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  1. That's like... one and a half of an entire person. That's so disgusting.. and... I wanna cry when I see that i have that much to lose. This forum , and everyone on it have been so motivational. I KNOW i can do it---as can the rest of you!! I look forward to this long, exciting journey ahead of me. The depression and whoa is me because this fatty cant down a burger and some nice greasy fries, the slip ups & eating some cake when I think its ok, just two bites, the excitement from jumping on the scale ( AND IT ACTUALLY WORKS And doesnt say Tiiiiiiiiiiiilt! Yes, thats true... My scale wouldnt read until like 330 lbs. Lame.), the anxiety . All of it! I have goals set. And things to look forward too. Some silly, some you wont understand.Some Cliche...and everyone does them all the same. But Goals , none the less. What are your goals for when you start dropping the numbers? Goal weights.....celebrations? Things you've had to pass up because you were too fat, and ashamed!? My list is always growing,. but here are some , ill share them. Id love to hear yours too. 1. I bought a couple of outfits from Ross on sale, Pants currently 28/30. I bought 22/24, thats my HELL YEAH ! im doing great-Goal.. and some 1x SHIRTS ( im in 3 and 4x now) outfits to look forward too. BOXES of my clothes from YEARS back... the " Ooooh I cant throw this away... Ill fit into it when i lose weight down the road" Clothes pile. I know we all have one. I have two lol. 2. Tattoos ive been mentally storing for EVER! Im to ashamed to get them on me. Tattoos and fatties= stretched out nasty ink. no thanks. dont want to reveal them. Dont want to get them. Well.... that times coming. When I get skinny <--- teehee...or.. skinny-ish anyhow. I want my tattoos! 3. To dress sexy ( not skanky) could be a nice pair of jeans, boots and a shirt... whatever., and get out and go DANCING at the club!!!!!!!! Im not a big drinker, nor do i club or bar hop. But... to want to go out PUBLICLY and dance, and i love to dance--just the fact i wont be ashamed to be on the dance floor or noticed. I want positive attention for one min. just one. 4. Go to the state fair and every carnival i run into! <-------- silly things.... When your a fatty... the fear of the belts not being big enough, tilting the rides, having the carnie have 3/4 of everyone move to the opposite side... rejection. Nope. Cant do that anymore... I want, and will go on the rides with my little girl. I refuse to have her grow up and never go to a carnival or fair because I couldnt ride with her... or didnt want to go. I miss being...,,,SOCIAL.... all this tied into that. This soon to be x-fatty is gonna ride those rides---Look out hehe 5.To wear a .... D R E S S. Yes, a dress... isnt that sad? To resent, and be ashamed to wear a dress..that i have to be so excited for that.... possibly. But Im so stoked to wear CUTE CLOTHES. goodbye lane bryant... good bye fashion bug... good bye plus sizes...Hello Confidence.
  2. xoLisha

    Hello 2012 :)

    Almost 50 lbs down! and still kicking ass.
  3. FINALLY under 300 lbs. (291) I keep losing, then gaining. losing then gaining. And im STUCK.. SO frustrated with my screw ups. need motivation ASAP!

  4. FINALLY under 300 lbs. (291) I keep losing, then gaining. losing then gaining. And im STUCK.. SO frustrated with my screw ups. need motivation ASAP!

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    Nipple piercing

    So update to mine.. hahaha.. I totally got them done this week. Hubby caved. I love them. They hurt like a b*tch. Just sayin, LOL
  6. Can't wait until I get under 300. 11 more lbs to go. :) Small goals first.

  7. This is a serious question, but obviously...its humorous, lol . But please, serious answers ONLY please. No reprimands. Probably for women... but any inputs are great! I was banded in October 2011- Down about 50 lbs, feeling great. Starting to heal up nicely, getting my sex drive back (woo!)( which almost completely fizzled out due to insecurity). My hubby and I (of 9 years) are very open minded and active, and this could be an issue (which I will work around)... one i didnt think about before..and Honestly, id rather ask HERE on this forum, rather than face my male doctor and have him look at me strangely.... My hubby and mines sex life is important, and im just covering my bases. Just not comfortable with it. But I will approach it sooner or later. so, question being... After the band, I was told no drinking thick, sticky substances. No chugging, guzzling, or anything larger than sips. So you may or may NOT know where Im going with this... If you dont, then this isnt the thread for you. Is it SAFE, and non harmful to the lap band, to preform oral, and digest bodily fluids---??? I don't want to risk band slippage or something.... has ANYONE asked this, wondered this?? Anything??
  8. So I am still going to ask my doctor.. lol.. This thursday is my fill. I'll let you all know ( for just general reasons) what he said. So for havent had an issue with it...Guess a lot of ladies dont think about this issue?
  9. Lmfao! Bunz....let me know how that goes..hehe
  10. LOL!!! Thats what he keeps telling me. Protien..or Vitamin-P lmao.
  11. Ok , so I found one post ~http://www.lapbandtalk.com/topic/63642-ahemvery-personal/page__hl__oral%20sex this cracked me up.. Makes me wonder though.. hm. "Wonder how many calories is in that stuff? And would we want to record it on our food diaries???"
  12. Rofl... your response cracked me up! Why is it that I cant keep a straight face during this entire thread!? Hahaha So far I have not run into any problems with vomiting anything back up.. or not being able to...NOT eat anything... so I guess I will find out. Im about 7.5 cc filled in a 10cc band . So far No urgency postings.. just giggles.. so I guess so far so good..LOL Thank you!
  13. Thats what my hubby tried telling me... but, to be honest--obviously never 'measured' it.. but the thickness and consistency of bodily fluids are what mainly had me concerned. When I was sent home from surgery--I was told to take fiber- benifiber ...not Metamucil , as Metamucil was" far too thick" and caused issues with the band, as my surgeon said.. So I was afraid to even attempt it mostly. :-/
  14. [ I cant figure out the Multi Quote on this forum..so Im responding individually ,sorry ] .......No offense taken.. its a hilarious topic. I'm not ashamed to ask my doctor... I am just trying to avoid taking him by surprise and having coffee spewed on me rofl!
  15. Well, sorry,.... I did try that.. but the search criteria was a little narrow " Does swallowing break your lapband" is a little tricky to find. LMAO! I did look,btw.
  16. Referring to the ones on my arms or the tummy? lol- Assuming tummy. after 3 days i was able to take them off my tummy.... the largest (port entry) gave me lots of problems, then "chemical reaction burn" from the tape used,... healing was slow and painful. Finally closed up though! The stapled came out 2 weeks post op. Blah! haha
  17. From the album: XoLisha's Before and After Pics

    By the way.. in case anyone is wondering lol... The little round band-aids are my Micro-Dermal Piercings.. I had to cover them for surgery....
  18. xoLisha

    Fall/November. 2011 Down 30 lbs.

    Aww Thank you! That made my day--needed to hear that. I absolutely love fall . Thats up in the Northern parts of Arizona.