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  1. hopeful2 be slim

    Band to sleeve...gaining weight

    this surgery is tricky to say the least. I too am a band to sleeve revision....now putting on...proteins Water exercise....maybe not drinking enough water...hmm...increased exercise a lot...but i am having sugar in tea...in India we drink a lot of tea....i think sugar is totally banned for us.. our body is now refusing to cooperate...like it has a mind of its own.
  2. hopeful2 be slim

    Calling All Sixties!

    thanks Liz for your support...i felt so good...i dont eat much..but sugar in the tea..thats bad.....i am an indian and we are tea addicts... but i must control..also we dont have much options for non veg..and so Protein is also less..
  3. hopeful2 be slim


    how to add the ticker....i had it earlier....now its not showing.
  4. hopeful2 be slim

    Suddenly insecure

    i am happy with my sleeve....i was throwing up a lot with the band. <a href='http://www.bariatricpal.com'><img src='http://www.bariatricpal.com/tickers/109046-hopeful2-be-slim/bmi.png?ts=1440475989' /></a>
  5. hopeful2 be slim

    Calling All Sixties!

    hi...i was sleeved in feb 2014....then i had knee transplant in oct 2014. unfortunattely i lost my husband on 5th nov 2014. i am more active can walk a lot..but all this has disturbed my body. i have put on few kgs and now the weight is stuck. i have a lotof tea with sugar....and generally am too busy to count my Protein intake. i am wondering how to come out of this situation.
  6. hopeful2 be slim

    muscle weight

    oh is it....then i am putting on weight....have to be careful.
  7. hopeful2 be slim

    muscle weight

  8. hopeful2 be slim

    muscle weight

    hello all...i had my band in feb 2011. but it didnt help much....i had arthritis couldnt walk....then it slipped..started putting on...so converted band to sleeve in feb 2014. my knees were too bad so had knee transplant in oct 2014. now i can walk a lot...but weight is slowly increasing....my posture is better now...i look good...i read earlier that muscle weighs much more than fat...since I walk and exercise maybe my weight has increased? my weight is now 176 lbs
  9. hopeful2 be slim

    weight gain after knee transplant

    hello. i didnt loose much....maybe 9 kg....now have put on 1 kg.. 4 months back I lost my husband...sudden heart attack...so my diet and every thing went haywire....still feeling alone and low... I had a lap band in 2012, lost 6 kg....then started putting on...so went for sleeve..in 2014...then lost 9 kg...
  10. hello. i had a sleeve surgery last jan...23rd jan 2014. then on 13th oct 2014 I had knee transplant ,both knees. now I notice I am slowly gaining weight. I am walking a lot.eating Proteins, having Water. I am scared at this gain.... does anyone have a similar experience.
  11. hopeful2 be slim

    Disappointed with weight loss progress

    we have to go on eating high protein....other wise weight goes up....protein and water and exercise....unless we do these three things...weight will surely increase...its a serious matter...this weight loss..
  12. hopeful2 be slim

    Calling All Sixties!

    i have had knee transplant and am taking brufen daily since more than a month...can I continue...i also take some pentab with it. i had sleeve on 28th jan.2014
  13. hopeful2 be slim

    Calling All Sixties!

    thanks Miss Mac...yes my daughter and grandchildren are here...and friends also...yes both knees together..it was quite a bit...but getting better now.
  14. hopeful2 be slim

    Calling All Sixties!

    hi...havent been here for sometime...I was sleeved on 28th jan 2014. lost some weight..then I had knee transplant of both knees on 13th oct. recovering slowly....husband was taking great care of me...he passed away suddenly on 5th oct. Now I am sad and lonely...trying to come out of this shock. I also want to loose more weight....every thing is difficult now.
  15. hopeful2 be slim

    eosinophils high count

    hi Luvin, No i dont have any allergies...no cough...no irritation...so got worried....thanks..i will meet my doc today...i have been feeling feverish in this week... lets see what the doc says.. thanks.

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