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  1. ~winecountrygirl~

    Hi, I'm Tanya :)

  2. ~winecountrygirl~

    Getting ready for surgery....

    Hi, I'm 4 weeks post op. I have been on soft foods now for a couple days. I'm eating fish, cheese, etc. I was weak, not shaky, up until this point. I am now feeling more energy! So, it does come back! I'm also 30lbs lighter than I was on surgery day.
  3. ~winecountrygirl~

    How do the All Stars want to proceed from here?

    Sounds fun everyone!
  4. ~winecountrygirl~

    Finally got my Surgery date... YAY for me!

    Hiking helped me drop 40 lbs in 2 months.
  5. ~winecountrygirl~

    How many Incisions??

    5 incisions here, you can look at a pic of mine in my album. I think they will leave tiny scars or be hidden in my stretch marks.
  6. ~winecountrygirl~

    Fruit Juice

    What about the "no sugar added" 100% juice ones? Are those still bad?
  7. ~winecountrygirl~

    Always Hungry

    I am still on full liquids, just started them yesterday so I'm having 1/4c 3 times a day plus my fluid. I am VERY hungry, not head hunger, actual stomach growling making lots of noise I feel like I'm starving hunger. Is that just because my food is sliding right through my stomach? There is no retention of the food to make me feel full? I will stay full for about 1 hour after eating but that's it. What advice do you all have? Should I have 1/4c of full liquids more than 3 times a day? One of my servings is no more than 25-40 calories depending what I have so it's not like it will be a weight gain issue. Please help.
  8. ~winecountrygirl~

    next round of sleevers are up to bat this week

    I can't wait to hear all the details of your procedures and recoveries!! You guys will rock it, I was prepared for the worst and so pleasantly surprised by the BEST!!
  9. ~winecountrygirl~

    this feels like a little mini success story!

    I haven't experienced any pain or vomiting after or during eating but every time I eat or drink, I burp! And it last for a while too. I can't wait for this to pass, If I wasn't at home it would be so embarrassing!! Lots of noises coming up from my tummy and out of my mouth too. it's a vocal little sleeve. I love it.
  10. My post op binder says that the gas can last up to 2 months.
  11. ~winecountrygirl~

    surgry aug. 16t

    Good job girl! I had my surgery yesterday, came home from the hospital today. The only issue for me is also soreness in my belly now that i'm not on the pain pump. But it's going to be okay! I can't believe how smoothly everything went...I was so prepared for the worst.
  12. ~winecountrygirl~

    Whatcha eating today!!! Saturday

    Breakfast: 1/2 cup breakfast potatoes 2 scrambled eggs 1oz sharp cheddar cheese 1 peach Lunch: Shrimp Kabob with onions, peppers and squash Dinner: 3 oz. Salmon 1c. steamed cauliflower 1 oz. jack cheese
  13. ~winecountrygirl~

    Kaiser Nicotine Test

    I was never asked to do a nicotine test. Maybe it's because I have never been a smoker? I do have to have a pregnancy blood test, lol.
  14. Hey everyone, I got my surgery date...August 17. They will call me if they have a cancellation earlier, I want to get it over with!
  15. A little update here...I went to bariatric lifestyles class last night at Richmond and I loved it. Then today I had my surgeon appointment with Dr. Im. I weighed in at 293lbs, so 27 lost!! I posted more details on my youtube video today but bottom line, I am at my goal weight!! I am seeing the psychologist tomorrow and if the case manager is available I will get my surgery date! Likely 1-1.5 months out but definitely before September. YIPEE!!!! Worst case scenario I wait to talk to the case manager but in any event, I'm READY! SOOOO excited!! I've done all the lab work and EKG and it's a huge relief. And happened SO fast! I just went to orientation on 6/14.

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