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  1. byrd

    Biotin for hair

    i had my surgery over a year ago, i have lost all of my hair just started taking biotin 5000 mg on monday
  2. Hello, it's been a long time since i've reached out on this Forum. How are you guys doing?
  3. byrd

    3Rd Fill And Not Feeling Well

    normally after a fill, you are suppose to only have liquids for 24 hours, glad you are feeling better
  4. byrd

    First Nsv

  5. byrd

    First Fill, Not Much Restriciton !!!!!!

    It took me 5 fills to get any restriction. However, August is a long time, how many cc's did you get? and what size is your band?
  6. byrd

    Dont Recognize Myself

    It's a Beautiful Feeling!!!
  7. byrd


    Good Luck!!! it is going to be a great journey
  8. byrd

    1St Fill!!!

    i'm always starving after a fill, but in about 5 days, you will notice the difference
  9. I experience this too, i have 10.1cc's in a 14cc band, I was told by several people that have the band that they have problems with chicken, not all the time but with the band it just the depends on the day. When was your surgery? it took me 6 weeks to eat chicken after surgery, i now eat dark meat better than chicken breast
  10. It is going to be quiet of a ride, some days are great, some are Good, (lol) you will you through a Period when yon feel it is Too slow of a process, trust me I still do. But when the time comes, and you sometimes don't even recognize your own self, The joy Begins!!!!! There will be times when you feel like eating up store, and you will on some days, just know it is normal. Whatever you do, Don't, I repeat don't eat any Solid meat until you have had your 1st fill(4-6 weeks) Good luck Let the Journey begin. let me know I can help
  11. Pray about it, keep pushing it will be over Soon... You will be Glad you did
  12. byrd

    One Year Aniversary

    40 pounds in a year is Wonderful!!!!!!
  13. Hey, July, How are we doing? We are @ months from our Anniversary, How Are You Doing?
  14. byrd

    3 Fills Later And

    i have 10.1 cc's in a 14cc band i had my surgery 7/11/11 i think i have restriction, but i will take a fill every tine they give me one

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