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  1. Asherscrashers

    NJ mentor?

    yes there is a jersey group i started it i think i can invite you let me look
  2. Asherscrashers

    Anyone from nj?

    i'm in NJ where in nj are you?
  3. Asherscrashers

    band removal for the sleeve?

    i go to my surgeon's support group every month but i feel the people there tend to be very fake and saying the things the dr wants to hear and not being real. because to them all they ever talk about is the good things not the things that they struggle with ... and i will stick around i have been on this site for 3 years now so i'm not going anywhere
  4. Asherscrashers

    What Up Jersey!

    we could ! my dr does have a support group that meets every 2nd wednesday of the month it's a good time and actually i am running march's group on the importance of excercise and we are even going to do some zumba ( i am an instructor) other than that if you want to do something for this group... i live in Brick I would be willing to meet up in real life
  5. Asherscrashers

    What Up Jersey!

    i am in central too i am in brick
  6. Asherscrashers

    The Waiting Officially Starts!

    congrats to you! it will be the best decision you ever made! I wish you a lot of luck! if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask
  7. Asherscrashers

    Why Am I Not Losing???

    i got to that point too after a few weeks of being banded but do not worry your body is going through a lot of changes and you will start losing again soon my nut told me that i wouldn't start losing until i started eating again which was true the weight started coming off pretty quick then you are just in bandsters hell right now it too will pass
  8. Asherscrashers

    Central Jersey Walking Meet Up

    me too!
  9. i did they are awesome! you will love them! i am going down there today for a fill
  10. Asherscrashers

    Mental I Tell Ya...

    i feel so mental ever since i had my surgery i think we focus so much on the numbers on the scale and forget to look at the other things like smaller clothes, and more energy and getting off medication... i also get so frustrated that i have let my head win lately instead of my band telling me what to do ... i will not be hungry physically but my head will tell me i deserve a treat since i have been working out... please tell me i am not the only crazy one with that
  11. Asherscrashers

    Looking For Walking/exercise Friends

    we can keep each other accountable even though we are not close like motivate each other to do the right things
  12. Asherscrashers

    Want A Band Buddy. Browns Mills, Nj

    lori you have my doctor!
  13. Asherscrashers

    Looking For Walking/exercise Friends

    i am there with you! unfortunately i live in NJ it is hard to do it alone for sure
  14. Asherscrashers


    het all i had my surgery april 22nd 2011 and i am down 106 lbs things have been slow lately... any advice to jumpstart again?
  15. Asherscrashers

    September Autumn Challenge

    Name, real or screen~ Ashley Goal weight for September 29th~ 280lbs Weight on September 1st~294 Age~28 Dietary goal for September~ Exercise goal for September~ i want to get back to excersising every day Personal goal for September~ drink more water, eat less calories Date banded~4/22/2011 Total weight loss since banding/pre op diet~ 106 lbs What is your favorite Fall Activity?~ pumpkin picking, corn mazes

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