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  1. It’s a special day here at BariatricPal, according to your profile..it’s your birthday. Happy Birthday, Kelly'sChipper!

  2. Kelly'sChipper

    No Whey... I'm allergic!

    EAS Lite has Milk Protein Concentrate, I can't have milk unless rice milk. Googling nectar protein now and Boo :-( it has whey protein too.
  3. Do you have a suggestion for low calorie protein shakes(prefer premixed)or bars that DO NOT contain Whey or Milk? I don't like mixing the powders. If you have suggestions on where to buy that would be even more awesome!
  4. Kelly'sChipper

    My "3 week stall" lasted an evil 4 weeks!!

    OMG you've lost 61 lbs already and you're in week THREE! I'm soooo jealous, and very proud of you. THAT'S AWESOME!!! To answer your question: When I went back to solids... I am still losing weight! I just cut out a lot of the carbs. Plus, once I saw the scale move I got totally motivated again and started working out more. My advice: Don't wait like I did. Eat Less, Exercise More (sucks that it's the same advice I alway heard as a non WLS patient!) but it's so true. I also realized once I started journaling my calories again that I was eating more than I thought...like 300 calories more/day than I thought. NO WONDER I WAS MAINTAINING, NOT LOSING. You've got to stay true to yourself. It's easy to "graze" on the sleeve and not realize the extra calories you can take in. Good luck!!
  5. Kelly'sChipper

    Stuck and not going anywhere

    Imagine how I felt when I was JUST sleeved on Feb 28th and already had a stall that lasted 4 weeks!! I put myself back on all liquids for two days and it kick started my weight loss again Since you have problems with Protein shakes, I would suggest eliminating carbs for a few days and stick to lean Proteins and low sodium Soups. Push yourself to a new exercise level too. I have already learned EARLY that it is easy to THINK I've only had 900 calories/day but once I started journaling again, I realized I was really eating over 1,200!! It's no wonder I was maintaining as opposed to losing. I would also suggest for YOU to journal your food calories too and be true to yourself. Funny how the same advice holds true for non WLS peeps too: Eat Less, Exercise More! You can DO IT!
  6. I thought I was going to be the ONE person The Sleeve didn't work for. My "stall" lasted a whole month so I decided to go BACK on all liquids to try and kick my body back into weight loss mode again. I only had to do that a couple of days and THANKFULLY I am losing again (down 5 new lbs in the last 2 weeks). I still feel someone my size should be slimming quicker but I am staying positive and focused on continued weight loss. I do feel GREAT and loving that I am getting back into some of my old clothes already and enjoying working out. I was just sleeved on Feb 28th, 2011! Any others have a similar experience so early? I want to hear how YOU overcome stalls.
  7. Kelly'sChipper

    The best NSV thus far ! ! !

    You're going to have the CUTEST baby bump EVER, wear it proudly! CONGRATZ!
  8. Your news is SOOOOO encouraging! I am 4 weeks out today and only down 35lbs (15 of which was during my 2 week pre-op). Was your weight loss slow at first? CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR SUCCESS!
  9. Down 32lbs and 5% of my body weight! WooHoo!

  10. Incesion staples out today and it didn't hurt even a little bit! If you're having second thoughts, DON'T! Here's how my journey is going so far: February 28th 3:30AM- Arrive at Forrest Park Medical Center 4:30AM- Weigh in, put gown on, give urine sample 5:30AM- Met with Dr. Kim, Anesthesiologists, got hooked up to IV,and put on compression socks 5:45AM- received small shot for blood thinner, and something for nausea went in IV 6:00AM- got wheeled down the hall, then I don't remember anything else after that. 9:00AM(ish)- I remember feeling cold, nurses talking, then hearing "we're taking you upstairs to your room". (Surgery didn't take that long, I was probably just in recovery until I woke up) I remember everybody at the hospital being very nice. I was in little pain, but very confused because I thought there was NO WAY they could be done already; I was just flirting with the guy about to give me my happy shot afterall! I was a SURGERY WARRIOR! I made the best out of every situation. I made sure and get up to walk every couple of hours since you're woken up by nurses coming in and out anyway. (Seems to be a different person every time too! 1 nurse, 1 person checking your breathing, someone else taking your blood pressure and O2 levels, etc). Only once did I have some gas pain that landed under my diaphram. It made it dificult to take a deep breath and scared me enough that I almost hyperventilated but they calmed me down quickly. Later that first night I felt nauseous. It terrified me because I thought if I dry heave it's going to hurt! When I leaned into the barf bag just two REAL BIG belly burps came out! I never had gas pains again! I'm the type of person that demands happiness all around me, so I made sure to stop and talk to just about every other patient, learn their names and hear their stories. Since I was feeling so great, the people pleaser in me was more worried how everyone else was feeling, and was hoping some of my positivity would rub off. It was a win-win though as it made ME feel better making new friends to share our journey together with in the months/years ahead. (I do have a personal favorite though...you know who you are *wink, wink*) I was "THAT GIRL"...you know the one....smiling all the time, laughing, trying to change the fashion up somewhat the best I could in a hospital gown...I even blew up a hospital glove and tied it to my IV pole! Since I was feeling so GREAT, very little pain & minimal discomfort you could imagine my surprise when all my new friends passed their UGI swallow; and I DIDN'T! Only a minor mental setback though, I chose to stay positive. I had to stay another night because of my swelling from a hiatal hernia Dr. Kim had repaired during my surgery (which I was unaware I even had hernia). As soon as they saw I didn't have a leak Wednesday morning and was able to sip liquids without any problems (and I'm talking a 1oz medicine cap size every 15 minutes). I then got my walk'n papers! Every day gets better & better. I am SO GLAD I did this and have ZERO regrets. Today I was told to EASE UP a lttle bit. (Apparantly I'm not suppose to get on a treadmill already). I was reminded STRONGLY that I am still a "surgical patient" and I will not "be released" for 6 weeks. (Aye, Aye Captain!) Good Luck to you all and PLEASE don't be shy to ask any questions.
  11. Staples out today! That didn't hurt even a little bit.

  12. Hey Friends, I was told by a nurse that I would gain weight from the IV fluids they pumped into me during my 2 day hospital stay. I've been the perfect patient - walking around, deep breathing, getting nearly all my recommended liquids, Proteins, Vitamins down, etc. I feel better than expected with minimal pain since day one. I have a very positive attitude and ZERO reqrets but can't help that I am disappointed that I am still UP 3lbs of the 10 Fluid pounds I gained in recovery after I've been doing everything "right". Anybody else with a similar story you can share along with what I have to look forward to in the following week or so? -Kelly
  13. Having my first rough day today. Ican't bend or move around as well as I have been...and I'm still UP 5 from the IV fluids. Tell me this is normal, PLEASE!

  14. Sleeved on Monday Feb 28th with minimal pain and ZERO regrets!

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