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  1. lamsunshine

    Weight Watchers...HUH??

    I did weight watcher for a little bit before surgery, and I hardly reached my points, and did not even know about the extra points until my last week, and even if I did know about the points I would not of used them. For me it was good because it was easier for me to keep track of what I was eating every week. What also helped me was when I started weight watchers I started walking a little every day. Good luck... You can do it...
  2. lamsunshine

    SLEEVED this morning

    wow, you are doing real well to have been sleeved this morning. I was not up to doing much of anything for at least 24 hours after surgery. I think that is a good sign. Congrats, what a great Christmas present.
  3. lamsunshine

    Who is coming for dinner?

    I told everyone I work with , and of course my parents knew because my mother drove me to have my surgery. I have been lucky and everyone at work is very supportive of me. I do have a slight problem, they decided to have this big Thanksgiving lunch, with country ham (which is way to salty for me), and of course alot of other items loaded with carbs. At first I thought they were going to be having a turkey, and I was fine with that because I could try and eat that. Of course I'm still have the food looks good but once I start eating, I get nauseated. So I don't even want to go, it is going to be aweful watching everyone eat, and not being able to. I am going to do the push the food around on my plate, and maybe they will have a dog I can feed under the table.. lol Funny one Blackberry. We will see how it goes. I wish you the best in what ever decision you choose.
  4. Julie, you are doing awesome. I had my surgery two months ago, and have lost same as you just a couple of pounds difference. I'm so happy for you, keep up the good work.
  5. lamsunshine

    70 lbs and 10 years lost!

    I enjoyed reading your post. I had my surgery 2 months ago, and have gone down 2 size in clothes, and am excited about that. Reading your post makes that more excited to be where you are now. Congrats, and keep up the good work.
  6. lamsunshine

    Vanderbilt Weight loss

    Sorry for the multiple replies, I have no idea what happened.
  7. lamsunshine

    Vanderbilt Weight loss

    The VA was sending me through Vanderbilt, )Dr. Williams), but 4 weeks before my surgery date they decided I had to go to a VA so I ended up going to West Virginia. I have not met anyone that has had surgery at Vanderbilt everyone in my support group had it done at Centeniall. I know this was not much help , but wanted to let you know I was going to have it at Vanderbilt.
  8. lamsunshine

    Hi from Baltimore :)

    Welcome, Mrs. Koubiks you have come to a great place to learn alot about the sleeve. I love it on this forum if there is anything you have a question about don't hesitate to ask because they are so helpful and friendly on here. Good luck on your journey.
  9. lamsunshine

    I am not controlling my sweet tooth

    I think this time of the year is really bad. I know I had one mini snickers bar the past two days, and felt so guilty. I bought 4 big bags of candy thinking I was going to have alot of trick-a-treaters, and only had four. So I was stuck with four big bags of candy, I did not buy reeses, as they are my all time favorite, and knew I would not be able to control myself. I had my daughter bring a big bag of candy with her to school, brought a bag to work , and still have alot left, but got rid of the snickers, the rest of the candy is kind I can live without. Mini me I know you are not the only one that this happened to and with the holidays around the corner I know you will not be the last. Just remember we are all in the same boat. We can kick that candy's butt, we don't need it... Thanks for being brave enough for this post. Globetrotter, thanks for the tough love you are so right, and I just needed to hear (read it).
  10. lamsunshine


    Welcome Dennis good luck on Thursday. You have done an amazing job so far, and will continue with the good job in the future.
  11. lamsunshine

    How did you choose?

    When I started this process I did not even know about the sleeve. I found out about the sleeve when I went to my seminar I was sold as soon as I heard about it an knew that was the surgery for me. Everyone in my support group except for me has had the RNY, and I love it when they say they can not take medicine, and can not eat certain fruits, etc, and I love saying I can take medicine and eat almost everything I want not that I do as I am only 2 months post-op.
  12. lamsunshine

    Any Fast Eaters?

    I was a fast eater, and sometimes I think I'm still eatting to fast, but I don't get any pain, whatsoever. I make sure I chew all my food realy well but I think I may not be waiting long enough in between bites. But like I said I have not gotten sick, or had any pain whatsoever.
  13. lamsunshine

    The New VST

    Okay, I just signed on the first time I went to the site, I thought I was on the wrong forum. I'm totally lost, the old site was easy to navigate this one may take me a while to get use to. So far not a fan!!!!!!
  14. lamsunshine

    Is this heartburn?

    Well I called my doctors office, and spoke with a triage nurse, she is having me go and get checked out. Finally I have been having this problem since week one. Maybe something will get done now. Wish me luck, I just hope it is not something more serious.
  15. I had my surgery 7 hours away from home, and on a school day. My daughter is older 15 years old, and she had to go school, or it would of been considered unexcused, not only that but she is on the colorguard in the band, and she would of missed her first football game of the season. My opinion is what are they going to do in the waiting room, except get bored. Shoot I hate to wait in a waiting room myself, but for young ones, it is probably worse. They would have a much better time at school, and they won't miss any school work.

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