protein and veggies. I tend to eat better on days that I exercise. Since you start strong and falter as the day goes by, consider adding a brief walk when you start having cravings. Drink a big glass of sugar free beverage prior to the walk. Being out of reach of good and satisfying any dehydration could help you be more successful when you feel tempted. Please excuse any typos. I'm on my phone.
  4. I believe it is... 3 ORs 15 patient rooms. I believe Oasis of Hope has the other floors of the hospital, and I don't know much about how they operate or how they would transfer care from one hospital to the other. I was comforted to know that Oasis has an ICU and four operating rooms and 60 patient rooms. I don't know if they share the ORs with Florence or if they are separate.
  5. Had surgery in florence last June and was there this morning for a visit. Florence is somewhat separate from Oasis even though both hospitals occupy the same building. Since I've never been to Mi Doctor, I can't compare, but I will give some opinions of Florence. Talked with Omar and Dr. Illan today, I believe a lot of the changes are due to price and physician privileges. Cons: Slightly older \ dated. Nursing staff has poor English. Personally, I had some issues getting pain medicine from the floor doctor in the first 24 hours after surgery until Dr. Kelly came to visit me again and helped fixed the issue. Construction outside of my room (hopefully all finished now) made it hard to sleep. Some consent documents were not translated into English. No safe. Pros: CLEAN! Doctor on staff all night long. Full size bed in the room for your companion as well as a nice eatery on the lobby and close to the Ocean in a somewhat nice area of town. (Bed is a little stiff, but I slept with my SO on it the last night of my stay and was fine.) Lots of privacy including private bathroom with shower. Friendly staff. Pretty court yard for sitting after surgery. Internet connection and tv with some English channels. Here are some other opinions: http://www.verticalsleevetalk.com/topic/29887-how-was-your-experience-at-florence-hospital/
  6. Dr. Kelly was $500 more for a BMI over 50. My BMI was over 50, and I didn't pay the fee.
  7. SunnyCox


    I hate to tell you this, but it doesn't fully go away even after you lose a chunk of weight. Fortunately, IT DOES GET BETTER. I am down 90lbs, and now I am having to hide different imperfections and frustrations. The greatest part is that the clothes actually do fit, and there are so many more selections. My best shopping moment came two weeks ago when I no longer fit into the smallest size at Lane Bryant. I had to find a new 'go to' store for pants, and boy are things sized differently every where else.
  8. SunnyCox

    Good day to you

    This is my understanding too. Dr. Illan assisted Dr. Kelly with my surgery.
  9. SunnyCox

    103lbs down

    You look incredible! I can't believe how well your skin has bounced back. You are making a lot of us envious! Congrats!
  10. SunnyCox

    spanx everyday

    This is my plan. Just waiting to hit goal plus some time to let my skin tighten up.
  11. SunnyCox

    First wall?

    Mine was two weeks post op. It didn't last long. I had simply stopped losing on a daily basis and started to lose in chunks.
  12. I had surgery in Mexico, and I was back at work in ~ 6 days with no problems. I work primarily behind a desk or standing - nothing too strenuous.
  13. SunnyCox

    Flying after surgery

    I had surgery in Tijuana and flew back to Texas within a week. Absolutely no problems. I did not wear compression stockings.
  14. I want an update on Rosaritto when you feel up for it. Going to take a weekend trip there at the end of March.
  15. They aren't disturbing. I think they are really incredible progress pictures!
  16. SunnyCox

    Self-Pay Sleevers

    Dr. Kelly in Mexico $5500 plus two plane tickets and spending money for a total of $6200. I don't find going to Mexico to be controversial. I also had a consultation in the Dallas / Fort Worth area of Texas and was quoted $10,500 which includes a year of follow ups.
  17. It is much, much easier to tell once you move to solid foods. The solid foods sit so much heavier in your stomach. If you are getting the feeling that food is coming up in your throat, you have had too much. Next time, cut back a little bit. Don't worry about stretching things out right now. It isn't going to happen on liquids and soft foods. That miserable feeling that KevLev mentioned when you have had too much is something you won't want to do to yourself. It is a very quick learning curve. More than once, I ate too quickly or tried to get down another bite, and I ended up in the bathroom. If I bent over, the food would come up with no effort. You will learn to make quick adjustments, and it won't happen too often.
  18. I took vacation time for medical reasons. I didn't mention the reason. This may help - I also work in several hospitals. There is often an option for the hospital to block the records of their employees. For me to view records of an employee, I must go through an extra HIPPA screen which requires me to verify that I am authorized to review the records. The screen gives me a warning that states that if I continue my information will be reviewed for having accessed the records. Talk to the HIM staff and see if there is something they can help to protect your private information.
  19. Do you drink coffee? I mix Muscle Milk's ready to drink Cookie's 'N Cream with my coffee everyday. Wonderful replacement to sweetener and milk.
  20. SunnyCox

    maybe TMI but

    Unfortunately, I know how this feels. Any time I take meds (especially pain meds), am not getting enough Fiber, have lower Water intake or haven't had a BM in two days, I start taking stool softeners. Stool softeners are much safer than laxatives, and I have seen many people who have used them daily / long term. If it were me needing long term help, I would start by taking fiber supplements.
  21. SunnyCox

    Kinda sad

    There are very few foods that I can't tolerate. I don't do well with ice cream. If I only eat a few bites after a meal, I am fine. I also can't make a meal out of falafel. I think it is too dense/dry. Everyone is different in what they can tolerate. Sleeve surgery isn't like gastric bypass. You will still be able to enjoy most of the same things. Hopefully, you'll be pleasantly surprised how much your tastes change. I don't crave carbs the same way I did before surgery. It took several months for it to go away, but it has.
  22. SunnyCox


    Oh-Mar ('mar' is pronounced like car except with an 'm') http://www.pronounce.../pronounce/omar --> click on the first, yellow "listen" button.
  23. SunnyCox

    NSV --implants?

    I felt my ribs the other day when I put my bra on! They were no longer hiding under all that fat. Even made my SO come feel them. Hehehe
  24. SunnyCox

    Kinda sad

    YOU ARE NOT GOING TO MISS OUT! About a week after surgery, I was making dinner for my family. Unfortunately, it was my favorite meal, spaghetti. I kept feeling sad that I wouldn't ever be able to eat spaghetti again. Then, I had to remind myself that I would be able to eat spaghetti. I would eat one, sleeved-sized serving, and I would be SATISFIED. I wouldn't eat a huge plate plus three pieces of bread, two sodas and possibly seconds. There are many people who stay on a strict high Protein / low carb diet. I think people who are strict, lose weight more quickly. BUT there are many of us here that eat more normally, but in smaller portions. I am almost 7 months out and down 75lbs, and my diet has definitely changed. I do eat my protein first, veggies second and any carbs/sweets third. I do this because it is part of my new healthy lifestyle. I still have my favorite foods regularly, but I do what I can to make them healthier and eat a much smaller portion. I don't feel like I am missing out AT ALL. Let me give you some examples... I bought a box of Girl Scout Cookies yesterday. A year ago, that box (maybe two) would be gone by the end of the day. This year, I haven't even opened the box. When I do, I might eat one or two every other day. My SO will probably finish off most of the box. I have a box of Valentine's chocolates right now. I had one last night. The box is sitting on my desk. I have no desire to down ten of them at a time like I did last year. You know the skinny girl at the restaurant that only eats half the food on her plate while you clean your plate? That is me. I used to be so jealous of the people who didn't feel as though they had to clean their plates. It feels so great to push half or two-thirds of my meal into a to-go box. I have no regrets because I had a few bites of everything I wanted and am fully satisfied. I actually crave fresher foods and non-fried foods. I would have never thought it would happen. I don't want breads or high carb foods because they take up too much room in my stomach. I want to fill it with healthy food. I used to eat a lot of bread because I knew I could still shovel in food after the bread. Now, I know it won't fit. I might have one or two bites of bread if it is something I really want.
  25. SunnyCox

    1st Stall... :/

    Mine came two weeks after surgery. Keep doing what you are supposed to do. It will pass.

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