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  1. SageTracey

    Band shut tight

    Stress can do that to your band and you are going through some major stress with your friend. Take care
  2. Drinking aside, I went to a concert 10 days post-op and barely made it through the show. It certainly wasn't the most enjoyable experience I have had at a concert even though the artists were brilliant. I was still in a lot of pain and could not get comfortable. Take care.
  3. SageTracey

    How does getting a fill...feel ?

    It's no worse than getting an injection.
  4. This is an NSV cos I can ride my bike! I went riding with my husband on Sunday in an area where we knew there would be swooping magpies so I put the helmet-mounted camera on and started filming. Uploaded to YouTube last night (search for Tracey Matthies on YouTube), and now the Victorian Channel Seven news have picked it up and will be using it to illustrate a story on a government magpie map tonight!
  5. SageTracey

    sick time

    It depends on how your react to the anaesthetic as well as your tolerance to the pain and gas post op. I always have a fuzzy brain for about a week after a general. It really is a personal thing but give yourself plenty of time and don't rush back.
  6. SageTracey

    weight gain and sliming/pbing

    Are you not eating proper meals more regularly because you are sliming or PBing? Or is it for some other reason? If it is the first, then you are possibly too tight and doing yourself more harm than good. I suggest that you see your surgeon and follow his/her advice to get you back on track. The rest of your life sounds great, new boyfriend, new house etc, so look after your health and enjoy it all!
  7. SageTracey

    Bucket List? Life after Lap Band.

    - Look great at my son's wedding - I was pretty damn happy - see my profile photo. - Complete the Great Victorian Bike Ride (multi day cycling event) - started last year but didn't complete because I crashed and hurt myself on day three. Signed up again for this year and hoping a non-band related health issue will not get in the way. However, I have completed the Lions Ride for Sight, an even longer multi day charity bike ride and that felt damned good! - Dance all night - again, achieved until this other health issue cropped up but I will get there again. - Swim with dolphins - hoping to achieve that for my upcoming half century!
  8. SageTracey

    Banded in mexico

    Hey Missy, you held out with being polite for much longer than I could have! WTG. This is a public forum and, as I have seen in your many posts, you do show genuine care and concern for other members. You did your best for this OP and her abusive response is sad. Don't take it personally and keep on sharing your success, experience and knowledge for the benefit of the rest of us.
  9. SageTracey

    wow...bad news

    Wow, this thread has really struck a chord with me! Tomorrow I see my specialist to get the results of my biopsy so I can really empathise with the OP and others who have shared their stories. Thank you. It does help to know that we are not alone on these journeys. Now, if I can just get good news, and the all clear to exercise again, I can start being the strong one for the rest of my family again!! Hang in there everyone
  10. SageTracey

    When is first POST-OP visit?

    First post op visit was one week but that was mainly to check my incisions. First fill was about six weeks.
  11. I had to have a day procedure for a biopsy today which meant sharing my full medical history with a cast of thousands at my local public hospital. I loved it when one of the surgeons, who I had never met before, asked me about the band and then said, "It works." and the anaesthetic doctor also praised me for having my blood pressure and asthma well controlled. Now I just need the biopsy results to come back negative!
  12. SageTracey

    First "stuck"?

    Take it as a learning experience. Old habits die hard and sometimes it takes something like this to remind us to stick to our new eating patterns.
  13. SageTracey

    my job....

    Annual leave....although, to be fair, my workplace is incredibly supportive, especially as I am going through some (non-band related) health issues at the moment.
  14. SageTracey

    Intense burning

    Your vacation will be miserable if you don't get this sorted out. I strongly encourage you to insist on seeing your dr today and telling him/her why you don't think you need an unfill. But remember, they are the experts and have almost certainly seen your situation before. Best of luck. (I have vacation time booked from next week and am planning to go away with my husband, but we are looking to defer our departure date as I am waiting on test results - not related to band. So I can understand your concern.)
  15. it doesn't sound normal to me. I didn't have port pain at three months' post-op and I haven't read of others experiencing gas pain at such a late stage. I would be very happy to be proven wrong, but if you are experiencing pain then you need to contact your Dr sooner rather than later.
  16. SageTracey

    Please help hungery!

    And keep reminding yourself that this phase is only temporary. As you move through these early phases, your eating options become greater, so keep up the great work and just tough if out for a bit longer. Good luck.
  17. Could be that you are a quick healer post surgery. Regardless, please stick with your dietary guidelines and you will get the best outcomes from this surgery.
  18. SageTracey

    Melbourne Cbd Support

    Hi Charlibell. Best wishes. I'm in regional Victoria so not quite in Melbourne...but close. For the mushy stage, I used my blender to bits! I cooked up normal foods then blended them with skim milk (or water), to the consistency of thin baby food. One trick I learnt was to keep the different things separate so that I could still enjoy each flavor. That, plus I made up a batch of meals and then froze then into small containers for single meal serves.
  19. SageTracey


    You could try changing things up a bit to try and break your plateau. For some people that means slightly increasing the number of calories, introducing a new exercise, do a little more or little less. The idea is to jolt your body out of its management of what you are currently doing. Good luck.
  20. SageTracey


    It depends on many factors, not least of which is your dr's policies. Expect to be asked about how much you can eat, whether you can keep drinks down, how long since your last fill, how you felt before that fill, how much that fill was.
  21. SageTracey

    Really need help LOVING my band again!!!

    First of all, good luck and best wishes. Secondly - I am not a doctor or anyway involved in the medical profession so my comments may be completely off track (even if well-intentioned). Have you or are you working on the underlying causes of your anxiety and alternate ways of dealing with stress rather than just treating the symptoms.
  22. SageTracey

    Another NSV?

    Fantastic NSV and congratulations. Just one small thing - NSV stands for Non Scale Victory i.e. The wins we celebrate that aren't about the numbers on the scale.
  23. SageTracey

    Steri Strips itching

    Normal. Yeah, probably not what you wanted to hear, but rest assured, this is normal.
  24. SageTracey

    Post op question

    I went to a concert four days post-op (surgeon had said I would be fine) and with hindsight, I wouldn't do it again. I had gas pains and was still extremely tired. By 10 days I would have enjoyed it a whole lot more.
  25. SageTracey

    Going back to work

    I am an office worker and my surgeon told me to take two weeks off which I did. I could probably have gone back at 10 days but chose not to rush it and I am glad that I didn't. I felt okay from the actual surgery after about five days but I knew from experience that it always takes me about a week to ten days to feel normal after a general anaesthetic.

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