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  1. Oh gosh...i felt the same thing when I first started. For me...it took around 3 weeks from my initial consultation to my surgery. But I spent about 2 months prior to that just researching, reading, and attending seminars with various surgeons. Now I'm 2 months post surgery...and it all went by so fast.
  2. Wheelchair

    Purebred Longhaired German Shepherd

    I did the same hump in 55 minutes! This is including the detour we took to look at some horses. I was afraid a horse would drop kick my Bella... but it seemed like the horse was more scared of Bella...
  3. Wheelchair

    How many days per week for exercise?

  4. Wheelchair

    Exercise with Peripheral Neuropathy?

    I wonder if aquatic exercises wouldn't benefit you. Drastically decreased impact on your joints, and increased resistance under Water would make sure it's a good workout routine for ya. Are you taking any meds for your neuropathic pain? Vicodin/Lortab does wonders for me.
  5. Without deciding on surgery, a person has to follow a certain regimen in order to lose weight the 'correct way'. This way should minimize the yo-yo effect and teach the person a new way of life. I'll stop the babbling and get to the point. How does living with the band affect our metabolism, more specifically, our resting metabolic rate? The 'correct' way of weight loss, to which I keep referring to, requires a person to eat small meals many times a day. This makes sure that a person is never really hungry and should prevent the person from over-eating out of hunger. Additionally, eating small meals every 3~4 hours means that the body is ALWAYS digesting and naturally, the metabolic rate increases. During my freshman year in college, I lost 75 pounds by exercising hard and eating right. I would eat every 3 hours on the dot and would run 5~8 miles a day. At that point in my life, my metabolism was fast enough to maintain my weight loss. After my motorcycle accident and the subsequent years spent in the wheelchair, my metabolism has dwindled down to a near-stop. I definitely eat less than I used to... but the mere fact of my limited mobility meant that I kept gaining weight. Now that I'm banded... I've read up on the lifestyle after surgery... but it got me wondering if the post-surgery diet is actually conducive for long-term weight loss. Eating small meals only 3 times a day means less caloric intake.... but what about its effects on the RMR....on how the body spends the calories? I'm starting to think about diverting from the surgeon's diet guidelines to one where I can increase my RMR. Of course, I will have to increase my weight-lifting to further enhance my weight loss...
  6. Wheelchair

    Liquids w/foood??

    happens to me all the time... I'll eat too fast and then I'll have to slime and PB... if I drink water...that makes it A LOT worse
  7. Wheelchair

    Slow weight loss!

    OP... how much weight loss are you expecting at this point?
  8. Wheelchair

    Overnight Stay Pre-Approval

    I have no idea on the insurance aspects.. but are you also wanting to stay overnight? My surgeon requires an overnight stay but I was VERY ADAMANT about going home as soon as I was able. I had my surgery at 10am... and I was relaxing at home before 3pm. I just don't like staying in hospitals...
  9. This. If i lost 36 lbs...i'd be more than halfway to my goal... i'd love that Be a turtle.
  10. Wheelchair

    Dry Mouth

    Are you taking any medications? Dry mouth is a big side effect for a lot of drugs...
  11. Wheelchair

    Thinking About It

    Welcome! The best thing you can do is gain knowledge and then make an informed decision. The band has given a lot of us a second chance at a healthy life and it might do so for you! Just remember...the band isn't the solution. The solution lies in the life you choose to lead after the band. Balance your pros and cons... and I hope you make the best decision!
  12. Wheelchair

    Me Toitle is moving along !

    hahha...toitle...i love it....KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!
  13. Wheelchair

    BIG Gripe!

    True true. My favorite shopping destination is NORTHERN TOOLS and SUMMIT RACING. Everything else is blah...
  14. You do know that statistically, the overall EWL is comparable among WLS.
  15. Wheelchair

    BIG Gripe!

    OP...could you expound on why you find it insulting? I'm not trying to be a smartass or cynical... I would just like to know....better "understand" women . Because in my way of thinking... why wouldn't they do it? It makes a lot of more sense than putting the maternity section right next to the pharmacy... or the pet section... or even lawn and gardens. Why not right next to the baby section? Well....that does make more sense... but perhaps it's because people that already HAVE babies (no more in womb) don't really need to go to the maternity section. (That is... to your disappointment your baby wasn't born 75lbs like you wished for.) Maybe I'm reaching here... but it does seem understanding the opposite sex is an exercise in futility.