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  1. Hello, I was banded 8-2011. I lost 50 lbs really fast, then life got in the way and I stopped exercising. Recently I have had another problem. I find myself drinking down my food so I can eat more. I hate that full feeling. It is uncomfortable, even when I eat very little. So I want to get rid of that feeling, so I drink after I eat too. Anyone else???? How did you fix it???
  2. sandiburn

    How do you motivate yourself to exercise???

    On my way to the gym this mornign with my son at my side!!!
  3. sandiburn

    How bad is the pain after surgery?

    The worst part for me was the gas pains. I had to sleep sitting up for the first week. I too got tired a little faster, but overall it was not that bad. I took a week off work because I wanted to not because they told me to. When I went back to work I could not lift anything over 30 lbs over my head. Other than that I was good. Looking back.....it was WAY WORTH IT!!!!! good luck with your journey.
  4. sandiburn

    Please pist success pics!

    this was 1 yr after my surgery. 50 lbs down.
  5. sandiburn

    How do you motivate yourself to exercise???

    Thank you all for your sugestions. I am leaving to go on a business trip next week. When I get back, my son has promised to get up with me and go to the local rec center every morning and workout. Im hoping with a "buddy" I will be more accountable to getting up every morning.
  6. Hello all, I have been banded since 8-11. I lost 50 lbs then had some life changes and gained back 25 that I lost. I am back on track with the food and fills, I just cant seem to get motivated to exercise. What motivates you to et up everyday and workout????
  7. sandiburn

    Protein, Protein, Protein!

    I love the EAS products. They are hight in protene without being too high in cals.
  8. sandiburn

    First fill since necessery unfill

    So I got a my fill this am and found out how much I have in my band. After my fill, I have 3.75 in a 10 cc band. So far so good. I am enjoying a cup of tomoto soup for lunch. Looking forward to next week to see how much restriction it added.
  9. I was told that the amount of a teardrop can make a difference. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  10. Hello, I am going back to my Dr tomorrow to get a fill. I really feel that I need one. I can eat 2 + cups of food at each meal other than Breakfast. Anyway, that last time I had a fill they gave me 1cc. It was way too much. About a week after the fill, I was throwing up everything. I had to sleep sitting up so that I did not gag. It was the worst experience that I hae ever had with my band. I have to say that I am scared for tomorrow. I dont want to be in the same boat. I know they wont put in as much, but that memory is still in the back of my head. My first dr was awful. I got no guidance at all. This office is better, but I still have never been told how much I have in my band. I am going to find out tomorrow. Anyway, wish me luck.
  11. sandiburn

    got an unfill!!!

    Ive been banded since 8-09 and lost 50 then gained back 25. Im had an unfill last time because I was so tight that I had to sleep sitting up. It was BAD. I go back in tomorrow for another fill. (less this time). I understand your journey. The way I look at it is that where I am today , even though I am not at my goal, is still better than where I was. Good luck with your journey!!!
  12. sandiburn

    DFW support group

    Is there an email list I can get on for notifacation of meetings? I would love to attent when I can. sandiburn@aol.com
  13. sandiburn

    Any buddies/mentors in HEB, Texas area

    That would be great but I work on Sundays. Any other sugestions??
  14. sandiburn

    I Can Do It!!!!!

    Yes you can....yes WE can!!! than you for a great message this morning!!

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