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    It Is Easy If You Follow The Program

    thats great! how many total do you intend to lose?
  2. mickp24


    btw I meant I was never filled
  3. mickp24

    I am slowly going crazy 1,2,3,4,5,6 switch

    I believe you should share your excellent decision with her. Though she is judgmental (aren't we all in one way or another) she might (MIGHT) come around. Tell her how supportive your friends and family are as you tell her and then if she "disses" you, you can say that at least every one else understands and cares. gl Michael Pickert michaelwasfat.blogspot.com
  4. mickp24

    Yup fill PA done made me mad!!

    I eat 800 calories per day and keep careful track of it all. I am 5 months post-op and have lost 86 pounds of the total 101 I need to lose. I respectfully suggest that perhaps you are consuming the so-called hidden calories that everyone talks about. If you like, I would be glad to review a week's worth of food and check to see that you are not overlooking those annoying calories. I cannot possibly be condescending because we are all in the same boat. Michael Pickert MD visit my external blog at : Michaelwasfat.blogspot.com email me at michaelwasfat1@gmail.com If you are interested I will send you my spreadsheet that I use daily.
  5. mickp24

    A week shy of 3 months and 47 lbs down!

    The question is why if you are doing so well your surgeon would do any fills at all? I am 4 1/2 month post-op have lost 85 pounds and my surgeon says why tamper with success? Michael Pickert come see me at my outside blog:michaelwasfat.blogspot.com
  6. mickp24

    From: Flying with a band - advice from my Doc

    very interesting, thanks for sharing!
  7. 4 months, 75 down, 26 to go for my initial objective. Over Labor Day weekend, I went to a BBQ where I saw many people who hadn't seen me in the last four months. Boy, were they ever surprised at how I look. Many of them offered me congratulations on how well I was doing. It still feels good to hear. However, I was surprised by a few who remain convinced that if I had just a little willpower and stick-to-it-ness, exercised more, I wouldn't have needed the LapBand. I guess that many people feel that way but (mercifully) don't share those thoughts. Imagine telling a lung cancer patient during their chemo they should have used more willpower and not smoked. Not to mention that numerous studies show that fat people "see" food differently than normal-weight ones......(To read the rest, visit my external blog at michaelwasfat.blogspot. Michael Pickert MD
  8. mickp24


    the question is not merely is your BMI appropriate for the surgery, but will you keep off the weight that brought you down to 35?? If not, and the odds are you won't (sorry) then do it now from this level so that maintenance into the future will be so much easier. visit me at MichaelWasFat.blogspot.com
  9. mickp24

    6 Days to go....

    My surgeon did not believe in the full liquid diet prior to surgery and I weighed in on Band-day at my all time high. Since then (4 months) I am down 75, 26 more to go to my initial target. I invite you to visit me at my external blog: Michaelwasfat.blogspot.com for ideas. Check out my archives and maybe I could be your band buddy
  10. I have trouble believing what I read here. Fills during surgery or every two weeks or done by physician assistants. I don't get it. My doctor doesn't do a fill unless you are having trouble losing weight. Then the things people report they are eating is amazing! BREAD? nuh-uh. Sauces or gravy?? No way. Rice, pasta and potatoes?? Don't you people want to lose weight?? I have stayed under 900 calories for 14 weeks. If I need to eat something during the day, I don't use protein shakes or power bars or anything that has more than 50 calories. Try eating the small sweet pepper (10 per) or pickles (zero) or eat a sugar-free jello (10) or drink some bouillon soup. (0) Get with the program, folks. This is your life. The lapband is only a tool that will allow your diet to succeed. The lapband is not a diet! come see me at michaelwasfat.blogspot.com to understand what you need to be thinking about.
  11. mickp24

    Protein Shakes/Bars which is the best kind?

    i don't understand any of this. I eat 1 serving of Cream of Wheat + 4 oz of fat-free, sugar-free yogurt every morning for breakfast. (total=170 calories) I don't know why there is any talk of these shakes or breakfast bars which I imagine have too many calories. It is important to eat as you will for the rest of your life. currently 14 weeks post-op, down 67 pounds Follow me at michaelwasfat.blogspot.com for these and other ideas.
  12. mickp24

    Lazy in Vegas and Final Weigh In!

    GL w your journey. My doctor did not require any pre-op dietary changes. I told him I was going to make the rounds of my favorite piggy troughs and he saw no problem w that. Michael Pickert MD Join me at my external blog at: Michaelwasfat.blogspot.com or email me at michaelwasfat1@gmail.com
  13. mickp24

    On the right track again

    I am 13 weeks post op and have not had any fills at all. I have lost 62 pounds so far and my doctor will not fill unless I stop losing weight. You mentioned some things that struck a discordant note to me: I NEVER eat bread (rarely, some toast) I chew everything to mush, I never guzzle water and most of all I never drink during the meal or for an hour afterwards. A meal should take 30-45 minutes. Please consider all of this. Just some suggestions for you. Michael Pickert MD Join me at my external blog at: Michaelwasfat.blogspot.com or email me at michaelwasfat1@gmail.com
  14. mickp24

    Learning to be banded.

    I wonder why we feel such different things. I am post-op over 3 months (lost 62 pounds) with no fill and I do not ever get hungry. I eat 700-800 calories per day, no bread (except toast, rarely) I cut all my food into tiny pieces and make sure to use a lot of mustard so that it is not dry as I am swallowing. I do not drink anything during my meal or for 1 hour afterwards so that there will be delayed emptying of the pouch. When I get hungry (and NEVER the all-consuming hunger I used to feel) I eat some pickles or a few peppers or have a salad with zero- calorie dressing. Please advise me what you do differently. Michael Pickert MD Join me at my external blog at: Michaelwasfat.blogspot.com or email me at michaelwasfat1@gmail.com
  15. mickp24

    What if someone knows you are banded?

    I am mystified about what you said regarding other people's attitudes. I have not come into contact with anyone, ever, who has been critical of my LB and in fact most are amazed by it. Better luck 2 u in finding less judgmental people. Visit me at my outside blog: michaelwasfat.blogspot.com or write to me at michaelwasfat1@gmail.com
  16. mickp24


    you clearly need to chill and bring your mother into your support circle. What do you do all day?
  17. mickp24

    3 month BANDiversary!!!!

    congrats to you, I LOVE your first paragraph. I can relate completely. You might enjoy my external blog: Michaelwasfat.blogspot.com or email me at Mickp_24@hotmail.com Michael Pickert MD
  18. mickp24

    16 days post op

    Good Luck, for advice and other ideas go to my external blog Michaelwasfat.blogspot.com or email me at mickp_24@hotmail.com Michael Pickert MD
  19. mickp24


    You need to use my weight loss calorie predictor! Come see me at michaelwasfat.blogspot.com
  20. mickp24

    Support Group

    Come see me at my external blog: Michaelwasfat.blogspot.com or write to me at mickp_24@hotmail.com Michael Pickert MD
  21. mickp24

    It's OK to be hungry

    When I get "hungry" I take a tablespoon of chocolate pudding (10 calories) or a few pickles (essentially 0) or.... Michael Pickert MD follow me at my personal blog: michaelwasfat.blogspot.com
  22. mickp24

    6 months post op!

    I know I am a newbie but I can offer some tips follow me at: http://michaelwasfat.blogspot.com/ email:mickp_24@hotmail.com
  23. mickp24

    6 months and no weight loss...band practically full

    It is inconceivable to me that you are not losing weight. You need to do the following religiously and honestly: keep a spreadsheet of everything you eat. Everything! If you are taking in more than 1000 calories a day, then you need to assess where you are eating them. If you feel the need to graze than learn how to graze minimally and smarter. Follow my blog (and admittedly I am a 6-week newbie) and get tips there. Michael Pickert MD
  24. mickp24

    One Week after Surgery

    If my doctor had me see a PA I would find another surgeon, although it is too late for that now. I have been eating 600-650 per day and am completely satisfied and my doctor told me my band is not restricted at all right now. Consider bouillon soup, always a good filler. visit me at my personal blog:http://michaelwasfat.blogspot.com/
  25. mickp24

    5 June 2011

    i recommend a spell checker. Your BP meds aren't keeping you fat... you are, I'm sorry to say. Are you keeping an honest accurate journal of what you are eating and the calories?? If not, do so immediately. Also, in the morning PLAN your meals for the day so you know how to apportion your calories. Michael Pickert MD follow me at my personal blog: http://michaelwasfat.blogspot.com/

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