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  1. jenni_867

    Plastic Surgery - Face - sagging skin

    I had botox for my "11's" between the brows and Juvederm for my folds by my mouth. My doctor used 30 units for botox, and 2 cc's for the mouth lines, and a half cc in each cheek to lift it a little. I think next time I would get 1 1/2 in each mouth line since they are still pretty deep. In total I paid just over $1000 for the botox and Juvederm. I'm really happy with both.
  2. jenni_867


    ^^^^^ forgot to add 1 scoop of protien powder too!
  3. jenni_867


    I make a great shake. Try this: 1 cup almond or coconut milk Icecubes 1 tsp cocoa powder 1 tsp matcha powder 1 tsp hemp seeds 1 tsp chia seeds 2 tsp gogi berries 1 egg if you like Blend and drink! Much better than paying for a shake that tastes like feet! Lol! All of the ingredients can be bought at bulk barn.
  4. jenni_867

    Burping / air bubbles

    I get this alot. Usually when I eat something like a sandwich, or something that's a little to heavy for my stomach to digest quickly. It is annoying, and embarrassing! I just have to watch what I eat when I'm around others. Sorry I don't have a solution for you.....
  5. I forgot to add my surgery was Nov 2011.... Almost 3 years!
  6. Yes I'm currently getting iron infusions, Venofer. I'm set up for infusions every month for 4 months, then once every 3 months for a year. I was having terrible night sweats, i was pale, and my hair was falling out. I tried to up my protein, dr put me on BC, and Istarted taking iron pills and nothing helped. I went to my dr again, thinking I was going through early menopause. She sent me for blood work , and it turns out I had extremely low hemoglobin. She sent me to a specialist and he determined the anemia is caused because my body doesn't absorb the iron because of the VSG. He took me off proferin and now I'm on infusions. So far so good
  7. jenni_867

    Loud Stomach

    On days that I work (mon-fri) I usually just have a cliff bar or Protein bar, along with coffee in the morning. lunch time only consists of Soup and maybe a small salad. And absolutely nothing to drink for at least an hour after. Anything with any substance and It sounds like a freight train is coming through the office. I share my tiny office with 2 other co workers and it can get pretty embarrassing. If my stomach really starts going, I usually go walk around for about 5-10 mins to help get the food to move around. When I'm at home I could care less about the tummy noises. Sometimes my throat makes funny noises to if I drink to fast. Almost like its stuck and its slowly going into my stomach. Weird, I know. I find that this is really the only thing I really don't like about my sleeve.
  8. jenni_867


    I use it daily. I still have tons of hair coming out, and its been about 19 months out for me. My hair loss seems to happen in cycles. I'm just using the Nioxin to also stimulate growth too. Nobody else can tell that I'm losing hair like crazy, so thats good. It does smell nice, but its a bit pricer. I've been considering takng biotin too......
  9. jenni_867

    Scars & Bikini?!

    I just bought myself an awesome "monokini". Totally hides the scars!
  10. I didn't use either trish or omar. I choose dr kelly based on my research on him. As previous posters have said, it really matters not who your coordinator is.
  11. It's weird because i don't "feel" thin. I know i am, but in my head i'm still the fat girl. I guess the weightloss just happened so quickly, that my head hasn't really caught up yet. I' m very self conscious about my stomach and don't like to wear tight shirts. It still looks fat and boated to me. My husband thinks i'm crazy....lol. I did before and after photos....in a bikini. When i'm feeling bad about myself i look at my before photo and realize how far i've come in such a short time.
  12. Where in your gut? I had some sharp pains on the right side, below the rib cage, which was probably gallstones..... They eventually subsided after a few weeks. Happens with rapid weightloss....
  13. Zantac twice a day... Nexium was brutal for me. Major side effects, but some people swear by it. Now that i'm a little further out from my surgery i can survive if i take a zantac in the morning, and a tums at night if i need it. Omprezole did nothing for me....
  14. I find it super hard to read too.... I'm on an ipad, but using the regular site, not the app, so it shouldn't be different....
  15. jenni_867

    A Sushi Nightmare,lesson Learned :(

    I started eating sushi (cali rolls) at 5 weeks out... I could only eat max 2. I still can only eat max 3. You may have just eaten to much too fast... ?? Hopefully the next time goes better for you.

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