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  1. I really need help. i have gone back to the dietician, spoke with the doctor, and even went to my regular doctor for some assistance. The weight still has not budged. They said add more protein so i did that. More aerobics ...still no change..kept a food diary..nothing. I have now went into a slump, I am eating as the dietician has required and i am now getting deressed because i am not moving forward. 3 months is a lonnnnnngggg PLATEAU. Does anyone have any suggsetions. i have had 8 fills in 9 months . Every month since the surgery. I have Prayed and cried ..and feel helpless.
  2. MszShaye

    Surgery Day!!

    You will do well, Congrats the journey begins. Keep in touch.
  3. MszShaye

    progres comparison 2

    God is good girl!
  4. MszShaye

    A Healthy Kinda Feeling

    I truly understand. I had been a little down about my weight loss (30lbs since 8/13/12). But after reading this post i realize this is MY lifetime commitment to myself, for my health, family and to feel good about myself. Thanks for this post it brought me back to reality.
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    A place to come together for encouragment and Prayer.
  6. MszShaye


    I am in need of encouraging words, prayer and friendship. This is going to be a lifelong venture and journey .
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    Fill Help

    Don't force it down. After surgery it is just a little air in the band. our surgery is new and he band has a sall amout in it. Stay within a serving of whateer you eat, as to not push your stomach to it's limit. in a month your 1st fill will put you where it needs to be. Be Patient. We ha our surgery the same day , so let's kep one another encouraged.
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    Congrats, i get banded Monday 6:00am 8/13/2012 starts a new life. Even if your Dr. doesn't ask you to do the pre-op diet, still try it, it's best for your body before surgery.
  9. MszShaye

    August Roll Call

    August 13th and I can't wait.... Being prayerful...woohoooo :wub:
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    Me & My Hubby !!

  11. Be Blessed, so inspirational. I truly understand. I have just started the process, I am excited, but nervous.

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