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  1. wantobeskinny

    1 Year Surgiversary Today!

    Congratulations! You look great! I am still working on mine. 5 months and 48 pounds down. Still a ways to go before my goal weight.
  2. wantobeskinny


    How many calories per day should we aim for post-op? I am 4 months out.
  3. wantobeskinny

    Needing Help From My Women Sleevers Out There..

    My weight tends to fluctuate around 3 pounds during that time of the month. It is most likely very normal for you to have higher numbers during your period. I always try to stay away from the scale during that week. It only causes unecessary stress for me. Don't feel bad about one off day of eating either. I've had plenty of those.
  4. wantobeskinny

    December sleevers!

    Amber Dawn, I was sleeved the same day as you. I feel like I am losing really slowly as well. I have lost 42 pounds so far. Today is our 4 month surgiversary. I am glad to have lost that much, but I havn't seen the scale move in a month. It's kinda frustrating. You sound like you are getting in more liquid and protein than me. I just started walking/jogging... so hopefully that will help. I just thought I'd lose faster than this. Hopefully we'll both get back to moving soon!
  5. wantobeskinny

    The Good The Bad And The Ugly

    I've been feeling like this a lot lately! I've been at a stall for a while... I had surgery on 12/12... I have lost 35 pounds. I don't know how much is typical in the first two months, but I really wish this stall would go away for good! Congrats on all your progress so far!
  6. wantobeskinny

    10 Weeks Out

    Congrats on reaching one of your goals! I'm about 14 weeks out... lost 35 pounds. I feel like I'm losing slowly. How much have you lost so far?
  7. wantobeskinny

    Visit To My Primarty Care Physician Today

    That's a great story! Congrats!
  8. Hey Everyone, It seems that I have developed Cellulitis on my face... it started about 3ish weeks post-op. It is a bacterial infection of the skin, which can show up in different places on the body. It is very painful... Kinda like a whole bunch of fire ants bit me on the face, red, warm, itchy, swollen, oozing (gross!). It is really terrible. I went to the Doctor (not Bariatric) and they gave me some antibiotics about five days ago. I thought it was getting better, but today it has flared up again pretty badly. Has anyone else developed Cellulitis after surgery? Should I contact the Bariatric surgeon? Do you know how long it takes to heal? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
  9. Thanks everyone. I ended up going back to the ER this saturday. This ER doctor is testing me for lupus. I then went to the Dermatologist today... he seems to think it may not be lupus, but just a hormonal reaction because my body has gone through so much lately. It is really hard to diagnos right now because of all of the changes... in medication, diet, lifestyle, etc. Thanks for your comments! I hope this helps someone else in the future also.
  10. wantobeskinny

    I Don't Know What To Do About My Family Anymore....

    Hi! Your entry really sounds like something I could have written myself. I have watched my mother develop many of the same symptoms and problems as those you described for yours. She is not yet as severe as what your mom is going through, but I fear that her life will develop into that in a few years. I bring her food because I feel guilty if I don't, all the time knowing that what she is eating is adding fuel to the fire. It is one of the hardest things to watch. Knowing you can't do anything to change it is also a terrifying feeling. It's like you can see yourself mirrored in that person... but luckily we have had the surgery and taken the steps to prevent us from turning into our parents. We are making the best change we can for us! I really hope the best for your family and mine.
  11. wantobeskinny

    I'm In The Hospital

    Will be praying! Sorry to hear this....wishing you well soon!
  12. wantobeskinny

    I Am About To Begin The Journey Of A Lifetime

    Good Luck! Congrats on your WLS decision!
  13. wantobeskinny

    1 Year Post Op Checkup

    Congrats!! Can't wait to have lost that much
  14. I am in the middle of my fourth week and have been at a stall for at least 10 to 14 days (not sure when it started). How long does this first stall usually last? I am really frustrated with it. I think it is normal, but I don't know how long not losing is normal. Anybody know? Thanks, Rachel
  15. Thanks for your input everyone! Hoping we make it through these stalls sooner than later!
  16. wantobeskinny

    This Week Is Just Not Starting Off Right-- Week 3

    As for the weight gain, you very well could be gaining muscle since you are in the gym 5 times a week! Hope you are able to figure out the pain and get to feeling better soon!
  17. wantobeskinny

    2 Weeks And The Drain Is Still In

    I hope your are able to get your drain out soon! That will probably make you feel a lot better. As for the stall, I am in my 4th week and have been at a stall for a week and a half to two weeks! I think it is normal, but I am wondering how long it will last.... kinda frustrating!! Good luck, Rachel
  18. wantobeskinny

    Liquid Diet

    Hi Smilecharmer, Your liquid diet varies depending on what your surgeon says. But, mine was 4 protein shakes a day (5 or less net carbs), 1 low carb yogurt, 1 sugar-free pudding. I could have unlimited sugar-jello, popcicles, crystal light, broth, water, and decaf tea. I could also have egg-drop soup (which is what got me through it). I ate about 3 or 4 chicken breasts over the course of the two weeks because I was really hungry. Some surgeons allow you to do liquids and 1 meal a day which consists of 3oz lean meat and a veggie. I wish I had had that one! But, I made it... and you will too! Congrats on your decision to get WLS! Good luck on your journey! Rachel
  19. wantobeskinny

    Allergic Reaction?

    I think I have developed an allergic reaction to something, but I do not know what it is. My face is completely broken out with hive type things that itch, burn, and are really red. It is slightly swollen, but I don't know if I should consult a Doctor or not. I've been racking my brain to think of what it could be. I started drinking Sobe waters ( the pepsi version of vitamin water)... I though maybe it is that, because this rash started friday... and I started drinking those thursday. It will really suck it if is those because they are really good. I've never had this reaction to the other Vitamin Water brand before. I started taking Nexium on Saturday and some chewable vitamins on Saturday... so I don't think it would be those because this rash started Friday. I also started taking those Protein shots, but then again I think it was after it started. It wasn't really bad Friday... but has gotten much worse since the weekend. I really don't know what has caused it. Could it be hormonal? Has anyone else had this type of reaction to something after surgery? Typically my skin is pretty clear... especially compared to this. I guess that is why I'm worried. I've been taking benadryl.... and it really just knocks me out.. so I sleep a lot, which gives me some relief. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Rachel
  20. wantobeskinny

    Allergic Reaction?

    Oh my! Well I'm hoping these antibiotics clear it up... if not I will not rule out these other allergy possibilities. Hope he is feeling better!
  21. wantobeskinny

    Back To Life

    Glad you had a successful day back. I am stalled at 28 pounds... hoping it starts moving again soon! Good luck in this New Year!
  22. wantobeskinny

    I'm New...waiting On Pre Op Date

    Congrats! Good luck on your journey!

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