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  1. Butrcupz622

    Going About It The Wrong Way

    Okay, so this is my problem. I was on the right course to losing weight and about a year I lost my motivation due to a very bad break up which left me in a state of depression for many months. Afterwards I started school while working which left me no time to go back to the gym. While I haven't gained any of the weight back, I'm determined that I would like to lose about another 39 more lbs. Currently, I weigh about 220. I actually like the way I look. I'm pretty chunky which has given me a whole new confidence boost and way more attention from men then what I was used to. But, I decided that I want to weigh less because I cannot for the life of me ever remember being under that 200 lb mark. Life is definitely better for me now than it was many years ago. Here's the thing: While my eating habits have completely changed since the surgery, and since joining the gym, I CANNOT lose the weight. My usual calories burned at the gym ranges between 500-600. And since noticing no weight loss, I have upped my calories burned to about 750. My question is: Am I am eating enough? With the amount of calories I'm eating, how do I know if i'm eating enough or just simply doing something wrong? Example: Breakfast: 1 egg with cheddar cheese Lunch Tuna fish sandwich on whole wheat Dinner: Caesar salad with croutons, caesar dressing, bacon bits (not a lot) and once in a while with chicken Snacks (not every day) Smart foods White Cheddar Popcorn Honey BBQ chips (I never finish the whole bag in one round) What can I do to confuse my body. It's been 3 weeks but clearly I should've seen a difference. If anyone has any input I'd greatly appreciate it. Shold i go back to 3 shakes a day and a salad? Sigh, wishing I knew....
  2. Butrcupz622

    Is it just me?

    In about 2 weeks I'll be marking my 6th month surgiversary and have lost about 85 pounds altogether. Not totally what I would have liked, but I am definitely not complaining. I just recently bought some jeans at a size 20... something I can say I never was. I skipped that size on the way up in weight. And it feels good to know that I'll never be a 26/28 again. My arms have gotten smaller. Definitely not as flabby as they used to be. But I have noticed the elasticity of my skin in the legs area. My legs, while they have become toned, are hanging with the excess skin that I have. I'm kinda hoping that with the additional weight loss that they'll go down a good bit. I feel better about myself and when I look at old pictures of me, I can't believe just how fat my face was or how huge my legs were. I feel disgusted at everything that makes me, well me. And my hair has been falling out. At first, I attributed my hair loss to some pills I had been taking only to realize that it's the surgery. But now I find myself obsessing about my hair a little bit more each day because it's gotten to the point where I've begun seeing my scalp. Seriously, at what point do i say it's not just the surgery anymore? And at what point will the doctors stop using it as an excuse? I've lost so much hair, that my long curly hair, hardly gets knotted up. I'm scared to wash it, scared to brush, scared to dye it and switch it up. I've started taking all the hair and nail vitamins which seems to be working on my legs and underarms but not the top of my head. I'm feeling hopeless... It's so crazy how weight loss can just intertwine feelings of good and bad. One minute, I can love myself and just feel on top of the world and the next, I'm still feeling how I did when I was at my heaviest.. like I hate myself and the world. My hormones have been so crazy these past few months that I don't know how to act and react to my surroundings. I get into these terrible mood swings and I say and do stuff that isn't me. The worst thing about it is that I don't care about what I've done 'til days later. That's when the remorse starts to kick in. It's crazy. I am definitely not the same person I was when I began this journey. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll become a better person. I'm having a terrible time adjusting. If anyone can give me some insight, I would really appreciate it. I need to regain control and some level of normalcy.
  3. One of the reasons on why I decided to get this surgery is because I want to start a family. Are there any sleevers who once weighed over 330 lbs, lost the weight (if so, how much) and finally was able to conceive? How long did it take to lose the weight you needed to get pregnant. How much did you weigh when you found out you were pregnant. I just want to know what the future has in store for me. Any input would be appreciated from all. Thanks!!! :nono:
  4. Butrcupz622

    My breast cancer surgery is tomorrow

    Sorry to see you're going through such an emotional time. I send all my best your way and hope you have a great recovery... Saying a prayer in your name.
  5. Butrcupz622

    Need my sugar fix

    For the past few weeks, the urge to have something sweet has been getting stronger. I figured maybe it was that I wasn't getting all my nutrition in so I upped my protein intake. I've begun to drink more water and I've been working out and strength training fairly good (almost 1.5 hrs every day). So why am I feeling like I want to take a pack of double stuffed oreo's and just jam them into my mouth? It's like I need to have something sweet, and if I don't, I go stir crazy. Is there something I need to switch up perhaps. Or is it all in my head?
  6. Butrcupz622

    The best NSV thus far ! ! !

    Omg, I am sooo happy for you! You're well on your way to becoming a complete family. I wish you the best of luck before and after your spout comes homes for good.
  7. Butrcupz622

    Am I too late?

    When I started, my arms were HUGE! The kind that had folds in them. Well, one fold but enough to cringe... I've been going to the gym and it's only recently that I haven't. But I have noticed a lot of improvements in my arms. They've gotten smaller and my triceps are tighter. However, I don't think it will go away and I will most likely have to resort in getting surgery. Even though my arms are well-toned, there is just too much excess skin to do anything about it.... And I started out at 332 lbs. But my advice would be to start strength training asap. If you're ready for the gym, then that's great. If not, buy yourself a set of weights, target those muscles, and always do a good amount of reps. I wish you success!
  8. Butrcupz622

    Bra Size changes

    Hi, when I started out, I was like a size 48DD. Im guessing on that number because a 46 felt tight but I absolutely refused to buy a bigger bra. Ugh! I held out as long as I could and it wasn't until my sister stuffed her fist in my bra (because of the NOTICEABLE space I had) that I realized I had to get a smaler bra. But until I could, I doubled the sides of my bra and sewed them in to get a nice tight fit and tried my best with the cups and straps as well. Now, I'm a size 42D and hopefully will be a C cup by the time I've lost all my weight. Let's hope!
  9. Butrcupz622

    53 day stall

    What a great article.... straight to the point. It's made me e-evaluate my food intake!
  10. Maybe it's just me but does anybody feel like they've gotten uglier with their weight loss? I've lost 85 lbs so far and even though I have more energy, I feel like I've just gotten less pretty. Don't get me wrong, I never thought I was a knockout but at least a lil bit of a cutie. But now that my face has gotten thinner, I can't seem to make myself feel pretty with or without makeup. Are there any suggestions that can help me feel better about my looks?
  11. Butrcupz622

    Food Funeral Thread

    I choose to say goodbye to all fast food restaurants. I just don't want it anymore.Oh, and oreo cookies... sometimes.
  12. Looking forward to: 1) Wearing a dress (Last time I wore one I was 12!) 2) Crossing my legs, dang it! 3) Going into ANY store and being able to buy clothes 4) And most importantly: HAVING A BABY
  13. Butrcupz622

    Has anyone missed a period?

    Mine's is the opposite. I've gotten my period every month since the surgery. Before I would get them every 2-3 months.
  14. Butrcupz622

    Scarred about my 1st after surgery psych appt.

    I say don' be scared of seeing a psychologist. She may be the best thing for you. There are too many people out there who need help and don't get it because they figure they can handle it themselves (I know of few of them) or because they think it's for crazy people. I say dive in, open up and let them help you figure it out. Take it step by step. We all have our reasons for having gotten big. I think you're strong because you're doing it for you. To make yourself a better and a whole person in the long run. Take it one day at a time. Don't be afraid to open up.
  15. Butrcupz622

    Need my sugar fix

    For the past few weeks, the urge to have something sweet has been getting stronger. I figured maybe it was that I wasn't getting all my nutrition in so I upped my protein intake. I've begun to drink more water and I've been working out and strength training fairly good (almost 1.5 hrs every day). So why am I feeling like I want to take a pack of double stuffed oreo's and just jam them into my mouth? It's like I need to have something sweet, and if I don't, I go stir crazy. Is there something I need to switch up perhaps. Or is it all in my head?
  16. Butrcupz622

    Being fat and dating

    Please don't blame your weight for being alone. I agree with what Rootman has written. Maybe it is that you're just a little too shy or perhaps not in the right circle. I'm a shy big girl myself. My boyfriend had to actually keep talking to me to get me to open up. And we've been together now for 2 1/2 years. Have you ever tried going to a big girl club? In my dancing days, I used to go there a a lot! Look for one in your area, grab your friends and just go. You'll have a blast.
  17. Butrcupz622

    NSV For Me...

    Congratulations on your achievement!! Feels good, doesn't it? t took me FOREVER to go myself. I was horrified at just the thought of going myself. But after going a few times, I noticed that my particular gym has quite a few big girls which helped ease me in. Now I go whenever I want. It's also good to know that you have a trainer who's not so indifferent to your situation.
  18. Butrcupz622

    I broke the mold.

    Hi Dawn! And welcome to this site. I've always been overweight and can easily remember being sent to see a nutritionist at eight years old. My parents never really put restrictions on us kids growing up. They never bothered us with the fact that we were overweight so I didn't fully realize there was anything wrong until I was in high school. I guess I was a lucky big girl in that I never really got teased about my weight. So, I never really felt bad about it. My father was very over protective when we were young (he had 3 girls after all) so right after school I had to go straight home. If I didn't, he would actually roam the neighborhood looking for me (I guess I was the black sheep) So, because I had to go home, I would ALWAYS stop at the chinese restaurant, go home, eat then fall asleep for a few hours. And that's where the majority of my weight came from. When I graduated from high school, I weighed about 260-270. And that's from 160 lbs when I entered 9th grade! Suffice it to say, I was 33 y.o. and 332 lbs when I decided to change. I started getting heart palpitations and had mild ischemia (heart attack waiting to happen because of my bad food choices), my blood pressure was beginning to escalate, I eventually got gallstones and had surgery for it, my arms began to fold in on themselves (ugh!), my already huge butt was the butt of many jokes (that just how HUGE it was) and it wasn't even sexy and, worst of all, my ability to have children has been impaired. I know for a fact I couldn't have lost weight any other way. First of all, I never had any knowledge of what eating nutritious was. I never understood what the hell a carb, Protein or a starch was or anything else for that matter. I made myself learn. I quit ordering out, made salads and any meat I cook is all done through baking and grilling. Sure, it was definitely a big adjustment but my body tells me it was the best decision. My blood pressure is normal and I no longer have chest pains or heart palpitations. I have so much energy that lately I've felt like jogging!! My periods come each month now like clockwork and my butt no longer looks like 200 lb tumor. The only one missing that thing is my boyfriend, lol. Although I still have a ways to go in this journey, I can't for the life of me ever remember feeling this "thin." I actually thought it would never happen. I recommend this WLS to all and strongly suggest that you go ahead with it. It's one of the greatest tools for a healthier and happier you. And it'll help to educate yourself on the good foods and give you the motivation to exercise. There are plenty of people here on this site who offer great advice, words of wisdom and motivation. Any and all answers can be found here. Okay, I've written enough (sorry). I wish you the best of luck. Everything will turn out great!
  19. Butrcupz622

    Whatcha eating today!!! Tuesday

    I had to switch up my eating pattern. I hadn't lost weight in about a month and it looks like it's paid off! According to my scale I've lost about 5 lbs!! I'm so close to losing 100 lbs! B- 1 egg omelet with Monterrey jack and cheddar cheese, 1/4 cup of fat free milk L- Protein shake (2 scoops bout 50 g of protein) D- Baked chicken with broccoli S- mozzarella stick
  20. Butrcupz622


    I've always had a rule even before having this surgery and that was to never eat anything after 7pm. The only thing I allow myself is water or a cup of milk (I looovvee milk!) I'm able to control it better because my boyfriend ad I keep each other in check.
  21. Butrcupz622

    Need my sugar fix

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm at a point right now where I sometimes don't know what to do. I've done so much research about the foods that are good for me but I still have those times when I second guess myself. I'll give it a go on tose sugestions and see what suits me best. I do have to say those snacksters look pretty good!
  22. I looked it up online and it says its something to do with the kinds of foods you're eating. If you google "egg burps", you'll get a whole listing that'll be able o help you. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
  23. Butrcupz622

    Need my sugar fix

    Sorry. I posted this in the wrong section and don't know how to remove it.
  24. Butrcupz622

    Need my sugar fix

  25. Butrcupz622

    Sex can't be the solution!

    Your husband is lending you the money to get this surgery??? What's happening there? Doctor or not, you have tried talking to him and have asked him for support. Having sex (at that moment) is not going to get you the response you need from him.

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