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  1. 2 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 2nd Anniversary ryansgirl!

  2. 2 years have passed since you registered at VerticalSleeveTalk! Happy 2nd Anniversary ryansgirl!

  3. think i got it figure out lol now that i have time from school!

  4. it has too much ads going on around here just too much to try to focus lol

  5. it has too much ads going on around here just too much to try to focus lol

  6. it has too much ads going on around here just too much to try to focus lol

  7. trying to get my acount deleted not really feeling this place anymore (shurgs)

  8. ryansgirl

    3 pounds below goal!

    thanks guys so much! yes it was a lot of hard work the only key i really know that work is to stay persistent i had alot of people who told me i should be glad to make it 170 but that is not what i had wanted. exercise is very much so part of my life. don't forget fitness is a journey too who know next maybe i train to climb a moutain well it a thought. point is look at this as your golden shot. personally i don't eat beef, chicken or turkey anymore just seafood and veggies. sadly im addict to splenda and i'm trying really hard to get rid of it (but i really like) ive find new hobbies. there life outside the kitchen. i've taken up Adult ballet and i find it fun and to be a great workout for the body as well. also my taste buds have done a 360 as well things i use to love before just are not for me anymore result of the surgery? i don't know maybe maybe not. my mind has be though so much rewiring i can't really tell lol. at my weight i was really regretting getting the sleeve in my early start because after the first 80 maybe it seem like the sleeve wasn't enough but then i realize regradless of what i had i had to do the work. do i worry about it streching no. i always wonder why people do considering no one can make you eat a whole cake and it not really magical like i thought before i had surgery. it an awesome tool and im glad i chose the sleeve but it will always be up to me how it will end. so i have no magic in a bottle just a clean diet and plenty of exercise that i had to make part of my life and i never make excuses for myself, to quit. really it does became second nature after a while.
  9. good luck w/ upcoming surgery!! xo

  10. So i made it past goal (150 now I'm 147)so that put me down for a 176 pounds in 13 months not too shabby i say. sorry guys not really liking the new layout of site too busy for me (for those who have adhd you understand) when i get the ambition i will figure out how to put my new pics up. but anyway it been a wild ride thus far and to think this new year eve (if i;m bless to see it) it wont be about weight lol. i had a aunt that died 7 weeks ago that just broke my heart she never got a chance to see me thin again and i never got a chance to show her my ring and worst of all to say i love you, goodbye, and i sorry for not calling and thanks for loving me rasing me, ect,,,(for those who don't know i got engaged on august 23 my aunt died august 31) she was only 58. three weeks before she died she told my mother for me to call her and i have no excuse for not doing it the week i was going to call her (she died of a aneursym (sp) this is my first death ever (this women raised me for eight years. she was the first parent i ever had my parents had me young and they had to find themselves i guess) ironically i allowed myself to feel everything i didn't stuff my feelings this time and i shared how i felt with the other family members. anyway to make a long story short my mother and i are closer then we every been i check on everybody now. i have forgiven and ive ask for forgiveness as well to those ive might or have done wrong i forgot how much my family loves me. i know death is real but i mean for me it was like a reality check or something maybe those who remember their first experience w/death know how i feel maybe?????? i don't know. anyway on the upside i stand up for myself now ( of course it always ladyllike lol). i met a lot of new friends and i get out the house every chance i get! i have grown SO much as a person I've truly learn and have empathy for people and it has help me with a lot with my anger towards things and people. somethings i learn the weight did not fix my problems that i use to blame my weight on those are inner things Im still working on. i enjoy my meetings with my therapist and i love my OA meetings. but i love life and i think i get life now it not suppose to be perfect it just life and i can accept that. accept is another word i use a lot now lol because when you can do that you made the first step towards a lot of things to change. so ladies and gent this is what my weight-loss journey has done for me yes it great to be slim but i feel more emotional mended and it make me feel a lot better period of who i am and i don't compare or beat myself up anymore about my so call flaws. I'm a gypsy at heart and that OK! also thank you guys for your love and support as well! sorry for the long post by the way.
  11. thanks hun! im sure you will!!!!

  12. ryan'sgirl

    i want to say you look realy great and have been such an inspiration. i can only hope that i will do as well as you have durning my journey. i have not bee sleeved yet but thei site is lovely and has answered lots of my question. you ane tiffakins have been so encouraging. you've done a good job and you have reached goal. congrats and God Bless.


  13. back at cha sweetie!!!!!! love the new avatar!

  14. Congrats! That is awesome!

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