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  1. Susanne

    Why not Try a Tri?

    I have been largely inactive but I have now fully taken to the bike and actually did a 100 miles ride a couple of weeks ago. I try to ride at least 100 miles a week and have neglected the running a bit. But the road bike is so much fun!!!
  2. 1 years has passed since you registered at SleevePlicationTalk! Happy 1st Anniversary saldridge!

  3. 1 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 1st Anniversary saldridge!

  4. Hope you are doing alright! You have an exciting journey ahead of you. You may think the surgery is the end of it, but it is only the beginning.

    Never get discouraged, a slow weightloss is still a weightloss and sometimes slow and steady will give you a much more satisfying journey than the equivalent to "see all of Europe in 5 days". Fast is great, but I prefer "slow and F...

  5. $14.99 for GNC Wheybolic Extreme 1.22 lbs, free shipping TODAY only, ONLINE only, SMALL SIZE only --- sorry if this looks like spam. This is just THE best protein and usually it is so expensive!

  6. Oh boy, it's on sale again, this time for $14.99! http://www.gnc.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3513370&clickid=cart Again, no affiliation with GNC and I don't get anything if you click this...but you get the best tasting chocolate Protein :-)
  7. Susanne

    Why not Try a Tri?

    Sorry for the late reply, and I am glad I could be of service! :-) I was never a runner, so I am even more excited that I can do it -- and actually like it Running a 5k was great, but really nothing beat the thrill of having finished the triathlon. If you have one in your area, I can highly recommend it!
  8. The gummies have MUCH less vitamins, that is true. If you cannot stomach anything else, you'll just have to have more gummies. Unfortunately, that also means more calories. I know my nephew just said that he has the hardest time when taking vitamins on an empty stomach -- how are you taking yours? Have you tried taking them after a meal?
  9. Oh, I believe you. And in all honesty, I am horrified. While you seem to consider it a plus, your 145/month freaks me out more than anything else. 145 is about 6 surgeries per day on every day he works. Say he's taking Sundays off, I do not want to be his Saturdays surgery, after he has slaved in the operating room for 6 days straight. Mass does not equal class in any way, shape or form. Is it even legal in the US to do something as tiresome and demanding as internal surgery for 6 hours on 6 days a week - week after week? Not sure, check this: http://healthcareers...surgeonjobs.htm There is a reason why surgeons in the US don't do more - and I am pretty sure if hospitals would feel comfortable in having them do more, they would just to save money. But they don't, and they probably know why. To simplify: Just because someone bakes a thousand bread loaves a week doesn't mean his loaves are good or better than someone who just does 50, takes there time for preparation, education, service and simply rest to recharge. McDonald's has sold >100 billion beef-based hamburgers worldwide. Does that make them very good at it? Is a McDonald's burger better than the one they make at the restaurant down the street? I certainly don't think so.
  10. Do you have any links -- not just copied and pasted information?
  11. Susanne

    Why not Try a Tri?

    The bike was really my most comfortable art. See, when I am running, I am basically always at close to max. If someone is running in front of me, there is usually very little I can do to catch up. On the bike on the other hand, there is always just that little bit more that I can ush out. I think a big part is just that I do not have to carry my weight on my feet/knees/legs alone. I was racing with my SIL's helmet, I haven't gotten around to getting my own and needed to return the other one. I want to get my own helmet and then see how I can incorporate the bike as transportation. I am thinking I am riding with my husband to his work, then get the bike off the rack and ride to my work which is about 8 miles. After work, I can chose...have him pick me up at work, ride back to his work and get another 8 miles in -- or be very ambitious and ride home which is about 17 miles! The good thing is, not only do I save on gas, I am also saving time because I am combining my ride to and from work with a 1+ hour exercise and the time I would usually sit on my fat a$$ in the car is rolled into my work out.
  12. Yesterday's hill training damn near killed me! 90° outside, and we are running up a hill -- I made it up 5 times, then I gave up knowing that I still had to run another mile to get back.

  13. Susanne

    Couch Potato to 5K

    Well, I'd care, but you know what I mean :-)
  14. Susanne

    Couch Potato to 5K

    Same here, this has been awesome. In the end, I like the slimmer shape of my butt and legs more than a number. In the end, no one knows your number, but everyone sees your legs, you butt etc. Hey, if I can look like a model while weighing 300 pounds, I don't care :-)
  15. Susanne

    Improve running

    So, today was my triathlon, and I did a separate topic for this. Come and visit me here: http://www.verticalsleevetalk.com/topic/20540-why-not-try-a-tri/

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