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  1. wantobeskinny

    Needing Help From My Women Sleevers Out There..

    My weight tends to fluctuate around 3 pounds during that time of the month. It is most likely very normal for you to have higher numbers during your period. I always try to stay away from the scale during that week. It only causes unecessary stress for me. Don't feel bad about one off day of eating either. I've had plenty of those.
  2. wantobeskinny

    I Am About To Begin The Journey Of A Lifetime

    Good Luck! Congrats on your WLS decision!
  3. wantobeskinny

    This Week Is Just Not Starting Off Right-- Week 3

    As for the weight gain, you very well could be gaining muscle since you are in the gym 5 times a week! Hope you are able to figure out the pain and get to feeling better soon!
  4. I am in the middle of my fourth week and have been at a stall for at least 10 to 14 days (not sure when it started). How long does this first stall usually last? I am really frustrated with it. I think it is normal, but I don't know how long not losing is normal. Anybody know? Thanks, Rachel
  5. wantobeskinny

    Back To Life

    Glad you had a successful day back. I am stalled at 28 pounds... hoping it starts moving again soon! Good luck in this New Year!
  6. I have recently developed an allergy... where my face breaks out with hive type things... red/itchy/burning. I do not know what is causing it. It is pretty painful though. I may contact the Doctor soon.
  7. wantobeskinny

    Allergic Reaction?

    I think I have developed an allergic reaction to something, but I do not know what it is. My face is completely broken out with hive type things that itch, burn, and are really red. It is slightly swollen, but I don't know if I should consult a Doctor or not. I've been racking my brain to think of what it could be. I started drinking Sobe waters ( the pepsi version of vitamin water)... I though maybe it is that, because this rash started friday... and I started drinking those thursday. It will really suck it if is those because they are really good. I've never had this reaction to the other Vitamin Water brand before. I started taking Nexium on Saturday and some chewable vitamins on Saturday... so I don't think it would be those because this rash started Friday. I also started taking those Protein shots, but then again I think it was after it started. It wasn't really bad Friday... but has gotten much worse since the weekend. I really don't know what has caused it. Could it be hormonal? Has anyone else had this type of reaction to something after surgery? Typically my skin is pretty clear... especially compared to this. I guess that is why I'm worried. I've been taking benadryl.... and it really just knocks me out.. so I sleep a lot, which gives me some relief. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Rachel
  8. wantobeskinny

    Beginning My Journey....

    Congrats on your decision to get WLS! I was sleeved on 12/12/11, and I have found this site to be very helpful. Good Luck with everything, and see soon on the Loser's Bench!
  9. wantobeskinny

    Good Day. (1 Week Post Op)

    These are encouraging words... knowing that God is there no matter what we look like! He will help us through! Shellbelle-- We have all felt down like this! I was feeling the same way before my surgery. It is definitely not a magic pill that cures our self-esteem issues over night, but it is encouraging to know that there is a tool to help us on our weight loss journey! This support group has also helped me stay encouraged throughout this journey! Wishing you all a Happy New Year 2012! and that we all have successful transformations this coming year!
  10. wantobeskinny

    Day 12 Post Op

    Congrats on your blood sugar levels!! That is super exciting! Wishing us all a transforming 2012!!
  11. wantobeskinny

    12 Days Post Op Stall? & 6 Days Post Op Entry

    Sounds like you are able to get in a lot more of the protein than I am. I have been trying to get mine in through meat, cheese, or yogurt because I am so sick of the shakes. I have also hit a stall at two weeks... been sitting at 292 for the past four or five days. I think it is because our bodies are adjusting to such a change, but it makes it no less frustrating! It is hard to not be able to eat and think that we have gone through all this, and are not able to see the changes in are bodies yet. Anyway, I hope you had a blessed Christmas! Glad you got your clearances for baths and excercise... I've been dying to take a tub bath... it just makes me feel better!
  12. I can tell a difference! I've also lost about 25 pounds since surgery, but I can't really see the difference. Keep on going girl!!
  13. wantobeskinny

    Helping With The Gas Pains

    Thanks! I will have to try these! My gas pains have yet to go away after a week...
  14. Wow! Above the norm... that's where we would all like to be! Congrats!
  15. wantobeskinny

    I Gained .4 Lbs!

    I would say it is probably because you switched to solid foods and your body is not used to them right now. Don't be discouraged!... your weight fluctuates from day to day. I would put the scale away for a little while until your body adjusts to the change in food. Keep up the good work!!

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