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  1. Kymbethin

    December 6, 2011

    Hi Miss Ann, girl do I feel your pain! This band can often times be so fickle. One day I can eat what I want and the next day, not so much. I've had my band since May and I haven't gotten a fill since September and now all of a sudden I haven't been able to eat the last past couple of days. I went to a Pappadeaux's tonight for dinner and I couldn't keep down the spinach dip or the half lump crab cake. This morning, I ate two bites of malt-o-meal and it came back up. This has only happened to me one other time and I don't know what to think....#understandingplease
  2. Kymbethin

    The Harvest Moon Challenge

    Name, real or screen~ Kymberly Age~ 36 Weight on September 1st~ 204 Goal Weight for September 29th~196 Exercise Goal for September~ Increase my frequency (gym/bike) Dietary Goal for September~ To limit chips (salsa) and/or guacamole to only once per week Personal Goal for September~ To become more focused and efficient in my work Date Banded~ May 18th, 2011 Total Weight Loss Since Banding~ 30 pounds of pure fat...No Muscle loss
  3. Kymbethin

    From: The Harvest Moon Challenge

    Name, real or screen~ Kymberly Age~ 36 Weight on September 1st~ 204 Goal Weight for September 29th~196 Exercise Goal for September~ Increase my frequency (gym/bike) Dietary Goal for September~ To limit chips (salsa) and/or guacamole to only once per week Personal Goal for September~ To become more focused and efficient in my work Date Banded~ May 18th, 2011 Total Weight Loss Since Banding~ 30 pounds of pure fat...No Muscle loss Source: The Harvest Moon Challenge
  4. Kymbethin

    The Mistake of Over-fills

    Great advice...I'm more than at the half-way mark for my fills, and I must say that with each fill that I've gotten, my appetite is great, eating my correct portions, no hunger and great satiety levels. After those initial two weeks I find myself getting hungrier and eating more. I find that I lose the most weight during those initial two weeks post-fill and I stagnate until my next appointment. I'm very FORTUNATE that I've never been stuck, never slimmed, and have NEVER thrown up...so what I know for a fact is the band reacts differently for everyone. Mine is so fickle that it changes almost daily sometimes. For instance sometimes I don't have an appetite at all in the mornings, other times I wake up hungrier than a horse. So my advice, fills work differently for everyone, just get to know your body and your band and learn when you're most successful during each phase of your journey. I'm a personal trainer so you are absolutely right about the 80% diet and 20% working out rule. This has been my problem over the years because I LOVE to workout in a gym, and I like to be active...but the scale won't budge much if my diet is outta wack, protein and complex carbs are definitely keys to success in anyone trying to overcome the battle of the bulge. I wish you much continued success
  5. Kymbethin

    Chugging on along

    Congrats girl! You look great...I betcha that 6.25 is a sweet spot, can't wait to get my next fill, next week!
  6. Kymbethin

    Cheers, Toast, Bravo!

    As I'm sitting here laughing Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm, I've realized that I hadn't blogged in a while. I guess one reason is that I had not had any new developments. Last month was slow, I didn't lose much weight, appetite was (pre-band) normal, but I was satisfied. I lost some inches, none of the clothes of my closet are too tight or too little, and overall I felt great! I had a fill on Thursday and now I have close to 6cc's in my 10cc band. I think I've finally reached my sweet spot! I haven't been hungry, I'm only eating about two meals a day and they are the perfect portion, SWEET! Since that time, I've dropped FIVE whole pounds, I'm ecstatic! I don't know if any of you have seen the documentary, 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead' but it's a great piece on the benefits of juicing, if you have Netflix, check it out. So I went out and purchased a juicer from Bed, Bath and Beyond and went to the Farmer's Market and purchased a load of fruits and veggies. It is so much fun juicing, and it tastes yummy. Furthermore, I can't tell you how much better I feel! Energetic, headaches lessening, and juice is very satisfying to my appetite. I think it's part of the reason for my success this week. More good news is I've been offered a brand new career opportunity, so I will be starting my new job as the Director of Sales for Zomm, LLC. Check us out at zomm.com I still haven't reached Onederland yet, but I'm knocking on its door, more success to follow! Happy Travels Everyone! Kymmie
  7. Kymbethin

    8 winning tips....

    Thanks for posting your WINNING tips...these are great!
  8. Kymbethin

    Slow weight loss!

    I was banded just a couple of weeks before you. I too wish that my results were better, but what you have to realize is that 18lbs is still a lot of weight. Think about looking at 18lbs of fat on a scale, or carrying around an 18lb toddler...isn't it impressive that you're not carrying that around anymore? I've had to learn to be patient with myself, and realize that although it's coming off slower than I expected, I don't have to worry about seeing myself at this size again, my best friend and partner continues to remind me to enjoy the journey and stop thinking so much about the end result. Embrace the investment that you've made in yourself and savor the achievement of each pound and each inch that you continue to lose! Happy Travels
  9. It's been a while, I hadn't blogged because there hasn't been much to report. I did receive my second fill today and I have lost an additional seven pounds since my last fill less than four weeks ago. My realistic loss was a little more because I had some additional retention from that "TOM". I guess my self-expectations are higher than what's realistic, I know we all think that what we've lost isn't good enough, and I have to continually check myself on not negating my progress. It's hard work! The portion controls, stopping yourself from completely indulging in a meal that you're enjoying, sacrificing your time by going to the gym and keeping in mind that you've invested some major buckaroos in attaining these goals. I'm grateful that I haven't experienced the stuck feeling, the slimming, or the episodes of pain from eating too fast or eating the wrong things altogether. I've pretty much been able to eat what I want without deprivation or restriction, but I have learned the art of grazing on those things that are the most appetizing to me. One or two bites and it's enough to satisfy that craving or curiosity. I am a workout fanatic, I love participating in spin class, lifting weights, riding my mountain bike and doing some type of High Intensity Circuit Training, because of that I have seen a difference in inches loss and total fat percentage decrease. This week has been a bit of a struggle because of my "not-so-friendly" monthly visitor, so I hope I can bounce back next week and reach my goal of working out twice daily (wish me luck). Another thing, I spoke to my PA today and I asked her about combining the lap band with the HCG injections and diet. I had actually invested 600 bucks on the program before I decided to get the Lapband. I have a vial left and she said that the diet acceptable for the protocol, but to not be discouraged if I experience a sudden loss and then later an uptick in weight gain. So I'm still trying to decide whether or not I want to do the protocol for about 20 days to jumpstart my loss (we're talking 20lbs in 20 days). I'll keep you guys posted on my progress. I did get a B12 injection today (included with the HCG program that I had paid for in the Spring) and it's supposed to increase my energy and help to efficiently metabolize fat. I did take them once a week last year, and I could tell a significant difference in my overall energy level and weight loss. I know I'm kinda long winded tonight, I'm completely relaxed as I sit here sipping on my Apple Martini! Good Night All Happy Travels, Kymberly
  10. Kymbethin

    The Food Blues & Why I'm Not Crying Over It

    Very inspiring! We had our surgery on the same day! You are doing fantastic, and all of us who has commented share your exact sentiments. It's very difficult to face the realization that food WAS a way of life for so many of us; but the fun part is replacing it with things that will actually fulfill our lives instead of FILLING our bellies! Adventure and true happiness awaits!
  11. Kymbethin

    Where did that 5 pounds go? Second fill!!!!!YES!!!!

    Inbox me your number, let's chat!
  12. Kymbethin

    Where did that 5 pounds go? Second fill!!!!!YES!!!!

    Congrats Jennifer! You were on the ball and didn't even know it! You are well on your way to success...you'll have to tell me how that restriction feels. Although I don't really have restriction either, and I can pretty much eat what I want as much as I want, I am nervous about having too much of a restriction and having issues like being "stuck" or throwing up. Keep us posted sunshine!
  13. When I went to the doctor's office last Tuesday and weighed in at 219lbs I was grateful for what I had accomplished at that point. During the month of May my heaviest weight was a shameful 243lbs, which was the heaviest I had ever been in my life (even with five pregnancies). Even during the shame I remained hopeful and confident that it would be the last time that I would feel myself inside that body. As I reflected on my weight at 219 last week I started to think of what I desired to accomplish within the next seven days. For me, I set for myself mini goals, or baby steps that are attainable week after week. The goal that I wanted to accomplish for last week was to get out of the teens, I felt that seven pounds would be rather difficult to attain because A) I wouldn't have the opportunity to workout because I was going out of town and I hadn't lost seven pounds in a week since the surgery. So I was satisfied at achieving this goal by the end of this week. To my delight, when I got on the scale this morning I was 212lbs!! I DIDN'T believe my scale so I weighed myself again, and again, standing on it in a different spot each time! At some points the number was lower...but 212 made me happy! It feels great to have this tool in place to keep me from feeling the discouragement of: Working out and not seeing results Overeating at the end of the day because I've starved myself all day Overeating...period! Being on yet another failed diet and most importantly being yet another victim of circumstance My goal this week is to be in single digits so I can prepare for my next trip to onederland! Who's with me? Let's get ready...set...go!
  14. Wasn't it an amazing feeling that the fill ended up being practically painless? The two days on liquid weren't really bad at all. I only had full liquids the first day and mushies the second day, so the time actually flew by. I haven't done any specific ab work either, I have only worked my core when I've done other exercises. I can't wait to do a full fledged workout again. My PA told me that I had to wait another 2-4 weeks before I can really begin working out hard core like I want to...
  15. Kymbethin

    Checking in

    Hey girl, you still rock! Keep persevering!

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