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About Me

I joined VSG in December 2010 after deciding to pursue WLS in November 2010. I'd been lurking for about a month. I originally thought I wanted a lap band, but after learning more on VST and other sites, I decided to become a sleever.



For those interested in the Kaiser Fremont process: I met with my primary care Dr. in Nov. and he signed me up for the next Overview meeting in Santa Clara. Because of the holidays, that was Jan. 11. After a couple of hiccups (correct weighty wasn't documented and Dr. misunderstood my request for referral), I was referred to Kaiser Fremont Bariatric program and attended Orientation there on Feb 13. I read the book we received in that meeting and began taking the vitamins and following the 1200 diet immediately. Also, at the end of Orientation, I scheduled by next appt for 3/3. At the 3/3 appt. I met with the nutritionist, who was pleased with my diet, vitamins, ,and exercise routine, the surgeon, who reviewed by med history and declared me a good candidate for the sleeve, and the program coordinator, who explained the next steps I need to take.


Next steps for me were a chest xray, EKG, tetanus shot and anemia blood test (all other tests are current), and attending at least one F2F support group meeting. After I was within 10 lbs of goal I got an appt with the psych. When I lost 10% of my weight, my surgery was scheduled. It took about another 6 weeks after that before I had the surgery. During those six weeks, I practiced chewing a lot, sipping slowly, and I gave up coffee.


I had a undiagnosed hernia, which was repaired during surgery. Post-op, I developed severe lactose intolerance. At two years out, it's not completely gone, but I can enjoy the occasional ice cream or latte.


I hit onderland on June 22, 2011, a little more than one month post op and goal weight on March 25, 2012, about nine months post-op. I've been maintaining goal within 5 lbs. since then.


My blood pressure dropped enough that I was offf all meds for a few months, but it slowly crept back up and I now take medicine again, although not as much as before. I also no longer take cholesterol medication.


My hair did thin beginning in month 4, but by about 18 months out, it was thick all the way to end again.


I was cleared for coffee at three months, and the occasional drink at 6 months.


For me, WLS surgery has been a life changer. I love life at goal.