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  1. luv-a-bull

    December sleevers!

    I was sleeved 12/13/11 with my highest weight (before the preop liquid diet) being 312. I am pleased to say I have lost 118 pounds since then and am down to 194. The weight loss has definitely slowed but is coming off better the more water I get in. I must say that I am also on the water distaste bandwagon. One thing that has helped is buying an infusion pitcher so I can flavor it with fruit or whatever so it doesn't taste so blah. I find that it sits easier in my stomach and I can drink more with it flavored than plain.....could be a head game but it works lol. It is great to see all the progress everyone is making! Congrats to all!
  2. luv-a-bull

    Hair Loss?

    First off...congrats on the surgery date and I hope everything goes smoothly. I am a little more than 4 months post op and I am going through some hair loss. When I shower I lose a lot more hair than I used to. I have started taking Biotin and fish oil and that has seemed to slow it down some. According to my surgeon it is fairly normal and will stop. I am doing my best to get in my 80gm of Protein a day but my sleeve doesn't like Protein shakes so I don't always meet this every day. I do not have bald Patches but I had a lot of hair to start with. Even with this hair loss and some other issues I have had, I would not go back. This is the best thing that I have ever done and it is truly saving my life. It took me around 2-3 months post op to stop regretting my decision, but it is totally worth it in my opinion. Sorry for the long reply...I just found that the more I knew preop the better I felt going into it.
  3. luv-a-bull

    Dcember Sleevers Progress?

    I was sleeved on 12/13/11. My highest weight was 312, surgery day I was 298. Today I can be proud to say I am down 90# to 222. This has been quite a journey all ready and there is so much more to go. Glad to see that everyone is doing well : )
  4. luv-a-bull

    Not Losing Anything...

    I am 23 yrs old and had my surgery a little over 5 weeks ago as well.....I have lost only 24 lbs since surgery....most during the first week. I have only dropped 2 pounds over the last 2 weeks. I too am getting frustrated but eating healthy and exercising. I am sure our scales will keep moving downward but I understand your frustration. Good luck...sorry I couldn't be of more help!
  5. luv-a-bull

    Need "soft Food" Tuna Recipes!

    I am still in the soft food stage and am loving the protein in tuna...but am bored with the regular tuna and mayo combo....any other ideas? Thanks in advance!
  6. luv-a-bull

    Diet Progression

    Sleeve day: nothing by mouth Postop day 1-2: Clear liquids Postop days 3-14: Full liquids with Protein shakes Postop days 15-56. (2 months post op): soft foods Postop days 2 months and on: regular diet I have not had any problems other than lactose intolerance with drinking milk...cheese is fine
  7. luv-a-bull

    Getting In Your Water....

    You are so not alone..I am having this same issue! I have heard the suggestion of keeping a water bottle in hand at all times...and this works when I am home but I can not do this at work so it is a bit more difficult. I too would love any suggestions!
  8. luv-a-bull

    Exericise Or No Exercise

    I had my surgery on December 13th and have lost 35 pounds total (including preop diet). I too hated exercise but I know how beneficial it is so I just started at the gym yesterday. I must say I thought I had no energy to stay awake all day let alone exercise but it is really making me feel better. I have just been power walking for now....don't want to overdo it....but I feel better already! Every pound that I lose makes it easier and more enjoyable to work out. I also thought everyone was going to be looking a my fat behind jiggling on the treadmill but who cares...the more it juggles now the less it will later
  9. luv-a-bull

    Three Showers?

    I had to shower the night before and the morning of with antibacterial soap provided to me by the hospital.
  10. luv-a-bull


    I had my surgery December 13th and I can eat like 1/2 cup of soup or 1/4 cup of soft foods. It all really depends on the food. I take really small bites and eat slowly..but not more than 30 minutes per meal.
  11. luv-a-bull

    Warm Water?

    I am not 100% sure but I do know that the unflavored whey Protein powder can be added to hot Soups and things and it does not affect the protein in it, so I would assume it wouldn't be a problem. One tip is that the powder dissolves much better in room temperature liquids than in hot liquids, so try adding It before you warm it up. Good luck!
  12. I have been reading on here that people after surgery can eat like two tablespoons of refined Beans and be full. I guess I am not sure how to tell when I am full. I have tolerated everything I have eaten...no slimes, etc....but I am worried I am eating too much. Tonight I had refried beans with a little melted cheese....and ate about 1/4 cup over 40 minutes. I am taking small bites and am pausing between bites...but I am worried about stretching my stomach or causing a leak. Does this seem like a lot of food for this soon post op...or am I paranoid as usual lol? Sorry for the rant...just can't stop worrying!
  13. I was told to take mine off after a week...they started getting lint under the corners and stuff so in order to keep everything clean I peeled them off at about 9 days even though they seemed pretty stuck on.
  14. I think this is a great idea and would love to join as well!
  15. Indymom...I can not wait for my first salad and salsa yumm:) Lissa....I also have the same problem with food that is too bland...I have to find that happy medium between bland and too spicy Danielle....crab legs sound so good. I am hoping they go well for me too. Thanks for all your input guys!

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