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  1. Hi all, This topic is for vets (more than one year out, bonus points for every extra year!) to post what they are eating today. I'll start. I'm almost 5 years out and I'm battling a 20 lb. weight regain. I've joined Weight Watchers and am following their new plan, which is more protein-centric than in the past. Here's my day: B: 2 Jimmy Dean low-fat Turkey Sausage Patties and 1/3 c. oatmeal, cooked with 1 cup Water and a little splenda and salt L: Spinach and cheese Flatbread from costco (240 calories) and 1.5 oz. turkey lunchmeat S: 100 calorie bag of popcorn and two small tangerines D: 3 oz. low fat ground beef (we grind our own) on a WW sandwich thin with 1 c. homemade tomato Soup (low sugar canned pureed tomatoes, basil, a little salt and water) S: not sure I'll have one but planning on 3/4 c. plain fat-free greek yogurt topped with 1/3 c. frozen berries
  2. Tracking and accountability help me. I write down everything I eat. I look up nutritional data before eating stuff. I call my mom each evening and discuss what I've eaten that day. And I stock up on low cal, no cal, and high Protein foods along with calorie free drink options. Like right now, I wanted homemade popcorn, but I looked at the calories for oil and butter, and decided to have something else. Then I came online here to cheer myself up. So now, I will have ak-mak crackers and low fat string cheese. And admire my skinny jeans that fit! Sent from my iPad using the BariatricPal App
  3. lsereno

    Surprised at how fat I am

    I'm almost 5 years out. I didn't see my weight and even funnier, as I lost, I didn't feel skinner at first, but other people started looking fatter. I had a lot of body confusion after losing the weight. Took a while to learn to stand straight ( I thought I was but the extra weight had me hunched), walk with my legs together, keep my arms at my side, recognize myself in mirrors, and realize I could fit down an aisle even if someone was in it. Remember that jumping squash in plants vs. zombies? My midsection looked like that as I lost weight. I'm still flabby but overall I'm happy. Sent from my iPad using the BariatricPal App
  4. lsereno

    New- couple questions

    I'm almost 5 years out and can drink small amounts of carbonated beverages. I don't dink them every day or even once per week. But I have had champagne , diet root beer, and sparkling Water. I have drank 1-2 cups of caffeinated coffee since 3 months out. I eat Protein first, some veggies or fruit, and then whole grains. Processed carbs don't fill me as well. Sent from my iPad using the BariatricPal App
  5. lsereno

    Healthy Snack Ideas?!

    I love low fat string cheese, salami, and lunch meats. Gallo's reduced fat salami is tasty. For a change up, roll a slice of lunch eat around the string cheese. Sent from my iPad using the BariatricPal App
  6. lsereno

    I have been rejected

    RJ, I'm so sorry health issues prevented you from have the skin removal. And it sounds like the pain in your side will prevent you from wearing many compression garments. I've seen some longer boy shorts type indies that are soft and stretchy and might hold on the bits that are slipping out of the panties. I know you are disappointed and sad, but please remember to tell yourself what you would tell a dear friend in the same situation. Here's to our health and a long and happy life, filled with people who love us ! Sent from my iPad using the BariatricPal App
  7. lsereno

    First movie post surgery

    Yep, I can eat an embarrassing amount of popcorn. Sometimes, I bring one of those microwave bags in my purse so I won't eat the movie popcorn. Lynda
  8. Boy do I know what you mean! I live in San Francisco Bay Area and while I was still morbidly obese, went to Angel Island on Labor Day weekend. The only way to get there is by boat and it's an extremely popular tourist destination, Broke my ankle and had to be hauled off in the sheriff's boat and loaded into the ambulance at the dock. Two guys had to fireman carry me because no way I could walk. And when we got to the dock, an entire three-story steamship watched me get carried off the boat because they couldn't get off their boat till I was loaded on the ambulance. Ugh!!! I would have given anything to be normal sized. I hope the face-plant was just a fluke. Lynda
  9. lsereno

    Vets: What Are You Eating Today?

    Hi all, Weight Watchers weigh in day tomorrow! Here's what I ate today: B: Same as yesterday, 1/3 cup oatmeal cooked with 1 c. Water and 2 Jimmy Dean Low Fat Turkey Sausage Patties S: 1/2 bananna L: costco Spinach and cheese Flatbread and 1/2 c. homemade tomato Soup S: Toasted sandwich thin and 1/2 c. tomato soup D: 1.5 Banquet Salisbury Steak patties with 2 T. gravy, 5 oz. baked potato If I want something after dinner tonight, I will have sleepy time tea with splenda.
  10. I eat three meals and 1-3 Snacks per day. Midmorning snack is often fruit. Midafternoon snack is often Protein and a little starch maybe. Evening snack is usually junky, but low cal. Lynda
  11. I have to say, as a Kaiser Bariatrics patient, I felt more confident because I trusted Kaiser. I was still terrified though. Especially the day of surgery. I knew the risks going in, but for me the risk of remaining overweight was greater. 5 years out now. No complications other than I became lactose intolerant. For most people who have that issue post-op, it clears up in a few months. Mine is better but not gone. I can count on "issues" if I eat ice cream or drink milk. Lynda
  12. lsereno

    So ashamed smh

    @@gettinMeBack, You've got some great advice. Here are a few more tips to help on your journey., Don't just give something up. Replace it. Want to stop snacking at night? Start a new routine instead. For me, I like to apply a flavored lip gloss, rub in some scented hand lotion, and drink a cup of Sleepy Time Tea, sweetened with Splenda. You can't hate yourself thin. Think of what you would tell your best friend in this situation. That's what you tell yourself. Repeat. Repeat. Instead of dwelling on why X food is bad for you, dwell on why you like Y food and how great it makes you feel. I recently read a study that says focusing on why you like good foods is better for weight loss than focusing on why you shouldn't eat unhealthy foods. Consider eating a diet high in pro-biotics and pre-biotics for a few weeks. I really think for many of us, weight issues are related to gut bacteria. Lynda
  13. Yes we will get back to goal proud grammy! I'm joining you in the 60s later this year.
  14. lsereno

    Who's still around?

    CJ, Hope you are recovering well. I know what you mean about the few pounds. I have quite a few things I can't wear and I just don't feel as good as I did at goal weight. l
  15. lsereno

    Who's still around?

    So far I'm liking WW. I attend the in-person meetings and go to a WW center so there are more to chose from. I kept going to different ones till I found a leader I liked. The program is now more protein-centric. I really like WW, it just couldn't help me lose the entire amount I had to lose. I'm hoping since it's 20 lbs. this time, it will work for me. I'm down 5 lbs. Hoping to get to lifetime and have it as an in-person support group for free.
  16. lsereno

    Who's still around?

    Thank you! I probably won't be posting every day for a little while because the app isn't working well on my ipad and I'm super busy with volunteer work for the next few weeks. Maybe we can have a weight loss challenge here in the vets forum. I don't want to participate in one with newly sleeved who are bummed they are only losing 5 lbs per week!
  17. lsereno

    Who's still around?

    I'd like to have a what did you eat thread in our vets group. Busy till next Wednesday, but will start one then if someone doesn't beat me to it. So far so good with Weight Watchers. They have changed their plan to be more protein-centric, so it's a better fit for post-WLS.
  18. lsereno

    California? Anyone...ツ

    I had Dr. Hahn. Love him!! Coming up on my 5 year anniversary on Mau 16. Sent from my iPad using the BariatricPal App
  19. How about the unjury chicken? It was all I could tolerate the first week post op. Sent from my iPad using the BariatricPal App
  20. If you prefer Almond Milk, consider using the shelf stable singles to mix with dry Protein powder: https://silk.com/products/vanilla-almondmilk-singles There is a product finder there too so you can find a local store. Or maybe order online. When I drank the powdered protein, I really preferred it freshly mixed. After sitting, it seemed to me the taste and texture changed. Also, I really liked mixing GNC's Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard vanilla with a package of Starbucks Decaf coffee. No milk needed. Another choice for no milk is Unjury's chicken flavor protein. You have to be very careful of the temp though. If the Water is to hot, it's a clumpy mess. Lynda
  21. Congrats and Happy Birthday! Here's to the next 62 years! Lynda
  22. lsereno

    Who's still around?

    I'm back after being away for more than a year. I missed the whole vets group is gone mess because apparently it was removed and returned while I was gone. Glad I missed that flap! My weight has continued to creep (have gone from 10 pds over goal to 20 pds over goal) and I have decided that is it. My focus is to return here and rededicate myself to goal weight. Oh, and I joined Weight Watchers. For the first time ever, I think I can get to lifetime goal with them. If so, it's free as long as I'm in weight range. So excited about that! Because I'm terrified to go back. If I gain 10 lbs per year, in ten years..... Love to see familiar faces here. Lynda
  23. I had my last period right about the time I had surgery. I haven't noticed a direct correlation because I vary widely on Snacks and exercise, so it's hard for me to say what causes a gain or loss, other than those two factors for me. Lynda
  24. CJ, I get my bloodwork every year. Coming up on year 5 in May. But after your post, I checked and I see I haven't had my cholesterol since 2 years post op. I'm going to request a check this year. Lynda
  25. Hi all, I haven't posted in awhile. I'll be 5 years out from VSG in May. I miss: The ladies in the plus size department in Macy's Valley Fair. Shopping in the regular departments can be a nightmare! I love: Buying tons of things at Marshalls, Walmart, and Target. So easy to get a cute sweatshirt, tank, or tee. I miss: Margaritas, Milk and most milk products, and Flour Tortillas. Other than those foods, I can eat small amounts of about everything else. I love: Not being the biggest person everywhere I go. Fitting into seats and not worrying about it. Walking down aisles in the store even when someone else is already in them. Feeling healthy, strong, and in control of what I eat. Lynda