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  1. pparks3215

    After Surgery Recovery

    I took 3 weeks. Remember we have a lot of new habits we need to learn.
  2. I'm a May 15th sleever. I'm down 42lb since surgery day. Could be doing better with exercise but the weight and inches are coming off. Excited to buying from Target regular side. Will continue to push forward. Very Happy!
  3. Just remember why you needed to do this. I'm 11 weeks post op and 70lbs down. I don't regret anything at all. I feel better lighter and lot healthier. You will be fine just stay positive
  4. Oh yes you should plan now if your not going until next year. You will have your eating routine down.
  5. pparks3215

    Oh Yeah Protein Drinks

    I've tried the cookies and cream drink it's very sweet. Sorry to say I won't buy it again.
  6. pparks3215

    8 Days Post Op- Dead Tired

    Talk to HR and tell then your dr extended your care and you need another week. I took 3 weeks and I have a desk job. I'm so glad I took that 3rd week. I needed it to get my strength back. It's best to get well now and have any issues later. Good Luck!
  7. pparks3215

    Single Incision Vsg

    Knupe- make sure to get clearance to do core work.
  8. pparks3215

    Still Hungry A Month Later

    Hunger and thrust display the same signs. You may want to try drinking water when you think your hungry.
  9. pparks3215


    Howdy folks!! I have a desk job and I took off 3 weeks it was so needed. AR 2 weeks I was still weak and getting in my fluids or protein yet. We have to remember we have had major surgery with about 80% of our stomach taken out. Try concentrating on fluids and protein drinks.
  10. That ensure plus has a lot of carbs also.
  11. I was able to have protein drinks and skim milk was on my list when I got home on day 3.
  12. pparks3215

    May Sleeve Buddies!

    Morning Sleevers!! I was sleeved May 15th. I lost 10lb on my 7 day prep diet. I have weighed myself yet. I will weight in on May 29 when I have my follow up.
  13. pparks3215


    Umm I don't think that's on plan at 3 weeks.
  14. pparks3215

    Any May Sleevers Here?

    I'm scheduled May 15th. I've stated my pre-op diet already. This is my first day. Getting nervous.
  15. pparks3215

    I Find The Operation Stupid

    Are we sure this is a real person? I dont think our belly could tolerate OJ.