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  1. Asherscrashers

    What Up Jersey!

    hey all! welcome to the group! ROLL CALL where in jersey are you? where did you have your surgery? when did/ or are you going to have your surgery? Hi i'm ashley i am in ocean county .. i had my surgery at southern ocean county hospital on april 22, 2011 and currently down 100 lbs!! look forward to getting to know all of you please invite your friends and get this place hoppin
  2. Asherscrashers

    NJ mentor?

    the name of the group is New Jersey Bandsters
  3. Asherscrashers


    welcome! sorry I just saw this! how are you doing so far?
  4. Asherscrashers

    NJ mentor?

    yes there is a jersey group i started it i think i can invite you let me look
  5. Asherscrashers

    Anyone from nj?

    i'm in NJ where in nj are you?
  6. Asherscrashers

    band removal for the sleeve?

    i go to my surgeon's support group every month but i feel the people there tend to be very fake and saying the things the dr wants to hear and not being real. because to them all they ever talk about is the good things not the things that they struggle with ... and i will stick around i have been on this site for 3 years now so i'm not going anywhere
  7. Asherscrashers

    band removal for the sleeve?

    has anyone had their band removed and got the sleeve? I am thinking of doing this not for complications reasons but the band doesn't seem to be helping me anymore.. i need some advice thanks!
  8. Asherscrashers

    band removal for the sleeve?

    thanks for the responses ... i do have an appt with my surgeon today for a fill i think i am gonna request to get an xray to make sure my band hasn't slipped or anything and take it from there... you are right it is just a tool I think too many times i depend on it to do more than it's supposed to. I think i just need a lot of encouragement and discipline to really get back at it again and not give up if things slow down again... and i certainly was not offended by your comments/... i appreciate the input
  9. Asherscrashers

    band removal for the sleeve?

    well the first year i lost 100 lbs and since then i have been struggling to lose any more i was sticking to the plan and excercising for a long time but then i got discouraged and stopped trying as hard because the weight stopped coming off... i feel i can eat too much and have had to have a couple unfills as things kept getting stuck and i was throwing up a lot
  10. Asherscrashers

    NJ mentor?

    i am in NJ and had the band for 2 years would love to be a buddy/ mentor i could use it too!
  11. Asherscrashers

    To tattoo or not?

    i got a tattoo it's a lotus flower with a butterfly to signify change i've lost over 100 lbs now and my life is completely different
  12. i am 2 years out now and haven't had any really bad problems the only thing is i do get stuck sometimes and had 1 unfill and one slight unfill but I am working on getting back on track so the weight can keep coming off
  13. Asherscrashers

    Soooo confused.

    when i was in the mushy food part I didn't lose anything because right now it is about your body healing not losing weight... when you start eating real food is when it will start with the weight loss again. My nut says between 800 and 1000 and 1200 if you work out a lot. hope this helps a little!
  14. Asherscrashers

    What Up Jersey!

    we could ! my dr does have a support group that meets every 2nd wednesday of the month it's a good time and actually i am running march's group on the importance of excercise and we are even going to do some zumba ( i am an instructor) other than that if you want to do something for this group... i live in Brick I would be willing to meet up in real life
  15. Asherscrashers

    What Up Jersey!

    i had dr. pasquerella with that group at SOCH but he's no longer there I see dr Reich most of the time for fills, but sometimes the other dr's of that group... they are all great and the best of what they do !
  16. Asherscrashers

    What Up Jersey!

    i am in central too i am in brick
  17. hey all! I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago.... i want more than anything to have a baby and this is why i had lap band (besides getting healthy and feeling better) so anyways, i lost 104 lbs and started going to a fertility dr again a few months ago. After a round of clomid with nothing coming of it, and then 9 days of follistim and a shot of ovidril, i finally ovulated ( for the first time in my life i think) so we went home did the baby dance and now i think i am pregnant. I have been having waves of nausea, my boobs hurt when touched, mood swings, tired, headaches, white discharge. But my question is... does it sound like i am pregnant or can this still be side affects of the drugs? i can test Friday as that will be 2 weeks since i ovulated... please if anyone has any advise or been through this please respond! thanks all!
  18. Asherscrashers

    Pcos And On Fertility Drugs

    well took 2 hpt both were bfn and then went to the dr this morning for a blood pregnancy test and also a BFN so now i am starting all over again with follistim shots for the next 4 days and then another ultrasound and blood work on friday and monday i have to go for a test to make sure my tubes are open and working so please please please say a prayer for me... i want this so bad and i am just so depressed now that i am not pregnant this has been such a long struggle and between this and trying to lose more weight it is just really depressing now ... thanks all for listening to me vent
  19. Asherscrashers

    The Waiting Officially Starts!

    congrats to you! it will be the best decision you ever made! I wish you a lot of luck! if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask
  20. i have been on follistim and ovidrel and i actually ovulated with it on friday so now i am in the 2 week waiting period to see if i am pregnant or not
  21. Asherscrashers

    Wanna Come To My Pity Party? :)

    was your thyroid level tested? the dr told me that if your thyroid is all out of wack that that could cause a miscarrage so the dr has me on synthroid had to take pregestone and next week hopefully starting clomid for the first time i have been trying to get pregnant for 6 years now it's why i had the band i have lost 106 lbs but still not any more fertile! Soo frustrating
  22. Asherscrashers

    Thank You!

    i am in the process of ttc and i start clomid next week i hope it works!
  23. Asherscrashers

    9 Months And 152 Pounds

    can you share a sample menu that you have in a day? i am struggling with my eating lately and need some new ideas
  24. Asherscrashers

    Banded 10/1 And Looking For A Buddy In Nj

    i'm in nj too would def be your buddy!
  25. Asherscrashers

    Why Am I Not Losing???

    i got to that point too after a few weeks of being banded but do not worry your body is going through a lot of changes and you will start losing again soon my nut told me that i wouldn't start losing until i started eating again which was true the weight started coming off pretty quick then you are just in bandsters hell right now it too will pass

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