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    Putting weight on

    I also weigh myself daily. It's the only way I can keep ahold of this. At first I felt I was being obsessed, but honestly, that's what I need to do for ME to remain in control. And if I see it go up a lb or two, I correct myself. I tend to gain a lb or 2 when I lose sight of reality (lately with me, it's too many aloholic beverages). And I put myself back in check.
  2. This is a tough one. The band was the only surgery offered in town so of course me and many others jumped at the opportunity. I was fortunate to only have been banded a year. The new surgeon at the clinic dislikes the band and encouraged the sleeve. I had complications with the band as we all did (not being able to eat, constant throwing up). I did have scar tissue once it was removed. This caused discomfort while I'd chew for about 6 months after removal. I feel better now and am in love with my sleeve. Had I had the band longer, I may consider joining a potential lawsuit. However...I was blessed my insurance covered the revision. I woulnd't mind the $2500 I paid for the band. Had I not been insured and had to pay for the fills out of pocket, oh you betcha I'd join! The fills were the worst part, trying to find that damn non existant green zone!! I'm sorry for those of you who had so many complications I"m glad the sleeve is working better and you are moving on with your life! The band truly was a miserable tool
  3. PrettyLilButterfly

    Cant poop!

    Milk of Magnesia is my new best friend. However, i may try the flaxseed! This once a week 'going' is kind of bothersome. More so because it tends to hit me AT WORK!!
  4. Order what I want for the most part, but modify it. Tend to stay on the appetizer menu or kids menu. Burger, no bun no fries. Chicken soft taco (corn tortilla instead of flower, easy cheese). Cringe when my g/f wants to go to a more upscale place. They are NOT WLS friendly (can't order kids menu w/e). Usually I'll order an appetizer knowing she'll share it with me. And of course nibble off her plate. She's an eater, which makes it hard. I try to not order anything and do an add-on to her meal, but she always insists on an appetizer. Or tells me just to order a chicken plate and I can eat the rest later. I do LOVE leftovers, makes for a good 2-3 meals..however, prefer to not spend money when I don't need to. I think she likes me to order food so people don't look at us...or maybe so she doesn't feel 'like a pig'.. that's my guess. (shrugs).
  5. PrettyLilButterfly

    I think my sleeve is bipolar!

    Girl.....I SO feel ya!! It truly is a day to day thing. Some days I wake up so hungry I want to chew on my own arm! some days I wake up and dont' even think about eating until 10ish..(shrugs). hmm...bi-polar sleeves...who knew!!
  6. oh my oh my.. Well in keeping with the original post...I was a bad bad butterfly post-op. I was SOOO tired of the 2 week pre-op liquids, that I sped up the post-op process. I snuck in 'mushy' foods (puddings, mashed potatoes) around day 3. On mushy phase, I felt mac-n-chez was just fine. I don't feel guilty since it was almost never more than 4 bites.. so there you are world....dirty secrets aired.... Feel like I should light up a cig...
  7. PrettyLilButterfly

    Band to sleeve success question....

    I was banded 9/2011. I lost 60 lbs but then the weight loss halted. I noticed how easy it was to gain weight. I did teeter totter 5-10 lbs up, then down..then up again. I had my band in 12/2012 and in the blink of an eye lost 40 lbs. I have been at my goal weight since June. Personally, I found life with the band more....depressing. I found myself wanting to eat more..to 'cheat', to have slider foods, to not be as focused. With the sleeve, life is just wonderful, less complicated and I am more focused to maintaining my weight loss. I don't know that I answered your question, but I wanted you to understand how I saw the 2 surgeries. Good luck to you on your surgery, you will NOT regret it. And you will hit your goals! Please keep us posted.
  8. PrettyLilButterfly

    New Mexico, Anyone?

    Doing pretty fabulous. Loving life and loving the new me How about yourself? things going well?
  9. PrettyLilButterfly

    S T R E S S........

    (((Hugs))) thank you J Fab So easy to eat isnt it? though, food isn't what it used to be. Today,hugry but could careless if I eat. nothing sounds satisfying. Thank god I'm too tired to get off my @ss and go get food (forgot lunch). so eating some 100 calorie popcorn.
  10. PrettyLilButterfly

    S T R E S S........

    So this is the first time since my sleeve that I've experienced this level of stress... and it's taking it's toll I've gained 2 lbs since monday. So now, it's time to buckle down. I know the stress will eventually subside..and that God hasn't given me more than I can handle.. But it really is alot.. I know I should see a shrink, but Im focused on my daughter seeing one. And honestly, I can't afford the copay due to my brother's upcoming wedding ( I need to rent me and my son a tux and get my daughter's dress). I may use the EAP, but that's only 3 visits. We'll see. Just trying to deal with one thing at a time but too hard... 1)dad having surgery to remove barretts disease next month1 2) daughter issues 3) oldest lost his job, how the hell is he going to pay rent? 4) g/f....ugh... enough said 5) job OUT OF CONTROL 6) possibility of layoffs 7) possible moving out of g/f's house Hmm.. not the worlds worst list..but c'mon...it weighs on us. So i have to almost start at square one. I've developed some not so healthy habits lately (sodas). The doc never should have told me i could have some if i let it sit out of the can/bottle for 10 minutes.. I had kicked that addiction, and it's back. Though I prefer it be that over smoking again!! well i'm off to take child to the shrink...and do some things around the house to keep me moving. think it's time to pull weeds again...
  11. PrettyLilButterfly

    Been Awhile

    Hello my darling Diary.. I am sorry I have neglected you. Work is out of control and I barely have time to breathe. Going online at home is not an option. This is the one area I don't need anyone in my life knowing about. Too stressed to even think today. But glad I was able to drop the 3 lbs I had gained a couple of weeks ago (damn you tasty alcohol beverages!). Spoke with a temp agency this AM seeking new work. They have several temp to hires...that's all I'll accept. Touching base with them Monday to see what they've come up with for me. sorry, too tired to focus. Will do full update monday. toodles.
  12. PrettyLilButterfly


    From the album: Just me

    Co-worker took this today. Down 102 lbs. size 8.
  13. PrettyLilButterfly

    Just me

    Pics throughout my journey
  14. PrettyLilButterfly

    before - YIKES

    From the album: Just me

    <p>Clinic took this around March 2011. Size 18/20</p>
  15. It's the weekend..thank you jesus!!

  16. PrettyLilButterfly

    S T R E S S........

    Soda is a sweet delicious devil!! But I do need to kick it...it's like crack i say!!
  17. PrettyLilButterfly


    For me, it wasn't a matter of "what do I need to give up" but more.. OMG I"m going to be a normal sized person for the first time since I wasw 18. I think that good out weighed the 'bad' (so to speak). The things I felt I would 'miss' out on were buffets (REALLY? I mean REALLY? pathetic). At first, the thought of 5 bites per meal was a lot to take in. But the first time I ate those 5 bites and felt like I ate a full plate... WOW. I think Arts has a good point, do lots of research. Read as many posts here as you can.. Get all the facts. If you are comfortable with your choice to have the sleeve, that's the biggest hurdle right there! Everything else really is minor!!
  18. PrettyLilButterfly

    So Much To Think About...

    Reading all the posts on here..and going over my own diary entries..it seems I have alot to think about. In my heart of hearts, I know what needs to be done..and yet, I don't do it out of fear. Not fear of failure.. I've picked myself up from ground zero before. I can do it again. Just so nervous because of the uncertainty in my job situation. If I move out/on, find a rental, will I be able to maintain it? I often think of asking dad to share a 4 bedroom with me..but dad can be quite the clingy/needy one at times too. Not to mention, I wouldn't allow his exwife to step foot in the house. (oh the stories there..and it all could've ended with a simple "sorry I screwed up, let's move on..damn denial..not just a river any more). Dad is a neat freak like me. However, I can see him wanting to hang out the days I don't have the kids. Of course, I don't mind, I'm daddy's girl, always been. However, I would want alone time the first few weeks. Oh and I hate cats, he has 2. Though, Miles & Simone are good cats and decently clean. Cats just have too much attitude. And I don't know that my lil chunkers Lola won't eat them my sweet sweet dog. Who btw, needs to be put on a diet! So here I am, yet again...wondering if I should do what needs to be done. It's hard, it's hurtful. I do not doubt that she loves me. She does the cutest things..but says the meanest things. Yet again this weekend complaints of my thinness. We haven't had sex in God knows how long. I don't desire it...and she doesn't make a move. Apparently I should make the move. Told her I have no desire when every other comment out of her mouth feels negative to me. Yes, there are times she's joking. I Know this. But it gets to me. My new favorite is callig me Elroy Jetson. REALLY? My hair looks more like Judy!! LOL IDK........my head is just spinning. Work is out of control and then there's home life. Do I have the strength, energy to move on and out? Do I even care anymore? I know she's feeling like I am. The conversation will end up on me, blame on me...and my need for change (hmm...yet again, do ppl in a relationship need to change to maintain? to me, only if there are self destructive behaviors) God, we are so opposite. I did find something interesting out recently. I got a tattoo on my ankle of our two astrological symbols entertwined. And it's sad, but I do research alot on how i can change it if we split. I happned to discover, I am on the CUSP of our two symbols! therefore, my tattoo can be ME. So all this time, I thought I was a cancer...but now i'm not just that. So did I ever really know me? And it does explain alot of how I have become the past few years.. (yes I believe in signs). Well.. work is piling up (which pisses me off, it's ruining my social life on this community!LOL). XOXOX
  19. PrettyLilButterfly

    Another day..

    Work is so busy, head is spinning. Emotions all over today. Tired of whiney ass coworkers. Tired of my pain in the ass girlfriend (yes yet another weekend of how I look like a sick person and need to gain weight). I flat out told her to go find someone with more meat on their bones. Dad, gotta love him, but dear lord he is needy. Has called 10 times today needing something. I love helping my dad, but I can barely breathe at work today. Told my boss I wanted a $2 raise. He giggled and I looked him square in the eye and said "I'm not joking I want $2". He didn't know what to say. Kids are ok. my middle kid has some attitude lately that is driving me nuts. I know he has middle kid syndrome, but dear god. He can be so whiney. And my daughter has me on edge. Found a text on her cell that said something about needing to be at the park at 2AM. I was livid. Called her on it, said she was just kidding with her friend. Needless to say, I now make sure there's now way for her to sneak out. I put objects by the door so they will fall if she opens it. I put tape across the top so I know if the door has been opened. I removed all hallway lights. I know keep my bedroom door open. Hmm must thought of something, I may lean something up against her door so I can hear it instantly. Granted, I don't think she would sneak out. I've reminded her of the 2 new stories lately about girls in our city being abducted and used for sex slavery. But as a mother, you worry nonetheless. Wow, i'm negative today but not meaning to be. Just really not feeling life today. Just want to get away for a few days, ALONE. not possible, but a nice thought
  20. PrettyLilButterfly

    Bladder Question from Doc?

    Since my surgery in December, I've noticed the nurse asks the normal questions "When was your last BM" "How have you felt" "any changes"...however the one question that I've been curious as to why they as is "are you have any issues peeing".. umm...? I'm confused. Have any of you had this question from your clinic? And if so, have you inquired as to why they ask that? I do notice I pee a tiny amount and more frequently..nothing else out of the ordinary..So why the question...
  21. Applebee's salads are the MOST dangerous! have you ever looked up the nutrional facts on them? You're better off getting the steak/steamed veggies!! it's ridiculous i say!
  22. PrettyLilButterfly

    200 lbs down

    Holy looking fabulous batman!! congrats !!!!
  23. PrettyLilButterfly

    Scared to fail....

    sweetheart, you are doing amazing!! 23 lbs in 21 days! You are doing just fine! Keep your focus, keep your thoughts postiive, do NOT become addicted to your scale.. and just know you made a wonderful life change for YOU
  24. PrettyLilButterfly

    3 Questions

    1. It is very common to lose hair, to keep it minimal, keep up on your protein! 2. I'm about 9 months out, and my scale has gone down for the post part. I did hit my personal goal a couple of months ago, and the scale has remained. I have never had a case in the past 2 years (I was banded prior to sleeve), I've always maintained what I've lost. I won't lie and say I don't step on that scale every 2 days just to make sure!! 3. While my band was being removed the doctor did fix a hernia. And through no fault of the surgeon/clinic it was discovered the next morning I had a tear in my spleen. They still can't figure out how it tore. And despite both those 'complications', I came out feelig good and had a good recovery (other than being pale forever after losing 4 pints of blood). Of course we all differently and no one can say what you'll experience. From what i've read online and at the surgeons office, the most common thing that happens is discovering a hernia that needs repair. You'll be fine always keep positive thoughts in your head.
  25. PrettyLilButterfly

    Stomach growling

    I just growl back!! no but in all seriousness, my tummy does so many weird things.,. I just keep drinking liquids and eat 2-3 hours apart. I don't know that I'm completely in-tune with my belly to decipher hunger vs. annoying belly.