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  1. Good morning! I started using Nioxin products and Biotin a few weeks after my surgery. I personally have had great success, My hair that fell out (and it was a lot) has grown back!
  2. deekaspor

    I'm so scared! :'(

    This will be the best decision ever! Your only regret will be why didn't I do it sooner:-) Trust us, just relax and enjoy the new adventures ahead of you.
  3. Happy holidays my fellow sleevers. I am in need of some motivational help. I have gotten off track and having a difficult time getting back on. I have stopped going to the gym each day, I have stopped eating healthy, and eat more than I know I should be eating. I have not done any permanent damage I am sure, but will if I don't find the motivation to get back. The holidays have been especially difficult for me since my children were not able to come home this year. I do not think I am eating emotionally but who knows at this point. The hurt feeling of eating too much does not happen too much anymore:( This is where you all come in, words, prayers, you name it I need it.
  4. deekaspor


    From the album: Untitled Album

  5. deekaspor

    Leaving for TJ tomorrow!

    you are going to LOVE it in a few weeks. I went to TJ also and had no troubles at all. Best of luck
  6. Hi Lowe1961, I am at 8 months next friday and loving my sleeve. I am down to 118 pounds, exercise 4 to 5 times a week, have run my first mud run, and so happy.
  7. You are not alone and you said it...you miss the old you. Getting use to so much can be difficult. Give yourself time and enjoy your success of weight loss. Feel free to e-mail me for support and encouragment.
  8. deekaspor

    Slow Looser

    a slow loser is still a loser! Celebrate.
  9. So excited I could cry. As of today I am part of the 50 pound club. The funny thing is people kept telling me I was too thin to have the surgery and only look to be about 30 pounds overweight. Well here I am at 50 pounds off and feel crazy wonderful. 122 has never felt so good.
  10. deekaspor

    50 Pound Club

    Thank Kittyvalley, it won't be long trust me. I have only been sleeved for 6 months:-)
  11. deekaspor

    Constipation. Tmi!

    I tried laxitives and powders but they really do not make a difference. When are you are able to exercise, running really helps. You know sort of impacts everything down in the correct area, hee hee I dont think there is such thing as TMI on this site:-)
  12. deekaspor

    Started Dating Someone....

    Tell the truth and the longer you wait the harder it will be.
  13. deekaspor

    Constipation. Tmi!

    remember less in makes for less output:-) Me and 4 of my friends who had the surgery only go about 1 or 2 times per week. Make sure you are drinking water.
  14. deekaspor

    October 16, 2012 150.5 lbs

    I love to see people's smiles in their after pictures. I can see how happy you are. Great job!
  15. deekaspor


    Stay away from TV, in your pre op status it seems like every single thing on TV talks about food. I actually started going for walks. Hang in there you can do it!
  16. deekaspor


    I do P90X and Insanity, something I never thought could happen:-)
  17. deekaspor

    Hair Loss

    It is temporary! I take Biotin, zinc, and use Nioxon shampoo and conditioner. Myself and 4 of my friends had the sleeve, we all got thin...very thin hair and we all are having it come back, yippee
  18. oddly enough, if you eat a little more the stall will pass. Your body gets use to the amount of calories you put in it. Try eating a little more for a couple of days
  19. deekaspor

    I'm So Hungry?

    Have you tried oatmeal? That really fills me up for hours and hours.
  20. Damn plateaus, suck @$$ I was stalled for 3 weeks at one point. I am now under my goal weight at 123 pounds. I do not think I will lose any more at this point but only maintain.
  21. deekaspor

    Not Feeling Well

    to vomit on purpose is what I was referring as unsafe. I do thinking drinking something warm should be the first choice
  22. deekaspor

    Not Feeling Well

    Try something warm to make it disolve faster. I do not encourge this, but it is super easy to vomit if it has not been too long since you swallowed it. I do not make it a practice to do this but every now and then as I try new stuff and it does not agree I will. Now don't everyone rush to tell me how dangerous it is, I have only done it 2 or 3 times in 6 months.
  23. deekaspor

    Tingling & Numbness

    A friend who had the surgery in January is having a similar issue. Her doctor has told her she has lost weight too quickly and a nerve is being pinched. She was asked to slow down on the exercising for a few months.
  24. When you start out at a lower weight you will lose at a slower pace. You can expect about 2 pounds a week until you are about 10 pounds from your goal then it slows down to about a pound a week. I started out at 172. I exercise daily, eat well and now weigh 124.
  25. Way to go! Hearing stuff like can be hard to believe, but it is true. Awesome job andycharris!

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